This site uses third party cookies for analytics and advertising. Munich Mumbai is worth seeing, but probably best for only a couple days before heading to a smaller town or a beach. Vilnius, Luxembourg Indonesia’s largest island is the sixth biggest in the world, sat squarely on the equator in the country’s rugged west. 15 Best Countries to Visit in Asia. How can we miss out on the couples who love walking under the glimmering sky and owning every star that adds to the shine of Palawan. Portugal Rome, In fact, October might be the best month of the year in many of the destinations below because this is still the low season for tourism, even though the weather is quite nice. So the time to venture on a new holiday in Asia has finally surfaced on your mind but with so many countries to choose from, what can you do, you ask? Honolulu, Xian Brussels Panama The reason people come to Malé is to hop a speedboat or sea-plane to one of the hundreds of resort islands in this huge chain. Visit Kyrgyzstan to know more about the Kyrgyz folklore and the highly interesting Epic of Manas. Kathmandu is the capital of the country, but Pokhara is the place where people come for trekking and other outdoor activities. Needless to say, you'll want to check the most current information for any destination before you book. Bergen, Montego Bay, Galway Most things in Shanghai are a bit more expensive than in Beijing, and hotels in particular. Luang Prabang is another charming city where you can get hotel rooms for far less than you would expect once you see how nice the place is. Most visitors arriving in Vietnam land in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, or head straight to Halong Bay and the beach—but Vietnam's best place to visit is actually a well-guarded secret.. Why visit Taiwan? There are many expats here so it feels fairly international in places. While some Asian countries have many similarities, each has its own unique culture and charm! >>>Check current hotel promotions for Beijing Istanbul, Valencia Pamukkale which translates to ‘Cotton Castle’ is legit what it means, as these overbrimming landscapes of cerulean mineral water are sure to be called outlandish. >>>Check hotel deals for Luang Prabang Hang Son Doong cave 4. Valletta India San Jose Virgin Islands, British But if you come on your own you can do it for even less, although having a guide can really help because not many people speak English. Today, Sa Pa’s grandest attraction is its crowning peak, Fan Si Pan – the highest mountain in Vietnam at 3,143 meters above sea level. Most Westerners who visit China will typically book a package tour that includes Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai. Taiwan Most visitors from outside of India don't start arriving until December, so October is a very good month if you prefer smaller crowds. Germany Peru So the time to venture on a new holiday in Asia has finally surfaced on your mind but with so many countries to choose from, what can you do, you ask? But others are known for families or simple beach huts. One can also take a tour around the city and spot places like Byzantine Church, Temple of Apollo and the large amphitheatre. Done picking your favourite? Very few people would ever come to China for the first time and only go to Xi'an, but if you are already coming to see Beijing and Shanghai as well, you might as well pop over to see the famous Terracotta Warriors among other things. La Romana, Martinique Caracas. Medellin, Ecuador Norway This tiny village of less than 1,500 people is framed by the spectacular, amphitheater-like Ifugao rice terraces, heralded as the most remote and beautiful in the world. Turks and Caicos I hope you enjoy my list of the best natural wonders in Southeast Asia, but bear in mind that these are only places that I’ve been to, so I might have missed some popular ones! It's worth noting that Bali has become so crowded and overdeveloped that some people no longer enjoy it, but if you stay in a large hotel with its own stretch of sand then you might not even notice that. Morocco This southern region of Cambodia was once heavily influenced by French occupation, still evident today by the dilapidated colonial mansions that dot the countryside. While the ancient Khmer ruins are undeniably beautiful, the towering Buddhist monuments of Bagan retain a rare magic unsullied by droves of tour groups. Slovenia Granada (Spain), Anguilla Keeping every sort of travellers taste in mind, these top places to visit in southeast Asia and other parts offers a plethora of opportunities for you to either go crazy with adventure sports or maybe just let the picturesque setting you are in do the talking. There are plenty of 3-star and 4-star hotels with good locations and reasonable prices, and the more authentic local food tends to be cheap as well. Slovakia We left Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur off the list for October because it's still the rainy season in those huge cities, but Singapore has a rainy season that goes almost the whole year so it's still a good choice this month. >>>Check current hotel promotions for Goa To save you the trouble of guessing, schedule your trip in February to April, which is the country’s dry season. Cusco, In fact, scientists estimate that Atauro’s surrounding waters are some of the most biodiverse on the planet, home to hundreds of colourful fish and marine life, including many rare creatures and species unique to Atauro itself. The sights around this huge city are some of the most interesting in Asia, and this is also the best place to start a trip to Taj Mahal, which is in Agra, and a popular day trip from here. Hungary She also tirelessly volunteers at various animal NGOs and is quite keen about working for wildlife conservation. Chicago, Kampala, Australia >>>Beijing prices and travel tips. October is the last non-rainy month in Bali until April, so it's a good time to come to enjoy the shoulder season. Awarded as one of the Natural Wonders of the World and revered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Komodo National Park in Indonesia is not just my choice but of many travellers across the world. Spain Saint Barthélemy The high season in most of southeast Asia begins just before Christmas, so those with time off in October will find themselves nearly alone in some beach areas and tourist hangouts that will be jammed at the end of the year. 15: The scenery around Vang Vieng, Laos. A food-centric city home to a number of expressive cultures, Malacca has been a destination for centuries as a vibrant port drawing traders from India, China, the Middle East, Portugal, the Netherlands, and the UK. You might as well consider this one amongst the best countries to visit in the world in 2020. Colombia It's also one of the most crowded, and the only place to get even a drop of alcohol nearby is a single hotel near the airport. Arusha, Step up, push your limitsand jump from a height of 4000 m to own the sky, for fear may follow you but you should know how to outlast it. These 15 destinations each offer something different for the most discerning travellers. Moscow, Buenos Aires, Belgrade You can take the bullet train from Beijing here in only about 7 hours, but flying is obviously faster and typically cheaper as well.

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