Question regarding ISP dedicated static IPs and routers. If there is a way could you let me know how I can fix it. These instructions worked perfectly. The key item (at least for me!) A lot. Check the sticker on your Actiontec GT784WNV for the default Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password (WPA2/WPA/WEP key). I’ve called customer service more times than I can count, left work to meet a tech at my house who neither called nor came, spent about 15 hours on the phone with techs who gave me half the info this page did. « [Mobile] Siginification H+ network bell? Also, if your DSL light is blinking it means that you are not even getting a connection to our offices. Successfully installed the Actiontec GT784WN-01 using the internal setup functions. In my earlier printer article, I mentioned that I’d delve into the specifics of a network issue that a client had. I have a static IP address assigned so would I still select the RFC 1483 Transparent Bridging or the RFC via static IP?-1. If the light is flashing green, this indicates wireless traffic is passing between the router and your Wi-Fi device. They even called him back when the call was dropped. I spent over an hour on the phone with the Century Link tech literally doing the exact same set of steps over and over again. However, I live in a pretty dense apartment building and I would like to use a dual band router because I'm having WiFi issues on some of my devices. Well, we may be able to help you with that! was getting the PPP username and PPP password from Century Link. How do the bad guys know whatever I am doing on this computer. Router Kit Components. I was a bit skeptical about wiping all the settings from the router, but what could go wrong, right? I’m going to guess no, though. Actiontec router for High Speed Internet (DSL) The Actiontec GT784WNV router integrates a DSL modem, wireless networking, and full routing capability in one box. After calling Verizon, here’s what I ended up having to do to get back online: After all of that, I was finally connected. If you didn't change the default password when you set up your router, it may have been changed to your router's serial number to provide greater security. Your router kit should include the following: 4 Actiontec GT784WN modem/router. Reset the Verizon Actiontec GT784WNV modem using a sharp object and press the red circle button on the back for 5-10 seconds. VPI/VCI is 0/35 which is what I use. Thread starter tavisc; Start date Mar 5, 2014; Sidebar Sidebar. If the light is solid green, this indicates the wireless function is operating correctly. I have [email protected] for the username but no password. The Actiontec (Verizon) GT784WNV is compatible with CenturyLink here in heartland Florida where the DSL is DHCP not PPPoE and the VPI/VCI is 8/35. Phew! Of course after trying to access the safe mode menu I had to use my cellphone to find the procedure to boot to safe mode. One we got booted in safe mode we typed and went to the WAN settings in Advanced settings. Century Link: If it is flashing green, a connection to Verizon is in the process of being established. GT784WN can work even without a hard-wired (ethernet) comuter plugged in. FYI- helped a friend set one up in Montana- which I’m fairly sure used to be Centurylink territory. . For most of you, it will work right out of the box — even auto-detecting all your settings. could someone tell me the password? Hi, my modemis up and running, servicing all my PC’s but my only issue if the actual phone. The full-featured GT784WN DSL Modem Wireless Router reduces the technology clutter. If it’s not, set it yourself, and make sure the. If you want to access the GUI you will need to factory reset the modem by pressing the reset button for 3-5 seconds. Actiontec does not make a cable modem or a wireless access point. Century Link says its connection is complete and operating. I had hard time to figure it how to connect this devise. If you’re on Qwest/CenturyLink, not so much. Cate, Century Link indicates the modem is out of date and “won’t work”. I’ve had this modem for six months and periodically the DSL light blinks, most recently for 36 hours, and of course doesn’t support the internet connection during that time. I tried to use the netgear as AP but that didn't work, so I switch their jobs. First I would like to thank the author of the instructions above for taking the time to post them for the rest of us to benefit from. One of the most common culprits is missing/bad filters or inside wiring issues. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I may be wrong on this but it seems to me that Century Link/ Qwest are deliberately making this hard so people will rent their modem instead of buying their own. All CenturyLink can do is provide you with the settings for your service. Tel 480-626-1914. They will, of course, also charge you significantly more for it than you can buy it from other sources. Good Luck! I have the Actiontec GT784WN and plan to use it as a direct modem. Had a problem with … So if the procedure doesn’t work for you try safe mode. Reset the Verizon Actiontec GT784WNV modem using a sharp object and press the red circle button on the back for 5-10 seconds. Others IP addresses used by the router brand Actiontec . @confused: You can have your phone plugged in to the same jack as the modem by using a splitter filter. Unless you have DSL the way you are using the GT gateway is not supported. If the light is solid green, the connection between the Actiontec GT784WNV router and Verizon High Speed Internet is established. We would get into the settings and make the changes in the WAN section and click save. They use dynamic IP hosting for all regular customers. If you setup RFC 1483 transparent bridging correctly that would have removed all router functions from the GT784WN. There is much more, but I cannot remember all. Maybe I’m spoiled by very rarely having to deal with DSL connections, but boy was I wrong. I have a Syswan router that I want to use because it whitelists. | Terms of Use COMO CONFIGURAR MODEM ACTIONTEC GT784WN PARA UNA LINEA CANTV FACIL Y RAPIDO. For most of you, it will work right out of the box — even auto-detecting all your settings. One issue here is that CenturyLink has 4 different sets of settings for these, depending on where you’re at. Purchased the modem on e-bay for $35 making this a quick ROI. Make sure your IP address is by checking the Network Preference Pane. The only draw back is that they are the only providers in my area, so I’m stuck. (which as per Century link supports VDSL). I can tell you that the supported modems such as the PK5000 and Q1000 have in their firmware a connection software that allows us to help our non technical customers by “pushing” the credentials (username & pswd) into the modem as well as make changes in the wireless settings, with the cus having to do nothing other than call us up most of the time. My friend signed up for a Dish bundle which included internet provided by quest/century link. The full-featured GT784WN DSL Modem Wireless Router reduces the technology clutter. So… I’ve done all the things mentioned above, and I just get a blinking DSL light. During this process, the gateway’s power light will flash and the gateway is disabled until after rebooting. Wish I had just done this search instead of using Century help which was not very good. (Thanks, commenter Curtis for the regional settings update.). Connect to it via the Ethernet cable and use your browser to head on over to, Under #3, enter your Qwest/CenturyLink username and password. OK, took the modem over to his house and spent the better part of an hour trying to get these instructions to work. We recommend: If the light is solid green, the gateway is connected to the Internet. Like I said, save yourself and use Comcast. Hi, i bought and actiontec GT784WN, when i try to setup the modem doesn't recognize my isp provider, my isp provider doesn't appear in the isp provider list that come with the modem, can i solve this? Since CTL is a mix of acquisitions,… I had to call for the proper setting for my area. I have only one cable modem and it's in the living room. That seems like a lot of unnecessary equipment.

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