23 hit that year.[8]. Smithsonian Institution, (Natsionalen Istoritcheski Muzej, Sofia, Bulgaria; De Agostini Picture Library / A. Dagli Orti / Bridgeman Images). He assumed the jewelry was copper or brass, and tossed it in the box that came with his new work boots, then shoved it under his bed. Gimbutas was putting the finishing touches on Goddesses and Gods as the first finds from Varna were coming to light. In the early 2000s, he formed a Byrds tribute band, Byrds of a Feather, which performed in the Los Angeles area. After Ronstadt's Hasten Down the Wind Gold began a career as a solo artist. But its artistic and scientific value is beyond calculation: The “Varna gold,” as it’s known among archaeologists, has upended long-held notions about prehistoric societies. The hunt was on. Gold was born in Burbank, California,[4] and eventually followed his parents into show business. In late 1983, 10cc broke up, and in the aftermath, Gold and Gouldman formed Wax. In 2000, Gold compiled a Wax rarities album, House of Wax on Wax, as well as recording and releasing a new solo album The Spence Manor Suite; this last was followed in 2002 by another solo collection, Intermission.

Although he had worked with them in the studio, business conflicts prevented him from joining their ranks. His car is in the shop, so we hop in a colleague’s battered silver Mitsubishi SUV. What happened next is an enduring mystery. All the gold in the world—or at least most of it—couldn’t save them. Gold began writing songs at the age of 13. An early signing at David Geffen’s Asylum Records, Gold was best known for a run of mid-’70s albums that spawned the pop hits “Lonely Boy” (No. When the call came in, Minchev recalls, his older colleagues rolled their eyes.

Give a Gift. His long black hair, shot through with gray, is pulled back in a tight ponytail; his office on the top floor of the museum, where he serves as curator of prehistoric archaeology, is painted green and filled with books about the region’s prehistory.

He also produced singles for Vince Gill, wrote and produced tracks for Celine Dion, and arranged a cover of the Everly Brothers' hit "All I Have to Do Is Dream" that was sung by stars Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen in the 1984 science-fiction film Starman. [7], In 1977 Gold also played guitar on two cuts of Eric Carmen's album Boats Against the Current, including "She Did It," a No. “He has everything—armor, weapons, wealth,” Slavchev says, smiling. Get the best of Smithsonian magazine by email. Although "Lonely Boy" was the bigger radio hit in the States, the single "Thank You for Being a Friend" from Gold's third album, All This and Heaven Too, peaked at No. Francis Andrew, (1914 - 1979), 65 years. Slavchev leads me to the center of the room, where a grave has been carefully recreated. Finally Cut Ties With Johnny Depp, Reese Witherspoon Sells Bucolic Malibu Getaway, Halsey Discusses Her New Poetry Book ‘I Would Leave Me If I Could’ on ‘Daily Show’, Here’s an Exclusive Preview of the Petersen Automotive Museum’s New Supercar Exhibit, NFL’s Sunday Afternoon Ratings Thrive While Primetime Hears Crickets, Spice It Up From Thousands of Miles Away With the Best Sex Gifts for Long-Distance Relationships. For six centuries afterwards, the region seems to be empty. "[2], In 1990, Gold and four of his family members competed on the game show Family Feud. ", In 2020, an early version of Gold's song "Savannah" was issued as a digital single. [14][better source needed] Within a few years, the song turned into a full-on viral phenomenon, with multiple electronic dance remixes and cover versions uploaded to YouTube with views in excess of 350 million and counting, and a dance challenge on the social-media network TikTok that has generated over 2.5 million individual videos[15] and upwards of 243 million views. Mark Andrew Gravel Agrarian Art Lab Eats + BYOB Happy Hour 10/16/09 $0 ... Mark Andrew Gravel Gravel & Gravel & Gold 5/16/10 $0 Mark Andrew Gravel Meet Me in the City 10/17/10 $0 Gravel & Gold. Its collections span millennia, from the tools of Stone Age farmers who first settled this seacoast near the mouth of the Danube to the statues and inscriptions of its prosperous days as a Roman port. Wax recorded and toured for five years. The richest graves were male; the chiefs were male. I hadn't been a lonely boy at all. As researchers dug up one new grave after another, a pattern emerged. Singer-songwriter-instrumentalist Andrew Gold died of a heart attack June 3 in Los Angeles. He reasoned that future researchers would have access to better technology and techniques, and he wanted to finish publication of the work already done.

Gold played on Cher's hit 1989 album Heart of Stone and, during the early '90s, wrote and composed hits for Trisha Yearwood as well as Wynonna Judd, for whom he co-wrote the No.

[12] The show featured Gold performing "Thank You for Being a Friend," "Final Frontier," "Bridge to Your Heart" and "Lonely Boy," as well as accompanying America and Bishop on guitar and vocals. For decades, scholars assumed the sudden abandonment was the result of an invasion by the mounted Indo-European warriors Gimbutas had written about, rampaging through the region. [5] He had two younger sisters. He first attracted attention as a member of Bryndle, a folk-rock act that also featured Wendy Waldman, Karla Bonoff and the late Kenny Edwards.

Known for 'Lonely Boy' hit and Golden Girls theme. “Even the penises of these people were gold.”. While in school in the United Kingdom, the 16-year-old Gold scored his first recording contract on the strength of a selection of demos he submitted to Polydor Records' London office. In 1973, Gold became the leader of Linda Ronstadt’s band; his work was featured on Ronstadt’s 1974 solo breakthrough “Heart Like a Wheel” and on her hits “You’re No Good” and “When Will I Be Loved.” He made his Asylum debut with a self-titled 1975 LP. Gold never crossed his mind. He is a contributing editor at Archaeology and has visited archaeological excavations on five continents.

All along the lower Danube, settlements and cultures that flourished during the Copper Age come to an abrupt end around 4000 b.c. His later solo work included the country album “The Spence Manor Suite” (2000) and “Copy Cat” (2008), a ’60s-oriented set of covers that included several Beatles songs. More recently, researchers have begun considering another possibility—climate change. “And believe me, we’ve looked.”. He played a major role as multi-instrumentalist and arranger for Linda Ronstadt's breakthrough album, 1974's Heart Like a Wheel, and her next two albums. “It’s clear the society here was male dominated. Until that morning, all the known gold artifacts from the Copper Age weighed less than a pound—combined. They spoke Indo-European, the ancient tongue that forms the basis for English, Gaelic, Russian, and many other languages. After it was obvious it was a cemetery, a temporary fence was erected. California Do Not Sell My Info

“When we walked in the room and saw all these gold artifacts on his table, our eyes popped—this was something exceptional,” Minchev says.
Gold's biggest hit in the United Kingdom was "Never Let Her Slip Away," which peaked at number five on the UK Singles Chart on two separate occasions, firstly by Gold himself in 1978 and again by dance-pop group Undercover in 1992.

The idea of a woman-dominated society is completely false.”. According to radiocarbon dating, the artifacts from the cemetery are 6,500 years old, meaning they were created only a few centuries after the first migrant farmers moved into Europe. Gold's second studio album, What's Wrong With This Picture?, was released in 1976 and featured the hit single "Lonely Boy," which reached No. Among his more high-profile gigs, he sang "Final Frontier," the theme song for the television sitcom Mad About You. Sitting by a campfire one night, not long after 5000 b.c., an observant Stone Age farmer must have noticed that certain rocks—green-blue ores we now know as malachite or azurite—melted into shiny beads of copper when they got hot. 25, 1978); the latter song later became the theme of the sitcom “The Golden Girls.”. Andrew Maurice Gold (August 2, 1951 – June 3, 2011) was an American multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and record producer who influenced much of the sound of Los Angeles-dominated pop rock in the 1970s. He couldn’t have known that the end of communism would plunge Bulgarian archaeology into a slump that’s lasted more than two decades. They didn’t go hungry,” he says. There are pendants and bracelets, flat breastplates and tiny beads, stylized bulls and a sleek headpiece. When I ask Slavchev about the conclusions drawn by Gimbutas, who died in 1994, he shakes his head. The Varna find still seems miraculous to those who were part of it. Can These Execs Save ViacomCBS’ Storied Cable Brands? I'd had a very happy childhood. There’s gold everywhere—11 pounds in all, representing most of the 13 pounds that were excavated between 1972 and 1991 from a single lakeside cemetery just a few miles from where we’re standing. Locals were routinely calling about “treasure.” It always turned out to be copper coins they found in their fields, some just a few centuries old. Slavchev ushers me up a flight of worn stone stairs and into a dimly lit hall lined with glass display cases. [11] Gold also produced seven albums for Japanese singer-songwriter Eikichi Yazawa.

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