March 2013 A brackish water trip...Deviation, or a journey into some familiar territory. October 2016 They understand the basics of fish care, and employ practices which assure the health and well-being of their fishes religiously...And of course, just because we can keep them this way doesn't mean it's the proper thing for the fish, or for newcomers to the hobby, right? Create your own unique website with customizable templates. January 2015 Tannins are not whatsoever harmful to fish, you should boil the driftwood for two hours in a pot, and give it a good scrub to get loose pieces off. When bettas are kept in heavy flowing water they get fatigued and they don’t come at the top and bettas are top swimmers because they also take oxygen from the air. Because when bettas get nervous they hide. And I am 100% satisfied. I think that, as we constantly discuss the pressures facing the aquarium hobby, that the idea of educating ourselves and the public about the habitats from which these fishes hail is the way to go. just like other fishes bettas love a clean environment. Yet, we're faced with the strange dichotomy of knowing the best way to keep them, but displaying them in a way that sends an erroneous message to the general public. Bettas are freshwater fish and cannot live in salt water. (I have 4 guppies and 2 dwarf frogs currently). Stay fascinated. And the last point is to decorate a tank in such a way that you leave space for your bettas to hide. Ever thought why this long gap in the lifespan of betta? Not only would this address the correct way to keep these fish, it could also prove to be a good "sales vehicle" for aquariums and related equipment and accessories, right? Sure, males can be kept singly with other fishes in a well thought-out "community tank", although the males tend to be somewhat anti-social in a lot of situations. Some of the most enduring fantasies in our hobby are the way we perceive certain fishes are "comfortable" being kept. Also, don’t keep them with fin nippers because they have long beautiful fins and fin nippers will tear them. Hopefully, the "Betta Bowl" of the 21st century will be a properly-outfitted small aquarium with filtration, heat, botanicals, blackwater, and plants, a far cry from the popular, yet shockingly one-dimensional way we've kept these fishes for so many years. Many fishes make good mates with bettas because they are calm and surrendering in nature and they don’t instigate bettas. Tannins also inhibit the growth of fungus, promote a strong immune system, and improves your betta's health. What about the LFS, which by some necessity keeps the Bettas in bowls, also having a display or two or three replicating their natural habitat; or just a nice, well-thought-out aquarium featuring a specimen, located adjacent to the Betta selections? But you have to research according to your fish whereas bettas like it. Yet, we're faced with the strange dichotomy of knowing, What about the LFS, which by some necessity keeps the Bettas in bowls, also having a display or two or three replicating their natural habitat; or just a nice, well-thought-out aquarium featuring a specimen, located adjacent to the Betta selections? I'd venture to guess that it's to help escape from these little tight spots when the water gets really nasty! That familiar stuff...Yeah, we're good at that, aren't we? First bettas are hardy fishes so they don’t give much importance to the decoration but still, there are few points to keep in mind. Do you wash or boil the peat before use or do you just use it straight from the bag ? May 2015 Opportunities to keep them in proper, interesting situations abound! One other advantage of tannins is that it adds color to the water which dims the light. It is up to you if you want to use this additive for disease prevention. August 2016 May 2013 July 2013 Now, it's easy for me, who doesn't face the economic realities of owning a brick-and-mortar fish store, to sit here and take "pot shots" at this practice. Required fields are marked *. My answer to this question is no. It's almost like they're perceived by many of us non-specialists to be just like annual killifish, ecologically adapted to live in evaporating puddles as part of their life cycle, when the reality is that these fish can live for 5 years or more with proper care! "Leaves. What happens if you keep betta fish below 78 degrees Fahrenheit? The possibilities to keep these interesting fishes in uniquely-configured aquariums are significant. Treats are necessary you should give them treats twice a week. Thanks Ashlea, sorry I should have been more specific, I'm from Australia aswell in Townsville Queensland. I have got this one with this kit. Another way to provide tannins is to get Indian Almond Leaves and let them soak in your aquarium. (image by Naray156, used under CC BY-S.A. 4.0). Not only do tannin stained water look good but it improves water quality to ensure the optimum growth and health of the fish. September 2016 Everyone has different experiences with their own betta fishes. Bettas are sensitive to light. Learning or applying new things about fishes that you may have taken for granted for years  is not only humbling- it's fascinating, enjoyable, and makes you realize just how awesome the aquarium hobby really is! Keep sharing! Betta breeders and longtime betta keepers know what Indian Almond Leaves (IAL) are. Nearly all of the betta species I keep come from black water environments such as peat swamps, which is why I am so liberal with the use of tannins in my aquariums. Stay creative. July 2016 May 2014 Tannins are great for fish that prefer soft, acidic water (like bettas) because they naturally lower the pH. And, how could you fault me? Before starting this 10 Care Tips To Know Before Getting A Betta Fish I would like to talk about the biggest problem related to betta fish. That’s wrong. I think, however, that we can use this longstanding practice as a springboard to more sustainable aquarium practices. February 2014 April 2016 Just keep in mind that don’t keep bettas with other bettas or other fighting fish. February 2016 If the temperature gets lower betta fish starts acting lazy and starts swimming at the bottom of the tank or don’t swim at all. Areas which need a bit more discussion and clarification. I can't give you an exact time frame, but in my tanks, the most tannins were released during the first few days. An aquarium is a point of attraction for everyone, tannins and botanicals can help with this. April 2015 Tannins are plant compounds known for their distinctive flavor and interesting chemical properties. Something with some small rocks, wood, and a lot of leaves and sturdier botanicals! answer #2. I mean, otherwise, you'd have like 50 male bettas scattered throughout the store in 50 different tanks, right? Now, look- my little piece here is not exactly an earth-shattering, hard-hitting expose on this... We've had these discussions in the hobby for decades. I have talked about the atmosphere to keep bettas in my, So to keep them calm and happy install the, Bettas are carnivores so they like food with high protein, therefore, I suggest you should feed betta, Recently I have purchased fish food on an amazingly cheap price than the market from amazon, Look there is a misconception going on about bettas that these fish originate from mud so that’s why they don’t need fresh water. Bettas are tropical fishes that’s why the best temperature for your betta fish would be 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. But what to do with bettas fish as they are aggressive and territorial they attack and kill other fishes especially their breed. This happens because bettas fish don’t like cold water it affects their metabolism and it often make them sick. And a number of you have created dedicated paludarium-type tanks just for wild Betta species, and your fish rooms are filled with blackwater/botanical systems designed to permanently house many of these interesting species. A small amount of food is good Because when you feed a small amount of food twice a day the food will not affect the digestive system of your betta fish and this way your betta fish will remain healthy and active. These are amazing dimming adjustment lights to suit your requirements check it out. Bettas remain happy and active in this atmosphere. I had two pairs of B. burdigala from different sources, and one was quite bland compared to the other. Wood. To slow the water flow in the tank check out these adjustable water flow for aquariums or you can use tall plants in the aquarium as decoration to steady the water flow. If you live in Oz, Jodi-Lea is the one seller I recommend for anyone into wild bettas. What happens when they are kept in heavy flowing water? Treats are necessary you should give them treats twice a week. Your email address will not be published. They have used them for years to condition the water and to give the health of their fish a bit of a boost. Alder cones, like Indian Almond leaves, impart … And that isn't the point. I believe my hendra pair from Joty and a pair from Hermanus labelled as Betta sp palangka Wild Caught Palangkaraya, were the only hendra to come in with the last shipment. Furthermore, I've always found tea-coloured water aesthetically pleasing, much as tannins seem to be maligned in this hobby. What that name tells us is that they are aggressive and territorial so keep in mind not to put two bettas in the same tank. June 2016 The third thing is don’t add objects with sharp edges because it might cut your fish fins and hurt it. just like other fishes bettas love a clean environment. But it does not mean that they don’t need care at all you just buy a betta and keep it in your bowl and feed them that’s enough.

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