How to get to Beomeosa Temple: Take the Busan subway to Beomeosa Station (Exit 5 or Exit 7), then ride bus number 90 from Samsin Bus Stop. Right outside of Seoul, Nami Island is a super cute area that has been crazy popular ever since it was used the old K-Drama, “Winter Sonata.” The prettiest parts are the tree paths that turn yellow in the fall! However, there’s just something about autumn in Korea that’s so different, it’s hard to explain. This is my first time experiencing autumn and I’m not sure what to wear. Here are the top 5 autumn destinations in South Korea. You may also want to bring leggings that can be worn underneath your pants. I’m going to South Korea on coming 22 Sept till 30 Sept. We went sometime in early November a few years back, and it was basically winter for us by then (full on parka jackets and everything). This article was originally published on Skyscanner Malaysia. I know it’s the dead of winter now in Korea but I had to start with a season I experienced first when I got to Korea ;D, Fall in Korea starts around late September and ends around mid November.. How to get to Nami Island: Take the ITX train to Gapyeong Station, then ride city bus number 33-5 or 33-36. The Temperature is Perfect. — 10 best places to visit…, Explore Fujian Tulou — Inside of “inviolable” tulous of China, Exploring top 7 most beautiful towns in Germany you should visit…, Japanese waterfall — Top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Japan in…, 10+ pictures revealed the hidden beauty of ancient Hue city, Mekong Delta travel blog — Beyond rivers of Southwestern Vietnam, 14 reasons why you should travel when you are young, Shigaraki Tanuki – An animal symbol of good luck in Japan, Living in the charms of cave houses in Andalucia, Southern Spain, 20+ jaw-dropping tiny homes around the world, Gogung Bibimbap Insadong review — Tasting the famous Bibimbap mixed rice at Gogung Insadong restaurant. Autumn in Korea lasts from September to November with an average temperature of 20.8 Celsius degrees – 6.9 Celsius degrees, the air is dry and the sky is always blue, warm during the day, the night will be a little cold so it is very suitable for outdoor activities. Which is why it’s absolutely necessary to check the weather forecast so that you can be prepared for the next day’s unpredictable weather. If you get to Naejangsan in your first few days, you should still be able to see the foliage. You WILL be around for kimjang (kimchi making) season though! July, 17 – Constitution Day in South Korea. The first appearance of yellow leaves began around the end of September, and peak fall foliage in mid-October. Meanwhile I’ll just swim around in SG’s heat for the next 2 months ㅠㅠ. When to go: End October to Early November. And even when it rains, it doesn’t pour like tropical thunderstorms (unless there are typhoons). Now, let’s Living Nomads introduces to visitors the fall foliage Korea 2019 (Korea autumn foliage 2019) with the fall foliage forecast Korea 2019 (Korea autumn 2019 forecast, Korea autumn foliage 2019 forecast, Korea fall foliage forecast 2019) and 16 best place to see autumn leaves in Korea including best place to visit in Korea during autumn (best places to visit in south Korea during autumn). subscribe below! One of the tree species that symbolizes for the fall of Korea is Maple and Ginkgo trees. places to visit for fall foliage in Korea, Daedunsan is famous for its red suspension bridge. hi there , im going 18th till 28th oct . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hop on the Geumgang Park Ropeway, a cable car ride that stretches 1,260 metres, for a bird’s eye view of the city and the mountain ranges. Standing at a lofty 1,950 metres, Hallasan has a handful of trails for you to choose from; Gwaneumsa Trail and Seongpanak Trail will take you to the crater lip, while Eorimok Trail will take you to a viewpoint halfway up. Autumn is lovely as it is not too hot and not too cold as well, although the winter frost can start as early as October. Which city is the most famous for it? You can also explore the surrounding tourist attractions such as Namsan Botanical Garden, Goethe Institute, Namdaemun Market. Do you think I can still buy summer clothes during that time time? Just saw the foliage forecast from your blog and I think our trip will be too late since it was scheduled for 8 to 18 November. would you kindly suggest what should i be wearing.thanks . It felt like everything warm and beautiful was sprinkled across Korea during the fall season.. T___T i’ll be dying to see that, The weather in late sept to early oct would probably be around 15degs or so, so I think a cotton sweater with maybe a layer or two should be able to keep you warm (: It also depends on whether you’re someone who’s afraid of the cold (: Yup the leaves usually change colors around mid Oct!! But anyway, contrary to popular belief (or at least, the beliefs of a young girl from a tropical country :P) it doesn’t rain a lot. So, when is autumn in korea? How to get to Yongheunggung Palace: From the bus stop in Artreon near Seoul’s Sinchon Station, take bus Bus 3000 to Ganghwa Bus Terminal. It’s festival season! However I’m having a headache on what I should wear when I am over there. Sometimes I go back and forth between which season I love the most, but when I think about it more, it’s definitely autumn. So sorry I can’t find a better photo D: I left mine in Korea (I’m home in SG now for winter break :D) so I couldn’t take a photo of mine D: Anyway there are variations of this baseball jacket, some with normal designs that are not varsity jackets ^^, Anyway, here concludes the post about Korea’s autumn; I’ll do up the one for winter after I go back to Korea. Living + Nomads – Travel tips, Guides, News & Information! It’s mostly light drizzles that I wouldn’t bother taking my umbrella out for But it’s always good to bring an umbrella out if you plan on going shopping at Myeongdong or Edae or any of those shopping streets without shelter (: Instead of rain, the wind is the scariest. I still feel confused about what to wear in Korea! Come here, visitors feelings like being “showered” in the tranquil setting of the forest is turning to autumn, with a slight scent of wood. Attractions around: Bugaksan Mountain, Daelim Museum. since the weather is not so cold, would you think that simple sweater made of cotton will be enough? It’s cold, and no one seems to have grasped the concept of centralized heating, so bathrooms are usually a freezing experience. Picture a riot of colours bathing in the sunlight! Seoul itinerary 6 days — How to spend 6 days in Seoul on a budget perfectly? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There are actually a whole list of places and your tour will pick 3 to 4 of the best spots for the day you choose. North of Busan’s city centre, Geumgang Park sits on the foot of Geumjeong Mountain. If anyone asks what is the best season to visit South Korea? Autumn is that magical sweet spot right in the middle of the two seasons when the country is about as close to feeling like a storybook as it’s going to get. Let me know if you know of any places I’m missing! From Seoul, you’ll head down and have plenty of time in the hanok village as well as stop by Baegyangsa to really see the fall colors. The winter one with the fur layer inside as well as the padded trench coat on the outside would be good enough for late Dec – early Jan.. That is of course, with thermal wear and some layering such as sweaters (: i plan to go to korea this sept until early october (29th sept to 7th oct) and i try to find a coat just like the picture. Depending on your tolerance for cold trench coat might not be enough! ps: the leaves will change from mid of oct? Autumn’s a lovely and rather underrated time to visit Korea. Phone: +82 2-500-7338. I’ll be in Seoul 31st Oct till 8th November – any idea what will the temperature be like? This Buddhist temple complex houses an impressive statue of Buddha looking out to the sea, as well as stone terraces, pagodas and bridges. The temperature can be pretty good, but when the wind blows….you feel like you’ll get blown away D: Many times I had to fight with the wind while walking, and other times I just felt like it was freezing (because I hadn’t experienced the REAL freezing experience in winter yet ==”) Well, there’s no way to get around this, you just have to bear with it D: Now to describe the sights… I really loved Fall, for I had never seen such beautiful sights in the streets… The beautiful yellow and red leaves on the trees, littering the ground are truly a sight to behold. It’s a huge event with light shows and, of course, lanterns. Then, it’s a short taxi ride to the palace. Attractions around: Seoul Zoo, Seoul Museum of Contemporary Art. Do I need to bring thick clothings or a cardigan would be enough? Before you leave just check the temperatures regularly so that you know what kind of temperature to expect and what to wear accordingly (: But people definitely don’t wear knitted scarves then. The first snow came in mid-November last year, and it was averaging 5 degs then. South Korea is indeed a land of extremes and nowhere is this more apparent than in the sudden drop of temperature … Look at these maple branches. Do people wear knitted scarf by then? ^^. The Asan Gingko Tree Road is believed to be the epitome of all fall scenery. Which would you recommend for us to visit Seoul? Autumn in South Korea usually lasts for two months, that is October through November. To fully enjoy the fall colors, check out the fall foliage forecast (2019 update now available) and use the map to plan your trip.You’ll find detailed itineraries and travel guides for each fall destination. Hello! These two plants make to the Korean autumn landscape becoming more enchanting and romantic than ever. Daring. Attractions around: World Cup Park, Nanji Hangang Park. I’d say 29 Oct to 8 Nov based on this last year’s forecast for the peak. Based on your post, I’m assuming Winter hasn’t start yet in November right? This city and region is host to plenty of attractions, but none is quite as appealing in autumn as Seoraksan, or Seorak Mountain. ), Autumn in Korea 2019: Best time to visit & where to go. *2020 NOTE: These tours are most likely not running this year. The best time to travel to Korea in the fall, but also visit the ancient village and take some pictures in beautiful Hanbok costume, you get 10 points for quality. There’s also a man-made lake where you can rent boats to paddle. I just compared and a Korean November is about 12C while a Sydney winter is around 17C. 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Yonsei University - Daedong Festival + AKARAKA. There are still summer clothes though it’s entering into fall now so it may not be commonly found ^^, Thank you very much! It would be terrible if we just skipped from September to November, wouldn’t it? It’ll probably be around 10-15 degs on average, but will be colder at night. Check full itinerary here. With a length of more than 900m, Deoksugung Doldam-gil road is located next to the stone walls of the Deoksugung Palace, becoming the ideal spot for couples to stroll every evening. Noryangjin Fish Market blog — Explore Noryangjin market & tasting King Crab at the largest fish market in Seoul, Visiting N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower) — A tourist icon of Seoul, South Korea. Also, will there be summer clothes available for sale during that period ?

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