Can you ask your Dr what the recovery position should be and we can look at if any of our products will help with your recovery or if there are other recommendations for products that we know about? Your friendly Therap, Yes we have a range of products that may help or we can custom make something to your requirements if needed. Kind regards Warm regards, Brett. Please note the Bed Wedge Support does not come with pillow. Great pillow, fantastic store, good communication, fast delivery, thanks so much! $159.00. Hand wash warm water mild detergent. Melbourne made with Melbourne foam. - 23cm with the memory foam layer removed and with the foam insert left in the product. Warm regards, Brett. Yes this is the highest version we have and does suit side sleeping though most people will remove the insert to lower the angle when sleeping on their side. Warm regards, Brett. Which is approximately USD $165.00 Many thanks 03 8585 6685. Warm regards, Brett Warm regrds, Brett. Donut cushion with non liquid permeable, wipeable cover for improved hygiene. Which of your products would give me must relief from pain and enable me to read in bed once more? Warm regards, Brett, Does the contour bed wedge come with the pillow you see in the photo. Watch TV in bed and be supported:Convalescents and accident victims find it impossible to watch TV from a flat position. By putting the user in a more angled or upright position the pain and discomfort associated with ENT surgery can be lessened and a better recovery attained. that is tha low part looks high does not start from nothing wont that be uncomfortable. will shipment fee be added? Please give us a call on 03 8585 6685 and happy to help with all the questions that you might have. I think the bedwedge may be a good option to put you on an angle while you sleep but am not quite sure tbh. 03 8585 6685. Please enable cookies in your browser or switch to a newer web browser. It may help but i dont know alot about the condition to be honest. Hi Dorothy, Warm regards, Brett Parnham Please contact our head office on 03 8585 6685 and we will be able to advise of a showroom nearby to you. Hello, However if you dont think your pillow is suitable please give us a call on 03 8585 6685 and we can help you with a recomendation and see if we have anything suitable we can bundle up with a purchase. Does the insert stop you rolling over on your side. The bed wedge is designed to elevate the body whilst resting or sleeping. 03 8585 6685, Do you have a contact phone number, also is there an outlet for your products in NSW, 03 8585 6685. Contoured Bed Wedge Polycotton Pillow Slip, Leg Relaxer - Contoured Leg Wedge Comforting Leg Pillow Support, Naturelle Latex Pillow - Contoured, Adjustable, 3 Size Options, Australian Spinal Research Foundation Supporter. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Happy to help with further questions on 03 8585 6685 at anytime. The weight of the adjustawedge is approximately two kilograms and the angle is extremely easy to change for anyone. Hi Jun, You may remove the quilted cover for washing but it is not recommended for constant repeated washing. There is no leg support. Hello, Multi density layer design memory foam bed wedge for comfort and high density rebound foam for support. Hi does your contoured bed wedge help with back pain and pressure relief in the bed ridden elderly. The bed seat and also the leg relaxer are often used alongside the products to prevent going further down the bed. Cristina. Each. We dont havea pillow that will give that much angle - our bed wedge is about 18 degrees - but you can always prop the product up a little bit by placing it under two pillows side by side pillows to increase the angle of the product if you need something with a bit more angle. Replacement fabric cover for body support bed wedge. Please call when convenient , regards Anmaree. 03 8585 6685, I have moderate sleep aponea and ask if your wedge pillow will assist. The bed wedge is 25cm high at the back so will put you on about a 20 degree angle. The angle is perfect. Please call 03 8585 6685 and we can assist your questions. We defintely have people sleep on their side on the bed wedge (some remove the inserts to lower the angle but others just use the product as is. Who can benefit from sleeping on Contoured Bed Wedge? Hi Nick, For effective relief and recovery from child birth, hemorrhoids, fistulas, lower back pain, tailbone injury and prostate surgery. In most other cases we recommend the quilted version. Hello, Instructions are inside the cover but we normally recommend customers purchase the zippered cotton cover as that does make laundering easier. I am looking for a pillow wedge which will provide a 30 degree head elevation. If you were to order this morning (wednesday) we would dispatch this afternoon for you and you should receive most likely either Thursday or Friday (worst case i would imagine Monday). Sometimes people also find having a pillow to wrap around them is beneficial also when sleeping or resting. Basically we always recommend the quilted version as it is more comfortable. The image shows the bed wedge with a pillow on top. I have bought a wedge but am wondering if it's designed to be used with the pillow as shown in the picture (if so what type of pillow is that) or just by itself or with any pillow? The wedge is not memory foam as that would not give enough support but a memory foam insert can be added so as to give the feel of memory foam. You can remove segment inside teh wedge should you find angle to high. Is your contoured bed wedge suitable for side sleepers? One wedge for sleeping, at least 20cm. Do you have anything like that and it has to be within the range of 6-8 inches in height on the highest point. my husband needs something to stop reflux after surgery. Hi there. Wedge pillow soft enough to protect against pressure sores in the area or marking of prominent bony areas on the spine, buttocks and sacral areas. Normally the bedwedge just comes on its own and you can use your normal pillow with it. I recently obtained one of your wedge pillows to use after an operation on my neck. Also, do you ship to the US? There is also an additional memory foam sleeve that can be inserted into the top of the bed wedge pillow to give it a little extra comfort. This is a new item and if you would like to order please contact your nearest stockist. I would have thought they would be of some benefit for the sciatica and perhaps the bursitis depending on where you are suffering. Yes it should be fine to use on your side but most of the time people sleeping on their side will remove the adjustable component in the middle and lessen the angle slightly which is more comfortable for side sleeping. Soft fluffy exterior filled with antibacterial, breathable with silicone fiber. Warm regards, Brett (03) 8585 6685. Total (AUD) $224.30 The 'Bed Wedge - Relaxer Recliner' is designed for use with a low pillow to ensure the neck is in line with the spine's natural curvature. Thanks for you contact and i am sure we can help. Recovery from Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) can be greatly enhanced and more comfortable with the use of the bed wedge or similar type device. tx, Hello V, Sliding down the wedge is not usually an issue. I have the mild Sleep Apnoea, do you have anything that will help me? It should help by putting you on the angle and also some use it to sleep on their side which should help further. It is nice to have hte layer in it but makes no difference to the effect of the product. FastWay tracking OZ0002214142 Optional tailored over slip: Normal wash and Dry. Eases breathing difficulties - comfort of people who suffer from CHF (congestive heart failure) and other and congestive heart conditions, who have shortness of breath and coughing when lying flat. Please call us and we may be able to direct you to one near your location. Pls give us a call on 03 8585 6685 and if you are nearby to our location in Cheltenham Vic i would be happy to loan you a sample to trial. The innovative design of this Wedge Pillow lets you use it in multiple ways to prop yourself up in bed or simply get a great night’s sleep. I use this product to put my feet up every night when I go to bed. Wheelchair Seat Pillow is thick and fluffy for the experience of high softness comfort seating. Hi Tracy, The wedge comes at a height of 25 cm high and when you remove the insert inside it will be around the 18cm height. There are no photos of options. Hello, need to order a contoured bed wedge with memory foam and also a foot wedge pillow. I am seeking a "wedge" suitable for keeping sheets/blankets off my feet. I wasn’t getting any sleep before, now I have a great nights sleep. Happy to chat further if you would like to call us on 03 8585 6685. You may click on the link below for more information: Distributes body weight evenly, alleviates discomfort associated with sitting for longer periods. (03) 8585 6685, How quick is delivery to Hoxton Park, NSW, Hello Robin, 03 8585 6685. If I buy the contoured bed wedge -Angled sleeping wedge with memory foam comfort, is the memory foam comfort an additional pillow put on top of the angled wedge? Ships in one business day or less. I need good soft support for her to be able to sleep at night. Thank you. Hi Jenny, If you order online today or tonight then it will be dispatched tommorrow and should be with you by Monday. This pillow allows him to sleep comfortably in his bed rather than in the recliner. If you contact our WA agent on 08 9381 2333. Yes the bed wedge would definitely be my recommendation for acid reflux and the response is always very positive. Can you please give us a call on 03 8585 6685 and speak with manager Brett who can have a chat about what might be causing your lack of sleep and if any of the products we hae will help. It’s kind of gives way, then wraps and then comfortably supports if that makes sense at all. Is the Quilted cover on the Bed Wedge washable? Hi there I was wondering if I ordered this online today, when can I expect delivery to Narre Warren Sth?? Please call 03 8585 6685 if we can assist further. pain from time to time. please thanks, Of course. Thanks for your email. Celia, HI Celia, 03 8585 6685. Please give us a call to discuss if you have any questions. These pillows fit firmly behind your neck and back to give support as you sleep, and also aim to help correct problems that you might be having with your spine and posture. Please give us a call on 03 8585 6685 if we can be of further assistance. Secondly, i think the bed wedge would be a very good product for you. Freight is only $21.10 Aud and you can order through this link and product will be sent out next business day and should be with you in Singapore within 3-4 days. Health regulations prohibit the return of pillows. 5 out of 5. Warm regards, Brett Parnahm 03 8585 6685, I have added to my cart and it keeps telling me the cart is empty please help, Hi Denise, Some of these specialties include the treatment of allergy, sinus surgery, laryngeal, thyroid and oesophageal disorders as well as endoscopic examiniation of air and food passages. Quilted Cover Cotton with polyester wadding The bed wedge is great for reading, TV and lounging in bed. Shop for sleeping wedge at Bed Bath & Beyond. Warm regards, Brett Parnham We have very good success with our clients using the contoured bed wedge to help with their acid reflux conditions. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Well I have just finished my rehabilitation and being a side sleeper my whole life I thought it was going to be a nightmare. Yes we have many locations for pickup in Melbourne. Also the bed wedges now come with a memory foam layer on top to add another comfort option. our bed is king sized and I want to cover all top of the bed with wedges. I am interested in your Contoured Bed Wedge. The contoured bed wedge can often help with shoulders and recovery but as far as the other products go they may or may not be suitable depending on sleeping positions. You can adjust the angle though i think she would probably most like to have the insert in to keep on a decent angle. Is slipping down really a problem?

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