You can even wash it frequently without having to compromise on its softness. And she can never find it. I have had wonderful pain free sleep nightly since I started using this. It's also perfect for those who seek a versatile solution that can be used all year round. I think the best thing about this pillow is that you have the ability to customize it depending on if you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper. Most of us are familiar with that uncomfortable feeling of neck and back stiffness in the morning, the problem which sometimes comes and goes. Best Cooling Pillow for Neck Pain Very innovative Elastic Polymer construction built around the concept of column buckling The unique design has a lot of open-air pockets that keep you cool as opposed to dense memory foam pillows Expensive but purple stands by their products Unfortunately, it does have a bit of a chemical smell when you first receive the product, but this will diminish with time. To wrap the whole thing up, the GREHOME is a great cervical pillow that will be valued by those who suffer from neck muscle stiffness and prefer sleeping on rather low pillows. The Tuft & Needle memory foam pillow received top … What we also like about this model is that it comes with a breathable viscose cover that uses special temperature regulating technology. If you don’t like the firmness or heat that often comes with memory foam but would want to try it as your pillow, then you can try hybrid options that use “shredded” cushion foam as these are usually much softer and provide better airflow. Featuring a unique cell-phone pocket and coming complete with ear plugs, an eye mask, and an easy carry bag, if you're looking for the best travel neck pillow, you've just found it. Not only does this neck pain pillow have some of the most desirable reviews on the market, but it also comes with a 10-year guarantee. Do you have a neck-support pillow that we haven’t mentioned here? This model comes in a standard rectangular shape (with 75 x 48cm dimensions) to meet the needs of the stomach, back and side sleepers. It’s particularly well suited for stomach sleepers, as it gives you the breathability and supportiveness you need without angling your neck awkwardly. It has “nanotube” technology in the centre that allows you to adjust the height to your perfect level. They are designed with premium quality fabric that truly breaths. However, you can always adjust the water level, so you have the right amount of height in your cushion to suit your specific preferences. Use left arrow key to move back to the parent list. The good news is that you can always rely on the Contour Memory Foam pillow by Ecosafeter instead. I sleep on my side so the pillow was great as-is. Unique memory foam structure instantly adapts to your neck and head contours to ensure correct posture. The pillow is also certified by the International Sleep Products Association. We’ve searched the internet for the ultimate pillows for neck and shoulder pain, so you can once again enjoy a peaceful, pain-free evening. If you have sleep apnea or just need to elevate your head, this wedge will work. The filler is pretty firm and springy, so, the pillow provides solid support to keep your spine perfectly aligned and reduce the muscle strain that ruins your life. And with its high-density foam fill, this pillow shapes to your shoulders, neck and head, offering you a uniquely comfortable slope the best rest possible. Just as there are good mattresses for side sleepers, back sleepers or stomach sleepers, there is also an ideal pillow for different sleep positions. INNOVA Memory Foam Pillow in Medium may be a good choice for back sleepers, as it helps keep your spine straight, cradling your … ", Where to buy: $68.70 (Originally $79.90), Amazon. I’m able to sleep on my side comfortably. To top it off, this pillow is infused with temperature regulating cooling gel meaning you'll stay cool without needing to flip your pillow. One of the greatest things about this material is that it lends a cooling effect and is distinguished by amazing moisture-absorbing properties. This butterfly shape is so wonderful for side and back sleepers. The Sweetnight memory foam pillow provides enough support for your spine and neck promoting sound sleep in an anatomical position. Additionally, they boast good moisture absorption properties so you will be able to use them throughout the year without any discomfort. So, if you’re looking for better pillows, specifically memory foam pillows, we’ve got your back. If you are a stomach sleeper, choose pillows that are more flat and thin. Cover: viscose with temperature regulating technology, Hypoallergenic, Breathable, Resistant to allergens, mould, bacteria and dust mites, Machine-washable cover, Rolled and vacuum-sealed package, Strong zipper. It is filled with shredded memory foam, which is one of the best materials for getting your head and neck into a comfortable sleep position when sleeping on your back or side sleeping Just ordered another one for my husband. That strange contour is perfect for giving you a peaceful night’s sleep. On the bright side, this smell is not permanent and vanishes pretty quickly. And with a cooling and breathable construction, … If you sleep awkwardly, then your spine, shoulders, neck, and other parts of your body can begin to ache. I'm a side and back sleeper and needed support for my neck and back pain - this pillow fit the bill! Then we suggest the Bed Wedge Pillow from Cushy Form. Then the EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow may just be the answer you're looking for. It responds to your body weight and warmth to optimally adapt to your body shape and contours. Besides, it's very easy to keep clean since the pillowcase is removable and can be safely machine washed. The UTTU sandwich pillow can help with that. It May Be Time for a Parasite Cleanse, Keep Colds and the Flu Away By Eating More Garlic, 5 Ways to Stay Heart Healthy After Menopause, Dehydration May Be the Hidden Cause of Fatigue and Muscle Pain You’re Overlooking, Staring at Screens More Than Ever Lately? Although there are other things that can contribute to the discomfort in your neck, such as wear and tear from regular movement, or even age, your sleeping accessories can make a huge difference too. The biggest issue is that it doesn’t work as well for those who prefer to fall asleep on their back, and you won’t be able to find extra pillowcases easily. Additionally, the fact that the cover is made from bamboo means that you’re less likely to suffer from allergy issues. There are many benefits to using memory foam pillows, but arguably the most important is support. What sets pillows for neck pain apart from an average one is that they are designed in a way so as to keep your head in a comfortable and, what's more importantly, correct position perfectly aligned with your spine, while keeping it from tilting to the side or being raised too much. The Sweetnight Memory Foam Pillow is one of the best pillows for neck pain that will ensure maximum sleeping comfort while eliminating fatigue in your muscles. The pillowcase is removable and can be washed in a washing machine; however, we'd recommend against it considering that microfiber is a very delicate material. For those who prefer to sleep on their back, it's recommended to opt for medium-high models, and if you like to sleep on your side, you'll appreciate thicker and firmer models. As such, this model will come in handy both for users who prefer firm support and for those who like their heads to drown in softness. To sum up, if you seek a quality orthopaedic pillow that will ensure maximum sleeping comfort for all kinds of sleepers and won't hit your budget, the Ecosafeter contour memory foam pillow should be right up your alley. Made from 100% pure memory foam, this travel neck pillow features an ergonomic design to give you the support you need whether you travel by air, train, or automobile. If you've already experienced sleeping on a low orthopaedic pillow and enjoyed it, this memory foam pillow from GREHOME will suit you just right. The filling of this orthopaedic pillow is made of shredded Visco elastic memory foam. This cover, though, has one small downside, namely it has a somewhat weird smell to it at first. Produced under the strictest quality standards, it is safe, highly supportive, and does exactly what it is designed for. 5 layers: Statos, cooling comfort fibre, nanocubes, comfort fill, BCI cotton. Light, durable, and eco-friendly, the pillows allows adding or removing the shredded filler to achieve maximum comfort and release those annoying neck pains. Additionally, all of the materials that go into this pillow are intended to offer a better experience to allergy sufferers. This unique wave-shaped cushion is designed to encourage sleepers to have better spine placement, so you’re less likely to feel cramped and achy in the morning. If so, the pillow kit from BedStory will get you covered. With the right cushion, you can eliminate stiff and painful neck problems almost overnight. My girlfriend liked it so much she stole mine and I had to buy another!". And with a cooling and breathable construction, this pillow keeps air circulating — you'll be wondering how you ever lived without it. So, if you are prone to tossing and turning at night, the pillow will be a good fit for you. ", Where to buy: $39.95 (Originally $59.95), Amazon. I LOVE this pillow. There’s also a five-year warranty included. Besides, even after extended active use, they won't deform or lose their shape since the filler is not prone to clumping. Buyer Saran Morgan had just one thing to say about this pillow, "It converted me to a gel-pillow only person.". Feeling Stressed? is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Stuffed with a shredded bamboo-combination memory foam, this pillow never goes flat, easily mimicking the feel of a down pillow while still providing the contoured support you'd expect from memory foam. As such, this model will come in handy both for users who prefer firm support and for those who like their heads to drown in softness. Unfortunately, it’s not hypoallergenic like some of the other pillows on the market, and it’s not memory foam either if you’re looking for that “sinking” feeling. If you seek a truly supportive pillow with a strong therapeutic effect that won't cost you a fortune, take a closer look at the GREHOME memory foam pillow. The Martian Made Bamboo Pillow is an excellent bedding item for those who seek some degree of customization and want to be able to adjust the pillow thickness and density to their liking. The case boasts strong zipper and stitching, so, you can safely wash it in a washing machine. You also won’t be able to flip the pillow, because the cooling gel is only one side. The Panda also comes with a chemical smell, to begin with, though this eases over time. 9 Best Pillows for Side Sleepers With Neck and Shoulder Pain, 9 Best Weighted Blankets for a Good Night's Sleep, 9 Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers With Neck Pain.

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