Du erhältst in Kürze eine E-Mail von uns mit Infos, wie du dein Passwort zurücksetzen kannst. Error type: Your comment has been saved. Zu dieser E-Mail-Adresse ist kein ZDF-Konto vorhanden oder das angegebene Passwort ist falsch. Bitte klicke erneut auf den Link. I am not suggesting that Bill Gates change his presentation style (though I'd pay my own way to Redmond and work for free to help Bill with his next presentation). Neues Konto anlegen. If Sie mochten sich nicht, und doch brauchten sie einander. I am still looking to get a Bill Gates image for the book. This is only a preview. Chris Anderson: TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking, Garr Reynolds: The Presentation Zen Way: Video Lessons on Simple Presentation Design and Delivery (Voices That Matter), Garr Reynolds: The Naked Presenter: Delivering Powerful Presentations With or Without Slides (Voices That Matter), Nancy Duarte: resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences, Dan Roam: The Back of the Napkin (Expanded Edition): Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures, Carmine Gallo: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience, Scott Berkun: Confessions of a Public Speaker, Scott Kelby: Scott Kelby's Digital Photography Boxed Set, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, Stephen Few: Now You See It: Simple Visualization Techniques for Quantitative Analysis, Timothy Samara: Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual, Maureen Stone: A Field Guide to Digital Color, Brenda Ueland: If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit, John Medina: Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School, Nancy Duarte: slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations, Chip Heath: Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, William Lidwell: Universal Principles of Design: 100 Ways to Enhance Usability, Influence Perception, Increase Appeal, Make Better Design Decisions, and Teach Through Design, Garr Reynolds: Presentation Zen (Voices That Matter), Daniel Pink: A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, Michael Alley: The Craft of Scientific Presentations : Critical Steps to Succeed and Critical Errors to Avoid, Martha Davis: Scientific Papers and Presentations, Edward Tufte: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, John Daido Loori: The Zen of Creativity: Cultivating Your Artistic Life. Bitte bestätige den Link in dieser E-Mail innerhalb von 24 Stunden, um deine Registrierung abzuschließen. Pecha Kucha and the art of liberating constraints, Presentation Zen (the book) progress report. Das Passwort muss mindestens 8 Zeichen lang sein. Der gewählte Anzeigename ist nicht zulässig. FREE DOWNLOAD BILL GATES PPT AND PDF: Entrepreneur Bill Gates supported the world’s largest software package business, Microsoft, with Paul Allen, and later on became one in every of the richest men in the world. The purpose of this website is not to make money, but the small commissions do help to pay for the support of this website. Du kannst jetzt dein neues Passwort festlegen. He's been doing it "the Microsoft way" for a long time and the world keeps on spinning. 1 0 obj | He's a nice guy and he's certainly a great philanthropist. He's relaxed so the audience is relaxed. |\Š&��މ�d�='N�O�I82���r �g�}g}�wa�" ��M�2ɳ�9,!A��[�37�o�d(�@>�#2����Κ�{"z��C�x4��k�}а�(i�� �����~y�@���h���LrW���//>��eз�'�� Steve's visuals are a big part of his talk. Willkommen bei "Mein ZDF"! Bill also uses more jargon and terms like "...rich capabilities," "rich fonts," "...working together in a rich way," "...use these tools in a rich way," and "...watching something rich like learning about an election." The difference is that Steve's slides flow smoothly with his talk. Bill Gates is a remarkable man, why can't his presentations be remarkable too? Bill needs to be stickier Please enable JavaScript if you would like to comment on this blog. Bitte lösche den Verlauf und deine Cookies und klicke dann erneut auf den Bestätigungslink. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are both known for their roles in the revolution of science and technology. 2011 starb Steve Jobs. Bill has more credibility than you or I will ever have; he's one of the most famous people on the planet. This website contains Amazon affiliate links to products I use and recommend, which means that I receive a small commission on the sale of books and other products featured on the site. The visuals do not overpower him but they are an important component of the talk not just icing on the cake. Jobs sah in Gates einen Techniker ohne eigene Visionen. %PDF-1.5 Bist vielleicht bereits bei Mein ZDF angemeldet? Beide schrieben Technik-Geschichte: Das von Bill Gates entwickelte Betriebssystem Windows eroberte die Computer in aller Welt. Die eingegebenen Passwörter stimmen nicht überein. Email address will not be displayed with the comment.). Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Apple, Computer, Microsoft, Geschichte Sie revolutionierten gemeinsam die Welt und waren doch erbitterte Rivalen: Microsoft-Gründer Bill Gates und Apple-Schöpfer Steve Jobs. View an alternate. Leider hat die Registrierung nicht funktioniert. Sie müssen jetzt ein Kinderprofil anlegen, um Ihren Account für „Mein ZDFtivi“ verwenden zu können. Their leadership style has contrasting aspects as well as few similarities. Bitte stimme unserer Datenschutzerklärung zu. But his presentations are usually weak in the other five areas. }��4����Q����b. �5lsn r��L�3���L�El���FW�%�pK����h. But the biggest difference is not the fact that Steve's slides are simpler with fewer elements and fewer bullet points, the biggest difference is in the way they are used. Microsoft-Co-Gründer Bill Gates hat sich schon mehrfach voller Bewunderung über Apple-Co-Gründer Steve Jobs geäußert. If your ideas matterBill's ]s�������i���{���wN;�a��Σ�=��_-�㽼 (Name and email address are required. Mailadresse bereits bekannt, bitte mit bestehendem Account einloggen und Kinderprofil anlegen. If Bill were talking about the intricacies of insurance premiums and actuary tables, you may have a point. |���:��cҲXO�3 �T@�UNWk�Di2�y$�A�s���i���h�[ƴ5�������Ok��Һ��hF}#kV�4���1L�EYz��d�������������j�s�=,1X����x�ʜ�k��טE+ The two global leaders known for their achievements in their field are Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Bitte überprüfe deine Angaben. Das Passwort muss mindestens einen Großbuchstaben enthalten. Bei der Passwort-Anfrage hat etwas nicht funktioniert. Das Passwort muss mindestens 8 Zeichen lang sein, einen Großbuchstaben und eine Ziffer enthalten. Lucas uses actors, visuals, and effects to convey his message, Steve uses visuals and his own words and natural presence to tell his story. I only recommend books or other products which I have personally used unless otherwise noted. This prevents automated programs from posting comments. The visuals are necessary not decorative. endobj You Hinweis: Im Internet ist es nicht üblich, seinen echten Namen zu verwenden. You may say that comparing Bill's presentations and Steve's keynotes is apples & oranges, that it's not fair to compare Bill's talk about technology trends to Steve's product introductions. Steve uses the huge backlit screen behind him in the same spirit at least that George Lucas uses his screen: to help tell a story. Every time Bill does one of these "PowerPoint presentations" he legitimizes and validates this tedious style of presenting with slides. Du kannst dich ab sofort mit dem neuen Passwort anmelden. Diese Email-Adresse ist bereits bei uns registriert. Hier kannst du mehr erfahren und hier widersprechen. Um zu verstehen, wie unsere Webseite genutzt wird und um dir ein interessenbezogenes Angebot präsentieren zu können, nutzen wir Cookies und andere Techniken. But in this May 16th presentation by Bill Gates, the Microsoft chairman is talking about "technology megatrends that will shape the future of business and society." %���� If you have an image that you took and would like to share please send me a note here with your terms and conditions.

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