Read More, Dr. Xuanhong Cheng is the Rossin Assistant professor of Bioengineering and Materials Science and Engineering at Lehigh University. She is currently with the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), Research Centre in Rome and a Visiting Research Scientist at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA. Read More, Jean-Jacques Fournié received his Ph.D. degree in microbial biochemistry from the University of Toulouse, Toulouse, France. Such measurements can be utilized to sort out alive or dead cells, cell types, cancer cell aggressiveness, and cell immaturity. Application of microwave sensor technology in cardiovascular disease for plaque detection David Wagner 1 , Sebastian Vogt 2 , Farabi Ibne Jamal 3 , Subhajit Guha 3 , Christian Wenger 3 , Jan Wessel 3 , Dietmar Kissinger 3 , Kai Pitschmann 1 , Ulrich Schumann 1 , Bertram Schmidt 1 and Markus Detert … The presentations attracted many scientists and engineers, some have not been working in the medicine-related applications, and inspired many lively interactive discussions in the sessions and workshops. By Rajeev Bansal. Tofighi, MR & Chiao, JC 2012, ' Biomedical applications of rf/microwave technologies ', IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, vol. All rights reserved. (4) Medical implantable devices and handheld systems utilizing RF and microwave for telemetry and powering. 2017. In this article, we review the highlights of the sessions and workshops that were devoted to biological and medical applications. Results. for the synthesis of NO-containing cold plasma // Medical He conducts research on wireless implants, biomedical antennas, medical applications of microwave radiometry, and complex permittivity measurement of tissues using time and frequency domain methods. habil. Instrumentation, tissue and skin modeling, characterization data, and calibration procedures were presented. The focus of his research is on Ultra-Wideband Microwave Sensors for spectroscopy applications in biomedicine. Medical applications of microwaves (i.e., a possibility to use microwave energy and/or microwave technique and technology for therapeutic purposes) are a quite new and a very rapidly developing field. Two workshops brought focused discussion from international experts on electro-nanoporation effects on biological systems, and microwave sensors/biochips for biomolecules and cells characterization. Biomedical Application of Microwave in Cardiac Tissue Ablation: from in Vitro Analyses to Clinical use Asstt. First, the measurements are carried out by the sensor with the lowest 1 D value and, accordingly, with the lowest sounding depth 1 h , the measurement results reflect the integral properties of the medium in the surface layer. Four papers focused on human normal and cancerous cell studies including detection of live and dead human cells in a broadband microchamber; micro-dosimetric studies for single cells with nanosecond pulsed electric fields; a tunable frequency resonant sensor for cell cytoplasm analysis based on dielectric permittivity variations; a dielectric spectroscopic sensor to probe a single alive cell in an integrated microfluidic platform from 40MHz to 40GHz; and electroporation and dielectrophoresis of single cells in a microfluidic system employed with a microwave interferometric sensor. The recent IEEE International Microwave Symposium IMS 2013, held on June 2-7 in Seattle, WA, USA, presented up-to-date advanced radio frequency (RF) and microwave technologies for biomedical applications by world experts. on the parameters of blood oxidative metabolism in vitro // Techniques to improve range resolution for forward-scattered signals in a microwave imaging system were reported. Dissertation presented at Uppsala University to be publicly examined in Häggsalen, Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Uppsala, Tuesday, 5 November 2019 at 09:15 … Materials and Methods. Robert Weigel and with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martusevich A.K., Peretyagin S.P., Vanin A.F. More particularly cardiopulmonary interrogation via microwaves has resulted in various sensors monitoring ventricular volume change or movement, arterial wall motion, respiratory movements, pulmonary oedema, etc. Furthermore, in spite of the challenges posed by FDA approvals and unique application … @article{720582744e96485ea1e8e104a19cc95b. The animals of the control group (n=15) did not undergo any manipulations except for a single. testing // Biomedical Radioelectronics. This session presented recent development in noise and body motion artifact cancellation approaches for vital sign sensing with radars, and an ultra-wideband micro-Doppler radar for human gait analysis that can track more than one person and detect vital sign of moving objects. Presentations highlighted resonant and broadband approaches for respective targeted applications such as precise cell identification, diagnostic and prognostic applications for cancers, point-of-care diagnosis tools, and handheld devices for biomolecule characterization. title = "Special issue on biomedical applications of RF/microwave technologies". Some examples include the … Read More, Dr. Caterina Merla received the Ph.D. degrees in electronic engineering from the University of Rome "La Sapienza," Italy. The workshop covered state-of-the-art research on nsPEFs, including generator design and assembly, electrode layout, micro-chamber development, modeling and simulation, and recent medical applications. journal = "IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques". Biomedical Applications of RF/Microwaves – A Perspective. Medical applications of microwaves (i.e., a possibility to use microwave energy and/or microwave technique and technology for therapeutic purposes) are a quite new and a very rapidly developing field. Cancer tissue that has a higher water content than healthy tissue produced a significantly different microwave signature. This is evident from the technical sessions and workshops devoted to biomedical imaging, sensors, and MRIs at the recently held IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium in Montreal. Promising results were reported for gene transfer techniques to enhance delivery to cell nucleus and induce cancer treatment with complete melanoma remission, and for neuromuscular, neurophysiological, and cardiac stimulation. Accurate/noninvasive biological samples characterizations and analysis as well as the instrumentation designs and features were highlighted by ten international researchers. The first application is using RF photonics te This paper is intended to give fundamental relations and design criteria for parabolic radiators at microwave frequencies (i.e., wavelengths between 1 and 10 centimeters). A set of probes was used to assess dielectric characteristics of the skin at the depth of 2–5 mm. characteristics. publisher = "Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.", School of Science, Engineering & Technology (Harrisburg), IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques,, Biomedical applications of rf/microwave technologies. Special issue on biomedical applications of RF/microwave technologies. author = "Tofighi, {M. R.} and Chiao, {J. C.}". The podium sessions focused on four diverse areas of applications: (1) Recent developments in medical imaging, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and microwave imaging methods. Conclusion. P. 3-12. Presentations in four podium sessions, one poster session, and two workshops highlighted the fast growing research of utilizing electromagnetic fields in biological exploration and medical applications. The Microwave thermotherapy is being used in medicine for cancer treatment and treatment of other diseases since early 1980s. Read More, Ping Jack Soh is currently working towards his Ph.D in the ESAT-TELEMIC Research Division, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. His research interests include biomedical applications of microwave/RF, wireless sensors, and microwave/millimeter-wave measurements. No 12. Ultrawide band (UWB) microwave imaging is a promising method for the detection of early stage breast cancer, based on the large contrast in electrical parameters between malignant tumour tissue and the surrounding normal breast-tissue. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Several applications have been developed for microwave characterization of biological materials at molecular, cellular and tissue levels. Research output: Contribution to journal › Editorial › peer-review. Read More, Yaqing Ning is currently working toward her Ph.D. degree at Lehigh University. Faced with unpredictable market conditions, the European RF and microwave industry must play to its strengths, stay focused and keep in the (Euro) zone. The Friday workshop organized by Drs. This thesis aims on improving the microwave penetration inside the human body and develop antennas that can perform efficiently for biomedical diagnosis application. © 2018, Privolzhsky Research Medical University. perspectives of the use of microwave tomography in sin The Monday workshop organized by Professors Guglielmo d’Inzeo at La Sapienza University of Rome and James Hwang at Lehigh University presented four related topics in the emerging and intriguing field of research utilizing short (from nanoseconds to microseconds) and intense (amplitudes in the megavolt-per-meter range) pulsed electric fields (ms/ns PEFs) on human cells to explore new scientific studies and practical applications in medicine. A contact thermal burn covering 20% of the body area was modeled on the rats of the main group (n=15). His research interests include planar antennas, flexible/textile antennas, on-body communication, metamaterials, passive microwave components and microwave measurements. (3) Microwave spectroscopy and sensing techniques for studying biological cells. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. By J.-C. Chiao and Mohammad-Reza Tofighi. The session and workshop information can be found at That is immediately after the burn application, changes of the parameter in the superficial biological tissue layers prevail and a day later they prevail in the deeper ones. In this contribution, we offer a general overview of present activities in the Czech Republic, that is, clinical applications and results, technical aspects of thermo therapeutic equipment, and prospective diagnostics based on microwave principals ant technology and instrumentation. In the second part, the characteristics of practical feed systems for parabolic antennas are discussed. First, the measurements are, © The Authors, published by EDP Sciences. systems key value "the size of the aperture of the, ical objects, using electrodynamic characteristics of, damental and applied issues of interaction between, attention of researchers attracts the field of plasma, different composition, cooled to a temperature co, and biomedical approaches and capable of forming.

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