The interplay between the lead and rhythm guitars after "white-hot shrapnel fills the sky" is shiver-inducing! Ever present, long lasting and regenerated. Since 1991 they have ever so slightly tweaked their sound with each new album but never strayed off the beaten path. Bench manages to put the bass right up with the guitars. For once the music completely sets the scene and keeps it going. I think this is the best anyone could asked for than a scrapped 9th album. With one of them being repeated at the end. "At First Light" the opening track sets the tone for what is to come, the first 50 odd seconds are taken up by a slow melancholic atmospheric section before kicking straight into what is one of metals great intros, slow in comparison of what is to come but it is without a doubt a Bolt Thrower riff and features a ridiculously cool lead guitar lick. This song's chorus summons up tremendous emotion with its powerful vocals and triumphant guitar. I know, “unique” is a big word, but it’s always easy to identify a track as a Bolt Thrower song. I'll give it a track-by-track review.

In view of his untimely death, it’s almost an ironic twist of fate that he was the last one to be heard on a Bolt Thrower album. Bolt Thrower is the definition of consistency. So if you like straightforward and sturdy metal, you must be sure that this album is for you. I'm sure other drummers will agree that the drumming on Those Once Loyal is very simple to play, but its combinations that I would not have expected to sound so refined and perfectly support the music. THANK YOU, SIR! I love the fact that unlike a lot of bands Bolt Thrower decided not to mix the bass out of the album. This song features incredible melodic interludes between versus and a brilliant solo before the epic ending, it just has everything you want in a metal song. In science DNA and the theory of relativity will stand shoulders above other scientific advancements. It’s not that Ingram did a bad job in any way, it’s just that Karl Willetts delivered the thunder on ostensibly one of the greatest death metal albums of all time and everytime I pit someone against something like that, it just doesn’t work in the contenders’ favour. Guitar tabs for All That Remains by Bolt Thrower. It's hard to really describe it, but every ounce of praise they earn for their riff writing is 100% deserved. "Those Once Loyal" isn't just any old record, it eclipses anything released in the 2000s by a long shot and stands tall with the genre defining records of yesteryear. Favourite tracks: The Killchain, When Cannons Fade, A Symbol of Eight, Anti-Tank, At First Light. Now, those are both legit complaints that I feel keep this album from being perfect, but those are my only two complaints. Hyperbole? Also worth mentioning are the doomy melodic title track ‘Those Once Loyal’ and the very groovy ‘Anti-Tank (Dead Armour)’. Bolt Thrower’s no-nonsense approach to death metal is a treat unto itself. Highest recommendations. "The Killchain" once again channels that similar, flowing thrash into a brutal, bouncing hook, and a chorus which is simultaneously evil and majestic. Everything is perfectly mixed, the leads whether it be a full blown solo or melodic interlude lick stand out when they need to. And unlike other war-minded death metal bands, BT aren't afraid to switch up their songwriting: "The Killchain" is death-n-roll where the roll is the tread of tanks; "Last Stand Of Humanity" brings back a burst of speed under the soloing not heard since War Master; hell, all the songs are dynamically articulated with rising crescendos in the choruses, slight melodic underpinnings, and a titanic fury of riffs and vocals. "Those Once Loyal" is nearly on par with "The IVth Crusade", better than "...For Victory", and completely destroys everything recorded since. Finally the bonus track on the digi and LP is an annihilating musically incarnation of the Chaos eye! In the year 2081 when the world is recovering from thermonuclear war which ravaged Earth and razed all of civilizations grandest monumental cities to the ground, humanity will be salvaging the remnants and artifacts of pre WWIII Earth. Originally written for "Granite Wall" channels that same sort of groove which dominated Realm of Chaos, and the title track is a slower, somber wartime masterpiece which drags you back into the desolate conflicts of our sorry humanity. “Entrenched” beats the strong opener, the title track could be a leftover from their masterpiece “…for Victory” in view of its very accusing chords and the formidably flowing “When Cannons Fade” sets the final impulses. However, he doesn’t use blast beats, I'm pretty sure he is triggered, but doesn't sound it, in other words, they sound like real drums. "When Cannons Fade" is mid-paced again. They have barely changed their sound since Warmaster (their demos and full-length debut were different from what they have become known for), but have still managed to create some of the most crushing metal that manages to separate itself from the pack in many ways.

Trust me. And even now New and popular versions of Bolt Thrower easy to print and share. The band then shifted to a new record label, Earache Records, soon becoming one of the best selling bands on …

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