1. We are, Achor says (and he backs his assertions up with buckets of evidence and examples) more likely to be successful when we are positive and happy - up to 30% more successful - because brains in a positive state are more imaginative, responsive and flexible. In the Skylight Books 2017 Holiday Catalog, Kelsey N. raves about 300 Arguments, saying, "It's as if someone collected all the quotes you highlighted in your favorite collection of essays and put them into book form. I gave this Positive Thinking book on how to become an optimist four stars. 2) It shows scientifically proven ways to raise our level of positivity/happiness. Here are three specific lessons you’ll learn: The broaden-and-build framework of positive emotions. The book does two things: 1) It explains how positivity/happiness optimizes our bodies and brains to perform at the highest levels possible. These obstacle courses for the mind will give you a balanced and highly effective reading curriculum in personal development. Lead 11 Top Positive Psychology Books That Will Improve Your Work and Life The positive psychology movement is known for helping people improve their happiness, well-being, and productivity. Video: Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, discusses her new book, “Positivity ” Many of us live with more anxiety and depression than cheerfulness. As I explore in my forthcoming book, One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life (Crown, Jan 2014), the gospel of positivity grew out of mystical and occult subcultures in America starting in the mid-nineteenth century and went on to become closest thing … Research studies confirm that it brings about happiness, health, success, inner peace, improved relationships and longevity. So below, I’ve listed the ten best positive psychology books you need to read if you are looking for authentic change. Positive Thinking: Discover the Power of Positive Thinking and Change Your Mindset to Become an Optimist [2nd Edition] (Positive Thinking, Positive Affirmations, ... Happiness, Motivation, Mind Hacks Book … "Positive thinking is the best and most powerful tool you can have to achieve happiness and success. Positive Psychology Books, Happiness and Thriving. It makes your life easier, richer and more fun." Scroll down for our top picks for the best books to inspire inner peace and happiness. / Positive Psychology Books, Happiness and Thriving. Courtesy of Amazon Buy on Amazon. Positive thinking is at once the most widely embraced and the most frequently reviled philosophy in America. 300 Arguments by Sarah Manguso . Written by psychologists and experts in the field of happiness, books like The How of Happiness, The Power of Positive Thinking, and Authentic Happiness double as guides you can easily read right before bed. In fact, the premise of Shawn's wonderful book is that - happiness doesn't follow success, it is the other way round. Everything from philosophy and cutting-edge neuroscience, to brain hacks and ancient wisdom is covered.

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