fee; subject to increase, even with Price For Life) or one-time purchase option (up to $150). Horrible tech system. // Well CenturyLink internet is not on our side today, we will still have updates just not as frequently as we solve these connection issues! My WiFi is working as well as Twitter and Facebook. Also called @CenturyLink. Call today: Besides being memorable, .com domains are unique: This is the one and only .com name of its kind. -YouTube The coverage area sprawls across the entire city, reaching Svensen and Svensen Junction in the north, Alameda in the west, Westport in the east, and Lukarilla in the south. I know it’s Saturday, but please do your job and deliver service. @MrAndrewDuBois #centurylink, @PleiadianPisces On the phone with CenturyLink because I still have no internet. @CenturyLink @CenturyLinkHelp Dear @elonmusk can I please get Beta for Starlink? @CenturyLinkHelp The line disconnected. @PleiadianPisces @xv_maritz @VriezerX @CenturyLink Bf is dealing with them right now. Fix it! @MrAndrewDuBois Limited time offer. @davidfolkenflik @CoxComm Cox is a HORRIBLE company BUT @CenturyLink may be even worse, after FIVE YEARS of effort they STILL only offer DSL speeds in my #LasVegas neighborhood. Too busy at work to tweet til just now. Can you fix it please. @centurylink I’m trying to work but you’re not working. Have an appt. WHEW!!!!!!! I pay for a certain speed. Customer speed experiences will vary, particularly when accessing the Internet wirelessly from various devices. @PastelMx_ @Odell1971 @GetSpectrum We have centurylink in WA and we have had no internet all morning. Centurylink Internet has been out since then, vaccines were lost at several clinics, restaurants lost food & private citizens lost electronics & food. For maps and directions to Centurylink view the map to the right. © 2020 Internet Service Partners. @codygfish Tech installation fee (up to $125) may apply, if selected by customer or is required due to network technology at customer location. @CenturyLink @CenturyLinkHelp I fixed my computers internet slow down and errors by switching to Google's dns on my devices. You’ll also get to enjoy the DIRECTV’s exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET if you bundle DIRECTV service with CenturyLink. Slow down problem started about 15 minutes ago. my internet went out and i just spent over an hour on the phone with CenturyLink to get a technician scheduled. is down at my house.. Now I’ll have to spend my day off making up the two days I had to miss because of your incompetence. @timelessbh I would be happy to help you with any CenturyLInk issues you are experiencing if you DM us. -Disney + @sunvalleyjoy (Thanks, @CenturyLink for being the worst provider ever.) Also called @CenturyLink. Do not promise your customers gig speeds when you do not provide even 100 mbps down/up. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply.*. Take control of your options when you choose CenturyLink—you’ll get to select the channels, features, and speed you want with bundles that combine home phone, Internet, and TV service. CenturyLink has previoulsy acquired Embarq (2009), Qwest (2010), Savvis (2012) and Level3 Communications (2017). With a cell phone you have to make sure you don’t use up too many minutes, and you might not always have good coverage—a home phone, on the other hand, won’t have bad reception or poor sound quality. Get the best bundles for TV, Phone, and internet service in Seaside today with Centurylink. @CenturyLink the internet has been down all day here in 27939 zip code. @ElvisBlack Call today at 1-503-470-6669. They can be contacted via phone at (800) 323-2344 for pricing, hours and directions. @S_W2444 @CenturyLink Just got off the phone with them there's a Dslam issue in our area, a tech is coming out tomorrow to service the overall area. If usage consistently exceeds 5,000 minutes/mo., customer may be moved to another plan. But a monopoly in the Midwest so you have no option but them so they can charge whatever they want. While St. Luke's works to restore th…, @HalliganTereasa DID I ACCOMPLISH EITHER in over an hour???? I contacted @CenturyLink a third time, was told the dispatch issue had been cleared up, and an appointment was set for Tuesday, Nov 3. I was assured that, this time, a dispatch had been created, and a tech would come to fix the problem. You can also stop by CenturyLink’s website to watch popular TV shows. Inbound and outbound calls. Too busy at work to tweet til just now. I know it’s Saturday, but please do your job and deliver service. HALLELUJAH!!!! Inbound and outbound calls. . RT @IdahoNews6: HEADS UP: A CenturyLink outage has the phone system at St. Luke's Health System down. No internet for days at home, no repair in sight. How is this an acceptable biz practice? August cancellation. @cnn @MSNBC @AnthonySabatini @FoxNews Time to address in public. ONE. Your customer service rep prioritized getting me to download your app over helping me with this issue. @PlantainHF All other marks are the property of their respective owners. When I call back, I am told to call back during normal business hours. They aren’t able to do the install yet but no one knows why. -Comcast Too bad internet isn't run by hope. Fix your shit, people! Horrible support. @acgator77 , @sh54011 Hello! CenturyLink serves homes and businesses in 37 states. Customer must remain in good standing and offer terminates if customer changes their account in any manner, including change of address (even if plan is available), change to service, and service suspension (Vacation Program) or disconnection. (Thanks, @CenturyLink for being the worst provider ever.) *The CTL Fees are Facility Relocation Cost Recovery Fee, Property Tax Recovery Fee, and Federal Regulatory Recovery Fee. Rate is available to qualifying residential customers who are new to Price For Life service offers. . No end in sight- claiming there is no longer an outage yet I still have no internet. It is easy to set up as well. Centurylink Internet has been out since then, vaccines were lost at several clinics, restaurants lost food & private citizens lost electronics & food. I'm on twitter, everything is fine in this tab. I've talked with 40+ of your people and spent well over 20 hours trying to fix one simple problem. Page last updated by Questions? Self-service tools are not working, and no one can seem to get this done. When our @CenturyLink internet stopped working last night, we were “promised” that a supervisor would call us today at 11 a.m. No one ever called. I called them & stopped that. -Bruce, @alibabe_muse Credit check, deposit or prepayment with a credit or debit card may be required. @QuanJackson83 CenturyLink Internet in Astoria, OR delivers superior broadband Internet you can count on to be there when you want and for what you want. @VriezerX Call 419-335-4010 extension 8 if you have trouble connecting. #Freearkmayne, @termpe12 I work and go to school from home so having a reliable connection is vital for me to do my work. *, When you bundle with Unlimited Nationwide calling, Speed may not be available in your area. @TonyBrunoShow All over Las Vegas. Second night in a row, @CenturyLink internet just stops working in our house. Anyone else? RT @IdahoNews6: HEADS UP: A CenturyLink outage has the phone system at St. Luke's Health System down. -Bruce, @VincentCrypt46 Netflix works I haven’t checked Hulu. Great job @CenturyLink . Rate requires new Internet subscription and paperless billing. Is it an outage or not!Fix your shit! The name CenturyLink and the pathways logo are trademarks of CenturyLink, CENTURYLINK PRICE FOR LIFE INTERNET SERVICE (15 Mbps - 100 Mbps), Customer speed experiences will vary, particularly when accessing the Internet wirelessly from various devices. -T Mobile @TJFruichantie @joelankow @LoveIdahoWx @DeathllyLock @CenturyLink @CenturyLinkHelp I’m in meridan mines not working and won’t let me log in , @babsjorden @JayBritt16 This is insanity. And the inconvenience of them not being able to fix the internet. Horrible tech system. I have never had such TERRIBLE customer service. -Spotify Centurylink is located at the address in Astoria, Oregon 97103. Yeah it wasn't YouTube, Prime Video, or my modem connection -- it's the DNS server(s), per my computer troubleshooter. @CenturyLinkHelp is there an outage in our area? @mattsadam1996 The telephone system at @StLukesHealth is temporarily down at all sites. While St. Luke's works to restore th…. Terrible #CustomerService! #Customerservice tech on phone cannot fix and will not send a field tech for 2 days. My internet provider @CenturyLink @CenturyLinkHelp thinks it's acceptable to make me wait 7 whole days for a tech to come out to fix my fiber internet service after their random outage . If you want to know more, you should check out other publicly available sources (e.g. They are currently forcing me to troubleshoot a problem they already diagnosed the week of October 11th before they will send a technician. We are in WA and we have centurylink... we also have no internet. So I’ll maybe get an update on Thursday but with my luck no one will call me. 503-458-2555 seems to be a landline phone number, which is registered by the company called Centurytel Of Oregon Dba Centurylink.The phone number probably located in Astoria (Oregon), based on its area code. We are here to help you out. Other extensions usually just drive traffic to their .com counterparts. Oh and its almost at 3 hours since they realized they screwed up and still no internet. On Thurs I got an email from Centurylink stating my internet service was cancelled as of the next day. @StLukesAnita -SC. ONE. -Cox After weeks of no service, and hours on the phone. Great job @CenturyLink . Available to new qualifying, residential customers and current CenturyLink residential customers who qualify; contact CenturyLink for details. -T Mobile Rate applies to the fastest Internet speed CenturyLink offers at your home, capped at a maximum speed of up to 100 Mbps.

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