And most people have never had one of those until they get a tree-ripened peach. This instigated merely a momentary stint to the growth of the Chilton County peach industry. Chilton County, which has about 2,500 acres of peach trees, is prolific in peach production because of a couple of reasons, according to Gray. Chilton county has a Peach festival every year, and their beauty pageant winner is named “Miss Peach.” You might say they’re obsessed with the yellow, nectary fruit. Accuracy and availability may vary. MONTAGNE: It's not a peach unless juice is running down to your elbow, and then that's a peach. Clanton peaches and strawberries, among other fruit, joined poultry and dairying as industries of growing importance in Chilton County by 1927. Peaches took the lead by 1947, just in time for the county’s first Peach Festival hosted in Thorsby. This would set presumed initiation of Chilton County peach growth back to 1540 at the earliest. Read more ELLIOTT: He does pull out his knife and share his pride. It's really the water tower for the city of Clanton, Alabama. These counties are located in the central area of the state called the fall line. Reply. The answer to the origin of Chilton County’s first peach, then, remains unclear. He owns Durban Farms Market, a roadside stand that was here before the interstate. At our stands you can be assured these are the best peaches available today. It was probably an ancestor of McGillivray or Weatherford or Pushmataha, or maybe he had some of the blood of Pocahontas or Will Rogers.”. MONTAGNE: Once you leave that peach on that tree long enough and it gets enough of its sunshine and its heat at night - well, that's the big key. The market “bottomed out” at about 300,000 bushels in the early 1970s, according to the article. Cheryl O’Brien has been named to... read more, Paving dirt roads, bridges among projects, OPINION: Volleyball: a sport without a home, Up in the air: Singleton recounts years spent as airline pilot, Wadsworth named National Philanthropy Day Award Winner, Clanton Police Department reports from Nov. 14–Nov. MONTAGNE: Yes. While the world prepares their holiday tables and searches the attic for Christmas ... Only California grows more than South Carolina. We Insist: A Timeline Of Protest Music In 2020. “History tells us that when Hornando DeSoto and his group of explorers marched down Coosa River in July 1540, there was an Indian town near the mouth of Walnut Creek in what is now Chilton County by the name of Pokana Talahassi,” Wyatt writes. We are starting to get the bigger peaches and While the earliest local report, “A History of Chilton County” by Clanton Study Club in 1927, references cultivation of peach crops in Thorsby’s early years as a “Northern Colony” established in 1894, other sources pit Chilton County peaches even further in the past. From their presumed natural growth in centuries prior to Chilton County settlement to the peach industry’s peak in 1960 and firmly retained reputation today, peaches have gradually assumed a notoriety that has deemed Chilton County the peach county of Alabama. Georgia Peaches vs South Carolina peaches - This is what the rivalry really is, right? I know people around here think Chilton County has good peaches, but only if they’ve never had a peach from the SC Upstate. Donut peaches usually have a small clingstone pit. Durbin Farms Market, community leaders and Alabama Agriculture Commissioner Rick Pate celebrated the start of the 2019 Chilton County Peach season with a kickoff event on June 7. But how did it begin? Southern peach production has fluctuated in the past decade, and most years, South Carolina has produced about twice Georgia's peach crop — … MONTAGNE: You have the Chilton County (unintelligible). Many local industries have made their starts and left their marks on Chilton County soil since establishment of the county — originally Baker County — in December 1868. MONTAGNE: We think we're the peach capital of the world, so. That's going to be good. They're still warm from being plucked off the tree. But in Chilton County, it is a proud people who make it possible for travelers to stop and taste the peaches — watering mouths with just a glimpse of the peach water tower. To be sure, peach farming is no walk in the park — not even Peach Park. As former Union-Banner editor T. E. Wyatt once wrote, “Raising peaches here just comes natural. Like football, peaches down South are serious business; state bragging rights are on the line. The fall line area separates the Piedmont from the Coastal Plain. It is. In his conclusion, Wyatt writes, “… to say who started raising peaches in what is now Chilton County would be an impossible task. So whose peaches are more delicious – Alabama's or Georgia's? The Clanton Study Club reported in 1927, “The first five or six years of Thorsby (1894-1901) were devoted to building and setting out vineyards and orchards, including peaches, apples and plums.”. MONTAGNE: It's our own little recipe. Watley signed ... Today, peaches are grown throughout Georgia, but there are four counties (Macon, Peach, Crawford and Taylor) that produce most of the state’s peaches. Notably, its scepter towers 129 feet above other coveted, Southern peach ground from its dais at Headley’s Big Peach, and a nationally recognized Peach Festival proffers the Chilton County “pride in peaches” annually since 1947, according to the Encyclopedia of Alabama. Copyright © 2009 NPR. And now we go from dried skin to fuzzy skin. Durbin Farms and Peach Park lie on opposite side of interstate I-65 at exit 205. Their mascot is a yellow jacket. Donut Peaches - A relatively new group of peaches have flatter or saucer-shaped peaches that are shaped more like a doughnut. They are absolutely the best! I thought that was a bit weird, but after what I learned about the Peach State doesn't seem quite so odd. Playing golf is a family tradition for the Watleys, and Carson Watley was the latest to sign to play at the college level. You can always be assured of quality peaches - the sweetest, best, juiciest peaches available. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at for further information. These peaches don't sit in the basket long! Wyatt conjectures a peach connection to the name, explaining that the Native American Muscogee language translates the name Pokana Talahassi to “Old Peach Tree Town.”, “There is no way of telling how long before 1540 the ‘Old Peach Tree Town’ received its christening,” Wyatt continued. Oh, and SC has a peach water tower too. are so proud of them that even their water tower is the shape of a giant peach. MONTAGNE: And we celebrate Fourth of July with peach ice cream. My son graduated from Georgia Tech in Atlanta. MONTAGNE: That's something I would have to kill you if I give it to you. I love peaches. It is here that the answer to the peach’s slow but steady rise to Chilton County renown is revealed: persistence. Filter by sub-region or select one of u-pick fruits, vegetables, berries. We have two competing reports: the first from NPR's Debbie Elliott in Alabama. “If you can’t get a Georgia peach, you can settle for a South Carolina peach,” said Lucy Brewer, 42, a home cook and writer from Kennesaw, Ga. ELLIOTT: Fighting words from Danny Jones. That's our argument with Georgia, but, you know, that's a good argument. Available in 2lb and 5lb sizes, our delicious peach cobbler is baked with Sweet Georgia Peaches fresh from the farm and harvested at the peak of flavor. Chilton County peaches are known in Alabama as the best, and the Clantonites (yup, I just made that word up, deal with it.) The authoritative record of NPR’s programming is the audio record. Our soil and our climate are simply ideal.”. ELLIOTT: Jones says Georgia's peaches might be more famous because the big growers there ship to grocery chains, but he argues the fruit grown in Chilton County, Alabama is better. | Add your comment. OK, so Crawford County, Georgia wasn't named for my relative's spouse. There were peaches, at least peach trees, then.”. Common white peach tree cultivars are "Babcock," "Nectar," "Belle of Georgia," and "Arctic Supreme." Still, there are plenty of Georgia peach loyalists. “It was probably several hundred years old when DeSoto came along. Patti Perkins Shealy September 26, 2017. MONTAGNE: There you go, ma'am. Reports in 2015 revealed that 71.5 percent of Alabama’s peach production was centered in Chilton County, “with Blount County running a distant second,” the article reads. As relayed by the Encyclopedia of Alabama, “This striking symbol of Alabama’s peach industry demonstrates to passersby that while Georgia might be the peach state, Chilton is the peach county in Alabama.”, Thorsby School will have a new band director heading into the 2018-2019 school year. | Add your comment, By JOYANNA LOVE/ Managing Editor Many of the members at Maplesville Volunteer Fire and Rescue have been with the department for several years.

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