Les freinages brusques, la [...] conduite dans les virages et les forces de braquage, sont à l'origine de variations importantes dans les niveaux et les taux de [...] polissage des granulats. When the automotive wheel cornering property simulator needs to be used, the platform is first placed flat, and the two simulative wheels at one side of the longitudinal beam are close to one of the lines; force along the direction of the longitudinal beam is then applied on the model car, so that the model car can move, reverse force is then applied on the model car, so that the model car can return, and as the process is repeated, the transverse change of the motion track of the simulative wheels is observed; one long side of the platform is then lifted by 5 to 10 degrees, the steps are repeated, and the transverse change of the simulative wheels demonstrates the cornering property of the simulative wheels. 1 0 obj Eventually, when the turn signal switch 64 is opened, the bimetal will cool and move toward its normal position to open the circuit to the cornering lamp 60. It is accompanied with positioning and cornering lamps. Continued operation of the flasher will cause the heater to heat bimetal actuator which will warp and eventually allow contacts 24 and 26 to close to actuate cornering lamp 60. �_�q�.�n���2"r�4��OH�T9IP�[A����@hG-D�4. 3. automotive wheel cornering behavior analogue means as claimed in claim 1 is characterized in that: the both sides that axletree (4) is positioned at longeron (3) are respectively equipped with spacing packing ring (7) and split pin (9). Generally, the cornering lamp is energized by a thermal relay which, in turn, is intermittently energized by the turn signal flasher. The fixed contact 26 is connected to a positive voltage source via terminal 18. 9 0 obj 20130417. endobj As shown in FIG. FOa�_X׽p[I �-����'�I]n��@��(-譴-|�@y��yx��u[I �$��}�@@�4V�Vb 527����p��T�H�ݯ@ x�@���->EoɈ宥頿��$� �Sy�JD�@�!�k_@6�"X8��Ct�mmm-�A�n�@��@g��´��4��;!7]�T�ݯ@ x� �z���7n\�~_�]�v���׿���?��R���z�%1$���O���%$u����.>LFb=Ŭ���fۑ�������JƑ���+�_^�z�?q��zJj�(ؽ׬�r�k���I��-v����.�_�=���q�n�z�z��k����a�U_$�w�H]i�瞚2�/u��uKnn&�E�ON�ж�UU��$�F�vчd�O����-Ӑsss�O��/K��y�����QZ���]�z�VWW�����'''G*>|�_FGG���_��_.^���������ԩ�w�_����'�;'�ӻ���g'nz�����@5�dN���`]-����o�jE�F^Q��f���k�Q�ׯ_"���O~���2"�Z�Ό��2'��TZ���V4v�?�U��k�U�ßc��>|���&�I �ThhE��Β��Z��Xr��;�e�\[C�J(��T�J���"�)�4�F4ů���(O�T�e��lF��&�Ғ��":]VS��ld�ɓ'gϞ������['g�������O�����W1 337/41, 361/211, 340/56, 340/73, 340/74, 340/75, 340/76, 340/81R, 340/83, 340/331, 340/100, 337/41, 337/42, 337/44, 337/311, 337/337, 337/340, 361/164, 361/211, Click for automatic bibliography The aforementioned auxiliary electrical contact is formed by a laminated structure 55 comprising an insulative layer 54 and a conductive layer 56. It is accordingly intended that the scope of the invention be defined in the claims. Privacy Policy endobj 1 is an elevational view of a thermal relay in accordance with the invention showing the components of the relay mounted upon the base and with the cover removed; FIG. While the closing time has not provided any substantial problem, the opening time has been difficult to meet. Fig. Thus, a substantial amount of time is involved between the time current to the heater is interrupted and the time the thermal relay contacts are deenergized. endobj The heater circuit of the relay includes the flasher switch F which is connected to the positive voltage supply and which controls the current supplied to a turn signal lamp 62 connected to ground. Because the position of the thermally responsive actuator in the operated position is self-regulated, the time for deactuation of the relay is reduced from prior art relays. Generally, the cornering lamp is energized by a thermal relay which, in turn, is intermittently energized by the turn signal flasher. >�[?��:��}0F�O���ۿj����%�\�fo8��*��/�P�}��k endobj The auxiliary contacts will continue to cycle in this manner so that the position of the thermally responsive bimetal actuator in the actuated position is self-regulating. `w�y5_�j�! <> Let me give you a very basic insight to this answer and for further elaboration one can refer to “Thomas Gillespie” Cornering stiffness of a tire is its ability to resist deformation in the shape of a tire while the vehicle corners. 14 0 obj ��t�&�-����}ㄤ.ɧ�%�b�x��f�$_E�k!�h��^�'�e�~�l�%����_?.Y�->�bV]TPY��5sD�d�SFل�n[V! <> Accordingly, it is a broad object of the invention to provide a thermal relay which has reduced deactuation times. 1. automotive wheel cornering behavior analogue means; It is characterized in that: comprise a rectangular platform (1) and be placed on the model car on the platform (1); Wherein platform (1) be provided with many with the parallel groove (2) in the long limit of platform (1); Model car comprises longeron (3), is installed in the axletree (4) at longeron (3) two ends, is installed in the wheel hub (5) at each axletree (4) two ends and is installed in the simulation wheel (6) on the wheel hub (5) through packing ring (7) and nut (8); Wherein two axletrees (4) structure is identical, axis is parallel to each other, and with longeron (3) clearance fit, can freely rotate with respect to longeron (3); The structure of simulation wheel (6) is identical, and cornering stiffness is 0.2N/rad~200N/rad. 17 0 obj In the past few model years, automobiles have included a cornering lamp in the signal light system. It is necessary, of course, that the cornering lamp be energized relatively soon after the turn signal switch is actuated, that it remain energized during the entire period of time the turn signal switch is closed, and that it be deenergized relatively soon after the turn signal switch is opened. A thermally responsive actuator is preferably stamped and formed from flat bimetal stock and is mounted on the base 12 by riveting an integral horizontal mounting tab 36 to a boss 38 on the base. 2 is an elevational view of the contact leaf and auxiliary contact laminate assembly of the invention; and. The thermally responsive actuator further includes a central elongated actuation portion 40 which is situated in a plane generally parallel to the plane defined by contact leaf 22 and which has a plurality of turns 42 of the heater wire 34 wound therearound. 1 showing only the base, cover and electrical therminal; FIG. It will be appreciated that with prior art relays where the self-regulating feature has not been provided, the time for opening of the main contacts 24, 26 will be considerably longer. The problem with prior art devices lies in the fact that heat is continuously supplied to the bimetal actuator.

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