It may also be a play on the word "playbill", which is a poster that advertises a play. Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Niñitos se asustan cuando paso sobre la colchoneta! Ven a morder mi pulga! Dr. Seuss – Mickey Meyer Cat in the Hat – Nice Peter Thing 1 and 2 – EpicLLOYD Shakespeare – George Watsky [Shakespeare] Come bite my thumb! Power, ambition, greed, shame and guilt were common themes, and the students found new meaning in the odd contrast they had stumbled upon. Both authors used more than one art form to convey their stories, and would have been much different if only in prose. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Next I just got iambic on that ass, you bastard! Yo, you may have wrote the script, but now we running the show! The Things tell him his fancy language should be sent back home to his mother.). But then one student presented a challenge: how on earth could you compare Doctor Seuss to Shakespeare? I hope you know the stakes I’ll put a … I'll put a slug between your shoulder blades. Seuss vs Shakespeare' је преводио/ла Epic Rap Battles of History од енглески на шпански (Shakespeare writes his rhymes on an iambic pentameter, a rare and classic meter in rapping. Beat(s) "Ye hoebag"! View by: Highest Rated; Most Recent; Oldest First; No Comments Add your thoughts . Piensas que tu nuevo libro podría incluir un medidor trisilábico y algunas criaturas de Muppet! Seuss wrote in simple sentences, so Shakespeare compares his simplistic writing to Soulja Boy's lyrics, making him inferior in a rap battle. The first day, the students decided that they would read two books, then compare and contrast them. Flash in the Pan Hip Hop Conflicts of Nowadays, Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers, Shakespeare says Seuss' work is a fraud, and it's so bad, he may have even written the entire Twilight series. Ye hoebag. If she would go near the Grinch but be scared of Shakespeare, he must be really bad. Now let's see how you rap versus Things 1 and 2! Gandalf vs Dumbledore Views Harper said the wheels are turning on the theater portion of the play, but that he'll continue to have the students help guide the project's progression. You're getting upstaged, Bill. (Shakespeare used Early Modern English in his works. The Bard is in the building. Shakespeare says that he is on the same level of literature as the Beatles are in music, and that he will change the style of his works, like the Beatles did with their songs, as Shakespeare was known for writing various genres of stories, while Seuss normally wrote one style. Epic Rap Battles of History #12 – Lyrics Thanks for watching! a mi lado = à mes côtés Todo no se termine bien cuando salemos nuestro jaula! Tu dejas una salon de escuela mira como el fin de Macbeth! Before his second verse, Shakespeare holds up a skull, which is a reference to a famous scene in one of his well known plays, During the line, "And to top it off, you're not a doctor," the subtitles read, "And to top if off you're not a doctor. Hope you like the video cuz i worked hard on this one to…. Hope you like the video cuz i worked hard on this one to…. Epic Rap Battles Of History #12. (The Beatles are widely regarded as one of the best bands of all time. Oye, puede que hayas escrito el guión, pero ahora estamos corriendo el show! Cada es una maravilla con una gran cantidad de características! | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use. Then ask what light through yonder poser breaks? Shakespeare will shoot Seuss between his shoulder blades, or the head. You rap fast, you do. Ceciley, TRANSLATED Dr. Seuss vs William Shakespeare. Dr. Seuss' storybook. Epic Rap Battles of History #12 – Lyrics Thanks for watching! Break our foot off in your ass with our feetie pajamas! It's a castle; I'm the boss! You think your new book might include a trisyllabic meter. How you gonna battle with the Cat in the Hat? Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare Lyrics: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! ), (The Cat in the Hat, and to an extent, Dr. Seuss, leaves children entertained, as well as an older audience.). I hope you know the stakes! Beat information Browse for Dr Seuss Vs Shakespeare .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. It’s super easy, we promise! He said he'd read Romeo and Juliet before, but he'd never looked at a Shakespeare play so closely, and with so much discussion. ), (The Globe was a theater made for Shakespeare and his plays, and Things 1 & 2 are going to trash it.). But even apples and oranges are both fruit, and Riverway Learning Community's first ever summer session students have just discovered that Doctor Seuss and Shakespeare have a lot in common, if you look close enough. I hath been iambic on that ass, ye bastard! Epic Rap Battles of History #12 – Lyrics. Cannot … I've never caught or cholera, A baller baller, on some cricket bowler business. Their usual behavior makes them look like they're in a rage. ". It was released on August 17th, 2011. Why just read Macbeth? Shakespeare uses this gesture to let Dr. Seuss know who he's dealing with.). Shakespeare and Doctor Seuss, apples and oranges. You gotta translate what you said on the opposite page! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window).

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