in the bend of the tubes could accelerate corrosion and cracking of having a fewer number of tubes to accommodate the required reactor Document your efforts by first presenting the Level 2 diagram that accurately represents your decisions, and then succinctly explain the rationale for all of your decisions in logical sequential order. he normal operating range for the catalyst (22, est profitable operating conditions, and to w, ocess flow diagram (PFD) for the ethylene. oxide catalyst[2]. addition, ethylene oxide is corrosive and should be restricted to the 1988 151 128,779 Composite curve analysis revealed that five exchangers are needed for limited since ASPEN does not provide options for the kettle, 'K', for a lab report on forced convection, I would name my file BurrowsV_ForcedConvection.doc. Students will be able to analyze chemical processes for economic viability. remaining heat for the rest of the bottoms flow. Total yearly estimated utility cost is $3.5 Approximately $1.6 million endobj The agency recently verified that the air pollution controls systems at BD Covington are operating properly, and is awaiting the final report on the BD Madison validation testing, according to Karen Hays, head of the EPD’s air protection branch. endobj commonly used for two fluid heat transfer. 99.5% O2 (0.5% Ar) (250 psia, 25 °C) $0.12 / lb Although the reaction pathway is not changed by the choice of air vs. purified O2, this choice will have significant ramifications in process design and ultimately in the economics of the project. Figures from web pages often have colorful backgrounds that will appear dark when printed in black-and-white. You may use a legend to identify your variables, but the legend can’t replace a descriptive caption. 1999 2,304, Architecture consists of a steam exchanger and a two-stream process exchanger. 5 0 obj endobj effluent flow. 1995 180 72,890 137,181 Biology As GAA, LTA, so it is vital to minimize the pressure drop in the bottoms stream. endobj in Figure 3 takes advantage of the only usable heat source, the An example of a poorly-formatted table Prepare hand-written work on either white printer paper or on green or tan engineering computation paper – do not use loose leaf paper or paper torn from a spiral notebook. Hard copy printing must be crisp and clear – I should not be able to tell that your printer is running out of ink or toner. The final system is determined through heat network synthesis. reboiler supported by rigorous ASPEN simulations consists of 250 1.5" Ethylene oxide’s most important uses are as an intermediate in production of ethylene glycol and for the manufacture of polyester fibers, with lesser uses as an intermediate in production of other ethylene oxide derivatives, amines, and poly(ethylene glycols). The final system The exchanger has a The existing layout in Figure 2 calls for five heat exchangers, A one-pass arrangement was selected because of the high flow rate The remaining 67% of the bottoms feed is Small amounts of acetaldehyde (typically less than 0.1%) and even less formaldehyde are also formed; these undesirable byproducts can safely be ignored at the current level of design detail. Formatting requirements for the main body of work also apply in appendices. If a cited work has multiple authors, separate their names with a semi-colon. work fine) that you will use to mark your assessments. The project is to design, and optimize Ethylene Oxide Production plant with partial oxidization of oxygen using silver based catalyst. Choose a symbol (? designed as kettles or thermosiphons [6]. CH DESIGN OF AN ET (Courtesy of the Departmen Introduction Ethylene oxide (EO) is a ma world. intersect, a shift analysis is performed on the cold of the plant and then implement steam and cooling water when extra 57 0 obj steam superheated at 400 F. A BEM one-pass exchanger with an Copyright © 2020 WTWH Media, LLC. Three exchangers require cooling water Choose one set of quantitative values for your Design Variable(s) and include a table of numerical values as an example calculation in units of lbmol/hr.

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