He was told that in 1506 that a group of people attempting to restore the Byzantine throne had started to disturb the calm and grew day by day as Sultan Bayezid was on his way out of the world. He entered the abbey and used crowds to cover his movements, but he spotted Bagnone and managed to stab him in the back with his hidden blades. Borgia took the chest and a courtesan, and Juan was alerted that Cesare was about to speak in the next room, so he left the chest to a guard. He found Uberto talking with a colleague, and he stabbed him twice in the chest with hidden blades, and killed him quickly. Ezio headed to his location and jumped from a rooftop, stabbing him with his hidden blades. He said that when he made it to Masyaf, he would fulfill his father's forgotten dream by opening the library of Altair. After a short chase, Ezio followed the leader to a small group of followers and killed the leader and all of his men near the shrine. Afterwards, he traveled to the Galata District on a boat, and used the Galata Tower key to unlock the door there. He protected them from the Borgia guards, and they showed him the tunnel entrance. Ezio told Akilas that he would focus on training him and honing his skills before he headed to kill Vali. He discover a letter from his father mentioning of library. He also pointed out Borgia Towers across Rome that kept Templar control, so he eliminated Borgia influence from a part of the Centro District by killing Captain Iacopo de Grassi and burning down his tower. Ezio: – Silenzio (silence). Pursuing Manuel Palaiologos, Ezio set out to locate the missing Ottoman spies and work with them to find the Templars. He also helped two mercenaries repair their cannon by finding the engineer, and he shot five groups of dummies outside of the castle using the fixed cannon. Yusuf also told him about the hookblade, which was something that Yusuf had used ever since he was young. When they left, Ezio opened a crate and found arquebuses, but was noticed by Janissaries and had to flee the area. Leandros gave Ezio the journal of Niccolo Polo, and told him that he could have Altair's books from the library, and Leandros told him that he only wanted the location of the Grand Temple. Selim then choked Ahmet and threw him off a cliff, and Selim said that were it not for Suleiman's endorsement, Ezio would have been killed by Selim. Ezio decided to send them on a difficult mission to Paris: with Louis XII of France and Ferdinand I of Spain quarreling over the ownership of Naples, Louis left his foreign ministers to command in his absence. Ezio returned to the Rosa in Fiore brothel to find his sister, attempting to gather information on "The Banker" and kill him. However, Venetian authorities on the island prevented his movement, and he acquired a ship of his own. He dove into the Tiber River to avoid detection, having used the power to kill many guards and replenish his health. Later, he found out that the chest at Monteriggioni was full, so he traveled to the villa to collect the money. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He made his way to Tarik, and he heard him receiving a message. (Silence) Twenty-two years ago, I stood where I stand now – and watched my loved ones die, betrayed by those I had called friends. Ezio infiltrated the Pantheon from the roof, and sent one of his apprentices to assassinate Torcelli. Shortly after, he renovated the stable. He said that hopefully, the next words he said to her would be in person. After getting the heralds to stir up riots, he met with Yusuf and the rioters at the gate. However, The Pope beat Ezio to the ground and stabbed Ezio in the chest, but he could not open the Vault, because he was not the Prophet. He followed a corrupt cardinal to a meeting with two of the Followers of Romulus, where he overheard the cardinal's plan to give religious materials to the followers. He wrote Claudia, telling her that they were in Acre with the five Masyaf keys. Yusuf said no, and he asked him if he knew where the keys to Masyaf were; Ezio said that there was one under the Topkapi.

He met up with the Assassins at the graveyard, where he made Akilas Romanos the new Mentor of the Ottoman Assassins. The tank then destroyed two Borgia tanks inside the castle, and Ezio and the mercenaries exited their tank, with Ezio using a cannon mounted on the walls to destroy the tank prototype.

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