Finally, don't forget to wash your hands before playing to rid your fingers of potentially damaging oils. A roundwound string uses a round wire to wrap around the inner core of the string, while flatwound uses a flat wire (think tape). That’s right, the world’s foremost manufacturer of guitars and amplifiers was recently granted a US patent for their unique bullet-end guitar strings. All Rights Reserved. Dec 24, 2007 #1 ... Fender nylon tapewounds: Black (but an older set I have is Red) GHS Precision flats, Pyramid Golds Violet Tomastik Infield flats: Red FunkySoulBro likes this. Bullet-end stainless steel strings appeared in the late 1990s. How Fender's history of innovation translated to the world of strings. Fender engineers sought to remedy this situation in the early 1970s by designing a new string end that optimized contact with the bridge. Be the first to know about new products, featured content, exclusive offers and giveaways. Everything you need to know about Fender's collection of electric guitar strings. Also resistant to corrosion, so they will last a long time. I got an earful from one of the latter-generation owners about strings, how few manufacturing facilities for them exist in the U.S., how close one of them was to where we were sitting, and a quick tour of the OEM-only ordering web site. Specifically, Fender engineers of the early 1970s were aware that the standard ball-end string design that had prevailed until then presented very specific tuning problems, especially on tremolo-equipped guitars. The string design was specifically made for Stratocaster guitars because the Bullet ends fit far more precisely into the tremolo block, closely fitting the circumference of the string channel, adding sustain. I have some fender 150 pure nickel strings with those colours. My Agile AL3K came stock with GHS strings (according to the site), and they had the colored ball ends like that. And, the only place you can get them is from Fender. Generally, lighter gauge strings are easier to play, brighter, allow you to bend strings and fret notes easier, and exert less tension on your guitar's neck. This fit isn't the most optimal form of contact between the end of the string and the bridge. Because electric guitar strings are made out of steel, they contain iron, which corrodes when exposed to oxygen. Copyright ©2020. sonic blue, fiesta red, sea foam green etc. The problem is that when the string returns to tension, it might or might not be seated against the bridge exactly as it was before, which means there's a pretty good chance that it will be slightly out of tune. Fender offers strings with ball ends and Bullet ends. The best way to find out which is best for you is to try several types before you pinpoint your favorite. And when it comes to Fender electric guitar strings, there are a lot of factors to consider as you decide which set to purchase, such as the musical genre you want to play, how often you play and your guitar's scale. Are they D'Addario, Gibson or something else? - You are having trouble staying in tune. - Vintage Nickel: A little more warmth than nickel-plated steel. Crane. The good thing about having a variety of strings for your electric guitar is that you have options. The dealer (Wildwood) did a set up before it shipped and I'm wondering if they changed the strings as part of the set up. This creates a small V-shaped area of "slack" fit in the two places where the wire loops around the ball. As a rule of thumb, if you want to play fast leads and chords, light gauges may be the way to go (metal players with a preference for drop-D tuning would still need a heavy gauge for the lower strings or wound strings). Lots of blues and rock guitarists land on medium gauges that offer the benefits of both worlds, while jazz guitarists who don't bend a lot of notes tend to use heavy gauges, sometime with a wound G string. Embedded content: There was no loop and hence no slack, and the business end of the bullet made tighter and more uniformly solid contact with the bridge. Fender has there own set of colored ball end strings and depending on availability at the factory where the guitar is made they use either the bullets or the colored ball end strings. Then, when "diving" the tremolo, tension on the bridge end of the string is briefly released, causing the slack area to attempt to spring back to its original un-bent position, only to "re-bend" when bending the string again. The core refers to the center of the string, with windings going around it to create larger, wound strings. Wilwood is a Fender Custom shop dealer too...I am sure that they put Fender 250 strings. Further, the nature of the precision-machined bullet-end design meant that the string returned to the exact same position every time, greatly improving tuning stability even after heavy tremolo use. The dealer must've changed them. Fender offers strings with ball ends and Bullet ends. On the other hand, lighter gauges offer less sustain and volume, and can break more regularly. Still, the increased size adds more tension and can be more difficult to bend and fret. Those aren't the colors D'addarios come, unless those are customized for Gibson. There is no doubt that strings greatly affect the tone and playability of your electric guitar. Dec 10, 2011 #10 Wilwood is a Fender Custom shop dealer too...I am sure that they put Fender 250 strings.

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