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0 h�b```a``����" ���� » Starting & Managing » Managing a Business » Forms » Small Business Forms » 8(a) Business Development Forms » 8(a) Business Development (BD) … GUIDELINES FOR FILLING UP THE APPLICATION FORM-8A General Instructions Who can file Form-8A 1. %%EOF FORM-8A Acknowledgement No._____ (See Rules 13(4) and 26) of Registration of Electors Rule-1960 (To be filled by office) Application for Transposition of Entry in Electoral Roll (in case of Shifting from One Place of Residence to Another Place of Residence within Same Constituency ) Form 8A: Application (Divorce) (page 2) Court File Number THIS CASE IS A JOINT APPLICATION FOR DIVORCE. :��*z�HŠBR1*���I�Uį�*i��U�(c�Q�5d�JN�@Q%R&��WVG�e�u*�/G�Kʆ�n2�&RY��Ve�lYe���Fe��ux&�N*ïD(JT��e���"�FtI�z�����}�ήF����u�|[�;^�}w6Rf{���ގ2���bg~�O�`���{q:>_|Qޚnot��_|iM�}3۲x8�]��tw8�,vw��ʖ�N�0U�S��4�/{�B�t����������?8�uot9�K�i����?ۙ\\�JwFߚO&����_p�}�Ȏ��׋��{�nloky��O��i̷���9�Â8����E��B�V�;����v�3* ����jE�a�* ���&r�� 7�P�X��Ft:����2{@C��V("? When Form-8A can be filed 1. %PDF-1.6 %����

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