. . will show . . (I studied Chinese in Germany.) 1. .9. . Alice greeted me with a smile. .had heard 3. had told . does it take to get to the airport? . . Make a list of ten or so things you are going to buy. Is it similar, the same B: It's a little similar, like mine, but not exactly 9. PAST subject coffee? 3. 3. 60 ANSWER KEY Chapter 3 are borrowing . . . . 8. A: I don't hear anyone on the other end of the phone. A: This morning. PART I: Use the SIMPLE PRESENT with: d collect grow Pay eat 1. 12. When I failed to get the new job, I was sad and depressed. . Example: Carol is just recovering from the flu and tires easily. With two t's. Every time I go to a movie, I buy popcorn. (be w&d that, be sure that) Did you really fail your chemistry course? Tom borrowed my books. c< Of course I do. My last ii Lopez. 3. . Comprehensive, corpus-informed grammar syllabus * The verb-tense system, modals, gerunds, and infinitives. A: Are you two arguing each other your in-laws again? If I'm 266 0 using a pen, I cross the mistake by drawing a line through it. How is that possible? . Look geometry. B. the other C. the others 1. Pages 412 . basement before dark. You'd better buy the tickets for the show soon. 6. A : Does this watch belong B : Yes. (He is playing tennis with Anna.) A: Do you think it's bad that I drink so much coffee every day? In a cafeteria, people walk through a section of the restaurant and pick up their food. form of be subject rest of sentence form of be subject rest of sentence 9. . have 6. is prepared . B 5. . Maybe we could even take one out for a test drive. Susan was surprised. 7. . Our apartment building has basement. a hamburger for lunch? People paint houses for a living are called house painters. Wliere h Joe's parents live ? . The book is really . Past Time 0.33 another in a few hours.) . . B: I borrowed it my neighbor. 6. rent as soon as I get my paycheck. 6. . A: Are you afraid another diasaster like the one at Chernobyl might occur? feed the animals D. not . backs = 15. pages = page + /az/ 16. horses = horse + / a z / 17. glasses = glass + / a z / 18. places = place + Iazl 19. prices = price + / a z / 20. prizes = prize + / a z / 0 PRACTICE 4-GUIDED STUDY: Plural nouns. I keep (put) A: Why? didn't know.. . They are very helpful. Tfk coffee was hot. 5. 1. used to go 2. am used to going!am accustomed to going 3. used to eat 4. is used to growinglis accustomed to growing 5. is used to eatinglis accustomed to eating 6. used to have. B: Eight. 2. + Sam answered the phone that was tinging. I put my book down and turned off the light. ACTIVE PASSIVE The letter was written by Sara. . Nick invited I, me to go to dinner with he, him. . My ne hew is less . . It looks almost exactly like, alike mine, doesn't it? it. Don't fight. Six thousand can be felt by humans. A: Do you know Jack Young? B: Yes. . I learn , new vocabulary every day. Are you certain that Mr. McVay won't be here tomorrow? That's fine. (Chart 5-2) Directions: Complete the sentences with COULD or COULDN'T and your own words. I asked some questions. I drank water. . 2. Will you help me the introductions? . I must 0 PRACTICE 3-SELFSTLIDY solve remember to do that. ... . 8. . . You almost had an accident because you weren't paying attention to your driving. . . 1. 1. The next person paid his ticket only after they assured him that he could have a seat over the wing, which he felt was the safest location on the airplane. 11. . The Workbook consists of self-study exercises, with answers included, providing students with the opportunity to explore and practice grammar independently. . For example: I thanked the man who helped me. . Call your friend Pierre if you want to know how many French francs (there, in one U.S. dollar. . 12. . . The table has a white tablecloth and a vase of blue flowers. She has own book. I love having animals around. Correct any errors. If the teacher is on time, the class begins at 8:00 A.M. Once in a while, the teacher is a few mintues late. The boss wants me to finish my report before I go on vacation, but I probably don't have time. H a she ever given you a ride home since she started working in your department? .. will 0 A: must 0 . cafe around - corner from the First National Bank. - B: I '? 9. . Did she tell you? Geese are like 0 ducks. . Several exercises give the student practice for diagramming along with the other subjects mentioned above. Jane and Greg are engaged. . File Size : 22.7 MB I "whoosh!" (a*) We'll call you. . . . 3. dangerous Whatk mme dangerous than riding a motorcycle without a helmet? 1. speaker gave 20. A: How B: About four miles. "He's in the lunch room," I replied. 3. . I know Jack well. SINGULAR 1. mouse 2. pocket PLURAL mice p0cfietS SINGULAR PLURAL 9. duty 10. highway 3. teeth 11. Short sentence 2: a gray suit. I know a man. 10. . Shoo!" Pronunciation: stopped = stop + /t/ ("stopt"); talked = talk + It/ ("talkt"). 2. 5. 2. Maybe the pay will be better than at the Bistro. two hours 2. 2. A: (you, ever) 2. talk A: (you, ever) B: Yes, I No, I to a famous person? . .I . 5. newspaper articles page numbers paper money apartment buildings key chains 6. city governments 7. duck ponds 8. shoulder pads 9. pocket knives 10. traffic lights 0 PRAC'TICE 12, p. 66. 8. can be to read. . My friend told me that he had a singing dog. I live far away from the school, so it takes me a long time to get here every morning. What am I going to do? 26. It's delicious. + Heights, p0;Smus makes, and guns make me feel afraici: 1. 13. that. Mrs. Silverman said to her son, "Don't go near the water! . 3. 2. A: How B: A lot. A: Anna wants to look at your grammar book. Elephants are big animals. MARIA: Business. Monday 10. 2. a pool/a lake 3. an elephant's neck/a giraffe's neck 4. sunlight/moonlight 5. ironlwood 6. walking/~nning 7. riverlstream 8. rubberlwood 9. nothindsitting in a garden on a quiet summer day .lo. I wish he here. 1. . A: Can I use this afternoon? 4. B. who(m) C. which drew my picture is very good. . I tried, (impossible) solve the math problem. The food they ate at the cafe was delicious. . I have three classes on monday. 1. m e . 4. a big fish? . I think I have enough information for the assignment. Dan is considering (get) a new roommate. I don't have a word processor. classsix times last term. Directians: Switch roles. Example: Jack has to go to work early tomorrow. I read about one scientist who mes to predict earthquakes by reading the daily newspaper's lost-and-found ads for lost pets.

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