Link: Danny's advice page. These 8 ESL role plays are designed to challenge learners at ILR (International Language Roundtable) Level 1 or 2. The difference between these levels is the degree of resistance created by the t ... A good and extensive list of practical expressions, using three uses (informal, less formal and formal). This worksheet is about conversation on telling how a person feels and giving reasons for feeling so and making suggestions on how to make the person feel better. What about having a cup of coffee with me? We can use imperative verbs + '-ing' to give advice. Giving advice using the phrases “had better” and “would rather” is a very specific and important aspect of advanced English grammar. This is a power point presentation showing some problems we normally have. We use cookies to enhance your experience. Introduction. Easy to put in use, as long as the majority of the expressions is for classroom use. Generate double puzzles your students will love - hours of fun! Instantly create custom word/sentence scrambles for your class! Consider switching to brown bread and rice. Students can learn the different usages of "will" such as making an offer, prediction, planning and also spontaneous decisions. This is the 5th part of my set about Reported speech. Downloadable worksheets: LET´S PRACTISE REPORTED SPEECH! Let’s have dinner together. :) Please wait until page is refreshed! Giving Advice and Suggestions in English – There are various kinds of expressions that you can learn in English, for example the expressions giving advice and suggestions. Perfect for intermediate level and up. In this worksheet, students have to pick the appropriate word to fill the gap in this conversation between a travel agent and customer. Tape a problem to the back of each students. Students then write a li st of ten things that they would ask advice for, e.g. a low GPA, a broken heart, etc. Title: Microsoft Word - Lesson Plan 04 - Making Suggestions - Outline.doc Author: Ananda Mahto Created Date: 12/11/2003 13:32:29 'Why don't you...? Goes out to 323,134 subscribers every Wednesday. Here are some common phrases and expressions you can use when making suggestions and giving advice in English: Making suggestions and giving advice: You should try to learn English everyday. You ___ to leave as soon as you can. Or you can make them act it ... Hello :) this worksheet was prepared to practice "will". A collection of English ESL worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about giving, advice, giving advice Sometimes you also need to add a Wh-word. I made this to review with 2nd Program of the ESO. Advice and Suggestions. 1. Difference 'What about..? Asking For and Giving Advice. Each of you has different ideas, so you need to agree on a plan. sickness exercise. You’d better wake up early. You might already know about that subject matter. I’ve been offered my dream job. Next, students write mini-dialogues, asking for and giving advice on their ten topics. I think you should go home early. Perhaps it is not such a bad idea to ask your students to look back and recall what they have done so far and provide you with some feedback. This lesson plan starts with a semi-serious dialogue focusing on will for predictions/promises and giving advice with should, have to and... Paulista Avenue (should/can for giving suggestions). This worksheet was created to help students practice the use of had better. Target skill: Giving advice. I don’t think you should goto school today. There are six situations which should be solved by the students. Then click 'Hide / Show "You"'. This is a worksheet for intermediate students to respond and practice complaining. and 'Perhaps you should...'). You’d better wake up early. This mind map shows students what modals are used to express. The school year is almost over. English Exercises > exercises. Giving advice and making suggestions are two different language functions, but in real life they often go together. Here you can find two pages of questions for speaking activity in your class, to discuss how people ask for help and what their reactions are in everyday situations. This is your chance to link both of them and engage your students! Then try the free exercises in Part 2. It hel ... Help 6th formers put their survival vocabulary and critical thinking skills into practice by using this webquest. Should There are ... 4 unusual and fun situations for students to role play. and 'How about' are contextualized and explained in a colourful dyslexic-reader-friendly dialogue.... READING COMPREHENSION: THE FORTUNE TELLER. Other teachers will definitely appreciate your hard work. You shouldn’t drivetoo fast. This worksheet includes spotting idioms and phrases, answering questions, filling in the blanks and circling the correct word ... Irregular Verb Resources: 21 Fantastic Exercises, Health Problems - Vocabulary and Recommendations (modals), Imagined Dialogues to Practise Making Suggestions, Travel Agent/Customer Gap-fill Exercise/ Role-play, Suggestions - Going to the Drugstore (Speaking Activity), Survival Webquest for 6th Form Esl Students, Speaking Activity 2º ESO [Making Suggestions, Agreeing/Disagreeing], TV Series Worksheet: Flashforward Episode 1.

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