At higher levels they could grant sentience and agency to plants. It can be an interesting way to see her interact with her Mother- That at her lowest and when things are going the worst, the solution she sees to push herself out of trouble, is to evoke her mother’s Classpect. I will post all works separately. You can’t die by breathing out or lack of breathing, Replacement- you can regrow limbs (fingers, toes, arms, legs). All posts.

They’d probably be a completely wild mix of animals or plants, never being fully one thing. Hope you guys will like it xoxo This was commissioned by @shelflovecrate and the character is from Throne of glass series by @sjmaas.

And a good 413 to all you Homestucks! Either he or his advisors then chose Jane Grey, well-educated and fervently Protestant, as the most suitable heir. An Heir of Life would either have the ability to manipulate Life, protect themself/be protected by Life, be consumed by Life, become Life, be surrounded by Life, or inherit/receive Life. Think something like Plants vs Zombies, with all plants have their own unique forms. Despite the obsession of both Henry VIII and later Edward with “heirs male,” nine of the ten were women. His two sisters were both supposedly illegitimate: Mary, daughter of Henry’s first wife Katherine of Aragon, was 37; Elizabeth, the daughter of his second wife Anne Boleyn, was 19, almost 20. (The historical discourse about the Tudors and popular interest in their dynasty are also dominated by the women who married or were born into it. 3 reminds us that equality for all sides creates the strongest structures.

And a good 413 to all you Homestucks! The Heir of Life adapts to suit their environment. there are dangerous thugs here! Flower trents, mushroom butlers, everything is ready and raring to help the Heir out. However, there is more to it than it meets the eye. Margaret Douglas was the only surviving child of Margaret Tudor, the elder sister of Henry VIII; like Lady Mary, she was 37. Being abandoned by her Pa, she has grown resentful of him, and wants that validation, that attention, and it makes her pursue being more like A. Claire. I’m super excited. At lower levels, the lower the health the greater the adaptations. Heir of Blood-A god tiered Heir of Blood would embody what it is to … Within months, however, it became obvious that Edward was dying. Character is from Throne of glass series by @sjmaas. Their own instincts and emotions would give them greater grasp over their evolution. Especially if it doesn’t have my signature on it. She’s playing the role of a Light Player like her Mother was, with the Dance and the references to Light, and her mother obviously had something to do with the Portal, so perhaps even the situation in which she’s going to Alternia mirrors what may have happened to her mother in the past. On top of that, Byers, the Deercat, in a way even her Heirloom, these may be seen as her Familiars- Heirs being part of the Magician Classes, they have been tied strongly to things such as Familiars. They would probably have a habit of just following them around or showing up when they want them. See, Joey has a bunch of references to Maidenhood, and a lot of references to Light. You can’t die by breathing out or lack of breathing, Replacement- you can regrow limbs (fingers, toes, arms, legs), GUYS I ASKED MY SISTER TO READ TOG SERIES JUST SO SHE COULD DRAW THIS HEIR OF FIRE DELETED SCENE. Joey has to draw attention to herself during the game, she has to restore the light, she has to power up a flashlight, but ultimately? The Heir of Life is skilled at fostering and guiding growth, nature adapting to their needs and will.

ahhh~ what to do…”, here she is guys, Borte  One who inherits vitality, growth, and evolution. Growing gills when drowning rather than before, for instance. Quote. Equius (as well as his ancestor) was given the ability to not be noticed, which can be seen as an effective form of protection. I hope you find someone you can’t live without. the quest/challenge is to find his way underground to the forest, wake the denizen, spur massive flora overgrowth, and chase off the invaders. The Heir of Life is skilled at fostering and guiding growth, nature adapting to their needs and will.
Edward made changes to the succession before his death. Besides, with John as the protagonist of Homestuck, it’d be interesting to have another Heir be a protagonist. First of all we have the obvious tie of Joey and her Heirloom, but on top of that you could say that Joey is inheriting her mother’s Life. smash some baddies with this explosive drumstick. On top of that, Change is a big thing with Joey- From literally having her Life Changed by being sent to Alternia, Changing Xefros’ Life, trying to bring a positive Change to Alternia by empowering and giving agency to Xefros and the rebel group, Changing the Health of animals for their benefit- She even feeds Byers to make him calm down, tying her back to Life again with consumption! (well female heirs and Darnley).

Mary of Scots, Margaret Tudor’s granddaughter by her son James, was just ten that summer. When the king fell ill, the Grey sisters were all hurriedly married or betrothed in hopes that one of them would produce a son. Life- major themes of life force, opportunity, vigor, growth, and luxury. you are a YOUTUBER with a GAMING channel. Mituna Captor was also said to have lost his psychic powers (and possibly part of his sanity) while protecting his friends from an imminent disaster.Their placement on the passive–active scale is unknown; if they are active (-), they may be the counterpart to any of the classes of Maid, Knight, Sylph, Witch, or Page. Life players typically have a very experimental and curious mindset, for example, Meenah contemplating concepts such as the ability to “double die”, as well as wanting to stab Roxy with her 2x3dent just to see what would happen. Hurray for obnoxiously long posts. I do not do class analyses myself, nor do I take requests about sessions, relationships, fan trolls/kids, fan session, weapons, lands, fights, etc of any kind. They’re basically a disney princess. I’m ashamed to admit that I have not read Kingdom of Ash yet I started it and had no time to finish it this piece was commissioned by @itsafangirlfantasyhope that you guys will like this piece. Perhaps there’s some irony in that, too.) Life- major themes of life force, opportunity, vigor, growth, and luxury. They would probably have a habit of just following them around or showing up when they want them. Audio. A beneficiary need not be an heir: a friend, a long-term partner, a stepchild, or a charity can be a beneficiary. They passively manipulate their aspect. One who inherits vitality, growth, and evolution. They would be able to regenerate any and all wounds caused on them or on nearby teammates, even bringing themselves back to life.

After the decades-long obsession of Tudor kings with dynastic stability and legitimate male heirs, Tudor queens ruled England for half a century, and most of that time was peaceful and prosperous.

Kiera Cass, The Selection (The Selection #1). also: all these women (or most of them at least) have super interesting and complicated life stories so check it out, arguably the other Grey girls lived more interesting rules idek.

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