If you are subscribed to Hopsy Beer Club, there’s no reason to keep reusing a TORP for too long anyways since replacement empty TORPs should be abundant! Difficult to tell.

:). My concern would be if the bladder gets too brittle at that low of a temperature? I finished my first torp, and thanks to your great pictures and directions, easily opened the torp, blew air into it to re-expand, and washed out with water.

To open up an empty TORP, pop off the rotatable black collar that sits at the top of the neck of the TORP, just below the spout tube.

From a room temperature Torp, it takes about 6 hours for the light to turn green.
I’ve done this with Growlers, and all kinds of shapes and sizes of bottles. Best way is to fill and rinse the TORPs out with water, 4 times.

When the tap handle is returned to its resting position, the tap mechanism pulls the coupler back and closes the valve.

I found that works a bit easier than after the tubing assembly is out. of beer.

Pro-tip: If you successfully transfer your favorite local craft beer from the growler into an empty TORP in one fell swoop, you retain most of the carbonation. Hopsy Beer Talk. Their beer subscription service allows the subscriber to receive a set number of beer TORPs every month.

Cheers. If it does, I’ll carbonate it first, then use that for the refill. Be careful not to damage the cap as it may compromise the seal on the TORP, which is why a seafood fork works best. 2. Will need to work on the guide this upcoming weekend, need to find a thread gauge first. Any suggestions on how to obtain torps? Hopsy partners directly with local microbreweries and delivers fresh craft beer to the home, providing unprecedented access to small beer batches typically available only on tap at the breweries themselves. List Price: … Oregon has some fantastic breweries!

I’m stumped. Getting a box of 4 TORPs with my beer of choice for $75 that includes tax & shipping, about $18.75 gross cost per TORP (Hopsy Beer Club pricing), is actually more cost effective than refilling TORPs in my case and I don’t have to deal with the hassle / mess. So isn’t oxidation an issue? When a TORP is loaded into a SUB, it is chilled until it reaches nominal drinking temperature, approximately 36° F, indicative of the power button turning green from red. Get Directions (909) 929-2722. Great customer service.

Just like any other subscription service, this can be postponed, changed or canceled at anytime. The bladder inside a TORP that stores the beer compresses and contracts as the SUB pumps air in the hollow space around it very time you pour a glass, effectively crushing the bladder. Hey Helmut, appreciate the comment. To get the local craft beer of your choice that’s not available from Hopsy into the SUB for that perfect cold pour! Do you mean homebrew that has been sugar primed like in the bottling process?

Perhaps water got in via the lower valve.
Theme created by PWT. Every time you pour a glass of beer, the compressor activates and injects compressed air into the hollow cavity inside the TORP, between the outer shell and beer bladder. Warning. I reinflate the bladder through the existing tubing assembly before removing it.

The great thing about Hopsy here in the USA is we can sample different craft beer from different part of the country (participating brewers at least), something that we couldn’t do before without having to actually traveling to the brewery.

4 pints of fresh craft beer per mini-keg FRESHER LONGER. If you do not blow air into it to expand the bladder, then you can probably fill 1/3 of a 64 oz.

Make sure the bladder is fully inflated to ensure sufficient cleaning. Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

Rancho Cucamonga 10002 6th St, Ste A Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730. About 3/4 done with the 2L fill and I started getting a lot of foam coming out of the torp. Thanks for your article. Thank you. Get Directions (909) 929-2722.

You will need to do this to expand the beer bladder so it’s back to full capacity.

Purchased a sub through hopsy. I just saw the post of their email on Reddit. https://global.the-sub.com perhaps the international iSub community will acquire the US distribution rights. Thanks again Kevin for the tip! As above, the UK distributor for these is Heineken who have a selection of some generic lagers as well as some more ‘exotic’ beers and a selection of Belgian/ Dutch and German beers (https://uk.the-sub.com/) I note that Hopsy don’t deliver internationally and Heineken only offer in Europe so perhaps one day both options will be available internationally? Cool. The TORP bottle should now be fully exposed. glass growlers and in TORPs, a two-liter container meant to be tapped in THE SUB , the draft home tap appliance manufactured by Krups .

Anyone seen one? Hopsy is a subscription service coupled to an ingenious piece of hardware that bridges the divide between the mundane six-pack experience and the, often difficult to sell, kegerator experience. Have a clean torp and will try a Growler today.

Sunday to Thursday: 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.Friday to Saturday: 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Thursday: 5:00pm–10:00pm Friday: 4:00pm–12:00pmSaturday: 11:00am–12:00am Sunday: 11:00am–10:00pm, Wednesday - Saturday 12pm - 10pm | Sunday 12pm - 6pm, Heroes Restaurant & Brewery3397 Mission Inn AveRiverside, California 92501, Monday-Friday: 10:30am-CloseSaturday: 10am-CloseSunday: 9am-Close.

More breweries will be added to the selection very soon. Hopsy requires someone over 21 to sign for the beers, and that isn’t an option. This is how a TORP stays pressurized. Would be awseome to have a youtube video.

I received a Sub for Christmas; the Heineken edition as they are the distributors of this in the UK and for the most part your guide is clear and understandable but I have a couple of questions more on some of the terminologies used here if you can help?

2L OF BEER. Got my first 6 pack of Torps Delivered yesterday (Indianapolis In.

Hello and thank you for the guide, definitely given me something to think about. Likely an internal part was defective and jammed the valve.

Home > Brewery List. I will need to buy one to do this part.

In order to re-inflate the internal bladder, in Step 5, simply insert the Torp backwards into the Sub, and push it in using your hand.

Thank you so much for this guide. Next, take the fork end of a seafood fork, position it vertically and carefully jam one of the pointy ends between the white plastic cap (where the tube comes out of) and the neck of the TORP. Cheers!

2 – Are Growlers refillable bottles you get from craft breweries, are they fizzy already or still/ flat beer? 2) The tiny wrench that comes with a Dremel or other rotary tools to change out the bits works perfectly as a tool to remove the tubing assembly. It never showed up until yesterday. This is an awesome guide!

Any thoughts on getting beer out of a torp short of using the instructions above to open up the top, then maybe pour into a growler? Had hard time to find who has patent for this TORP design? As mentioned in the post, the only reasons I’d refill a TORP are to enjoy brews that are not available through Hopsy in the SUB, and to be able to run to the local brewery and refill empty TORPs on standby so the tap doesn’t run dry during a party, not necessarily to save a measly few dollars. If you made a short video of this on YouTube, that would be awesome!

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