Powered by WordPress. Hot cross buns! Hot Cross Buns through Paganism, Christianity and Superstition. 2 eggs After the buns are. Form each piece into a bun by rolling between your hands. One thing we know for sure is that it began in England. Put in the oven on the middle rack and cook for about 12 minutes. Hot cross buns! Here’s my recipe to make the hot cross buns in the picture. Easier and more fun is making one traditional holiday food. Identity Politics vs. Transactional Politics. The not-so-Christian roots of hot cross buns — with a recipe. currants — an ingredient unknown to Americans except in its fellow British baked good, the scone; often candied fruit — the same atrocity that makes fruitcakes wildly unpopular (I make mine without, if you hadn’t guessed); a lack of sweetness — there’s some but not much; the spice flavors are dominant; and of course most obviously, the big honkin’ cross on the top of it, usually made of white icing. For traditional white frosting, whisk together 1t of milk and 3T powdered sugar. When and why, though, is its first mystery. The cross represented the rebirth of the world after winter and the four quarters of the moon, as well as the four seasons and the wheel of life. But they are certainly well-attested in the medieval period, where they were associated with Easter, and were particularly eaten on Good Friday, because of the association with the crucifixion.”Alan Davidson, author of ‘Oxford Companion to Food’ said: “The Saxons ate buns marked with a cross in honour of the goddess of light, Ēostre, whose name was transferred to Easter.”, In ‘An A to Z of Food & Drink’ John Ayto wrote: “The practice of eating special small cakes at the time of the Spring festival seems to date back at least to the ancient Greeks, but the English custom of eating spiced buns on Good Friday was perhaps institutionalized in Tudor times, when a London bylaw was introduced forbidding the sale of such buns except on Good Friday, at Christmas, and at burials.”Revd Dr Andrew McGowan of the University of Melbourne said: “There were breads marked with cross-shapes in the ancient world, allowing diners to easily divide loaves into four pieces.”, Rowan Strong said: “Cross buns were definitely a part of the customs by which Christian beliefs entered into the homes and domestic cultures of Christians through the Middle Ages, so that Christianity was not just something that happened in church, but was part of a living Christian culture, associated with the round of the Christian year and the sacred seasons.“There are other examples of this too – fish on Fridays, pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Warm 1/4 cup of milk. Copyright Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archive – posted with permission. Hot cross buns! He said: “Some speculate [hot cross buns] may have had their origins in pagan customs which Christians took over. Plenty of people cook like that too, but I like to approximate and taste and adjust. But these customs underwent a massive reduction in the Reformation, as they were labelled superstitious by the reformers.“Some have survived, like hot cross buns, only to be shorn of their Christian meaning with the growth of secular culture.”Revd McGowen said that the cross: “Was certainly a specific addition to remind eaters of the cross of Jesus.”. The pagan Saxons would bake cross buns at the beginning of spring in honour of the goddess Eostre – most likely being the origin of the name Easter. It is thought to be the first reference to ‘cross bun’. Also, send me the Progressive Christian Newsletter and special offers. Videos and recipes here. Please also opt me in for Exclusive Offers from Patheos’s Partners, TRENDING AT PATHEOS Progressive Christian. Form the dough into a ball, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and leave at room temperature for 2 hours — the dough should double in size. It’s a simple spiced bread. Not as in “Dancing with . Though it’s stressful to prepare a meal for 50 people, it’s deeply satisfying to provide for others. 1 teaspoon sugar, 3 cups all purpose flour Irish bride performs beautiful song at her wedding, Two Irishmen meet by chance and play most amazing piano duet you’ve ever heard. Thanks! And since they’re from England, they have currents, which are less sweet and juicy than raisins and so also seem less decadent. Two ha’ penny, The origins are shrouded in mystery and so very difficult to say for sure what, if anything, the cross originally symbolised.It is likely that what we now know as hot cross buns pre-dated Christianity and was used by several other cultures throughout history. ), Note that English-speaking countries call this holiday Easter and modern Germans retain Ostern, but all the Romance languages use a variation on Pascha, a Latinization of the Hebrew Pesach. 1/2 teaspoon cardamom 1/2 cup warm milk In most cases, you measure and mix everything precisely. When archaeologists excavated the ancient city of Herculaneum in south-western Italy, which had been buried under volcanic ash and lava since 79 C.E., they found two small loaves, each with a cross on it, among the ruins.”Rowan Strong is the Associate Professor of Church History at Murdoch University. All the work is up front; there’s no tasting and adjusting when it’s in the oven. They can be made a bit in advance (but not more than a day or they’ll start to get stale; and they travel well (as long as you protect the icing). (By the way, to any scholars out there, I know the specifics of Eostre’s roots are disputed, and mostly based only on the unreliable history written by St. Bede, but the link between Easter, Eostre, Hausos, Spring and new life, bunnies and eggs, seems pretty solid. Your email address will not be published. Baking is chemistry. Sailors took leaves of it on their voyages to prevent shipwreck, and a Good Friday loaf was often buried in a heap of corn to protect it from rats, mice, and weevils. Stir in 1t of sugar and sprinkle in the package of yeast. If you’ve never made them, my recipe here is a straightforward one to get started with. (See the posts on my Shrove Tuesday pancake alternative, and Hanukkah latkes.) One theory is that the Hot Cross Bun originates from St Albans, in England, where Brother Thomas Rodcliffe, a 14th-century monk at St Albans Abbey, developed a similar recipe called an 'Alban Bun' and distributed the bun to the local poor on Good Friday, starting in 1361. 2 teaspoons grated orange zest, 1 teaspoon milk3 to 5 tablespoons powdered sugar==OR, instead of milk and sugar==white chocolate chips. But in reality, they probably have pre-Christian origins. Your email address will not be published. I suspect that’s a self-fulfilling prophesy, but why not play it safe. Baking and cooking, at least the way I cook, are different. Hot cross buns became commemorations of Good Friday, and across Christendom the cross came to represent the crucifixion and the spices symbolised those used to embalm Jesus at his burial. • Kelly Monroe Kullberg is back in blackface: "With Election Looming, Astroturfing... Hey everyone!!! You can see all my Lent-themed pieces together at patheos.com/blogs/philfoxrose/tag/lent/. Get updates from On the Way delivered straight to your inbox, My homemade batch of hot cross buns (with too-runny icing — see recipe below) © 2012 Phil Fox Rose. A compromise was struck by Queen Elizabeth I, allowing them to be sold, but only during Christmas and Easter. Despite its pagan roots, the hot cross bun became so entrenched as a symbol of English Catholicness that when the Protestants took power they actually banned the bun. For the record, these hot cross buns, because they’re intentionally not that sweet, are only 165 calories each, which is less than some of the “light” ones I’ve seen. Knead until well mixed; knead in an additional tablespoon of flour until the dough doesn’t stick to your fingers or the bowl. I just never got a feel for baking.

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