Fact: Although some medical advances promise to increase the human life span, such efforts will not lead to everlasting life. What about you? It's tempting to think like Moses that God must have gotten the wrong address, that this trial couldn't have been intended for your doorstep. * (Psalm 37:29) Jesus said: “God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life.” (John 3:​16) Note that more is required than simply believing in Jesus. How Should a Christian Deal With the Coronavirus Pandemic? Please let us know if you have suggestions for future articles, and let us know any questions you would like answered. What you choose to say at the end of your life isn’t the most important thing in the world. Misconception: Human efforts will result in everlasting life. That's why God has designed us to live with others in a community of love. For many who are caught in the consequences of bad life choices, tomorrow seems to have no hope. It’s curious how curiosity can bring out the best and worst in us. How do we live the life Jesus wants? Peter is saying something very powerful here. It's easy to let go of good and godly personal spiritual habits. Guards Backsliding Stewardship Commitment Trustworthiness eternal life, experience of Protection From Danger. What about your most important life choice? In troubling times we often turn to God, but do we pray for the things that will help us cope? It's deeper than being respectful or mannerly. Learn about God and his Son, Jesus. It's easy to think that no one understands what you are going through. The challenges and difficulties of this way of life are designed to help us grow to have Jesus Christ’s mind and the character of God. We can be thankful God’s emotions are under control, and this Bible study on emotions explores how we can grow in godly emotional control. That little boy who lost his father to divorce needs God's love. By practicing Christian living, we will demonstrate the values that Christ has and the love He shows. .” (v. 4, GNT). What can we do when we feel drained, numb or burned-out? It's something more than cultural niceness. But Peter reminds us that they're tools of refinement in the hands of a loving Redeemer intent on completing in us what he's begun. This vision has led Paul to write 13 books on Christian living and travel around the world preaching and teaching. Paul David Tripp is a pastor, author, and international conference speaker. Some believe that no matter how bad their thoughts are, there’s no harm if they don’t act on them. For more information, watch the video What Happens at a Bible Study? It isn't about romantic affection. The Christian has been set apart to God and is therefore “holy” unto the Lord. What does the Bible reveal about the way of peace, and how can we live that way? But the Bible shows it’s not just a nice characteristic—it’s one that’s essential to please God. Above all, Jesus wants us to apologize and seek forgiveness from both God and those we have sinned against (Matthew 5:22-24). God calls Christians to follow Christ and be lights to the world. Does fantasy really not hurt anyone? But for Christians the need to manage time is even more urgent. God’s way of living has great benefits for this life and offers “pleasures forevermore” in the next (1 Timothy 4:8 If not, you can tap into life-changing gems of knowledge that lead to genuine joy and contentment. Jesus came to give His followers an abundant life—full of purpose, potential and joy. We are shaped by our choices, and some have life-or-death consequences. What we say on the Internet says a lot about us. All Scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the New King James Version (© 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.). The Bible gives vital details about the challenges and benefits of this Highway of Holiness. After 2020 election, where do we go from here? Growing up, boys are often told that big boys don’t cry. This community of love gives us hope and strength. What is that will, and who today are teaching others about it? Why is it so hard to find? Moreover, those who live forever will continue to learn new things about their Creator and his vast creative works. Jesus came to earth “to minister and to give his life as a ransom.” (Matthew 20:28) Jesus’ ransom sacrifice opened the way for humans to live forever in Paradise on earth. He will never die, and he wants his friends to live forever as well. ). The Bible provides an answer and a reason that may surprise you! FOMO can be crippling if you don’t have a battle plan ready. It's easy to get discouraged. How can we keep God’s instruction to “fear not”? Humility isn’t valued very highly today. The Bible promises: “The person who does what God wants lives forever.” (1 John 2:​17, Holy Bible​—Easy-to-Read Version) What does God want you to do? Misconception: Only people of certain races will live forever. Build a strong friendship with God. What is success, and how do we reach it? That mom overwhelmed with her parenting responsibilities needs God's love. The world is awash in religious information but floundering when it comes to developing spiritual discernment. How can we avoid burnout? The benefits are priceless. No one, including pastors, is wired to live outside this community. God wants us to draw close to him and become his friend. What can we do to reorient our lives to deal with busyness? ^ par. When things go wrong, when plans fail and people let us down, how can we deal with disappointment? It's easy to look over the fence and yield to debilitating envy. As Peter summarizes what God is doing here and now, he uses three words: "suffer, grief, and trial."

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