D1776 Practice for Conditioning and Testing Textiles, D6799 Terminology Relating to Inflatable Restraints, E145 Specification for Gravity-Convection and Forced-Ventilation Ovens, ICS Number Code 43.040.80 (Crash protection systems and restraint systems); 59.080.30 (Textile fabrics), ASTM D5427-09(2019), Standard Practice for Accelerated Aging of Inflatable Restraint Fabrics, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2019, www.astm.org. Considerable timescales (months or years) are often involved, which for material qualification and design purposes is impractical. 5.3 Some users of this test method will be most interested in the performance of the bonded joint; some will be most interested in the performance of the adhesive. Shortening the lifetime of an EIS to such an extent, allows for the study of the insulation materials behavior as well as investigate ways to estimate the remaining useful life (RUL) for the purpose of predictive maintenance. In this maximum allowed temperature. premature failure. The challenge remains to design AA approaches that, age the materials in such a way that closely mimics the real, experiments do not contradict, unless special conditions were. The specimens were isothermally aged at controlled stress levels in order to accelerate the oxidation and damage growth in the specimen. Measurements of capacitance and Partial Discharge Inception Voltage (PDIV) were performed on a large number of twisted pairs of enameled wires between standard thermal accelerated aging cycles. A systematic and unified approach towards component level modelling will be developed, underpinned by a better understanding of the fundamental science of the essential components of a FUTURE hybrid electrical vehicle. 5.5 Unless otherwise specified by agreement between the purchaser and the supplier, this practice shall constitute the conditions, procedures, and equipment by which inflatable restraint fabrics are conditioned and aged. Thus, accelerated weather testing of plastic and polymers is necessary to ensure that the plastic parts meet their expected functionality during their life span. Region II – Linear region is defined by the Paris Law. Type of exposure plays a significant role in lifetime prediction. The insulation around the wire in an electromagnetic coil accounts for a significant portion of the failures in solenoid-operated valves and in electric motors. Whatever the objective of these models, they will differ from detailed models which will provide a greater insight and understanding at the component level. This does not preclude the requirement to perform real-time aging tests. Whether or not interface strength is temperature dependent is an important issue. A judicious choice of temperature step and dwell time allows the test to be completed in a short time. All rights reserved. If the plastic materials are formulated for long life then it takes years to get measurable changes. 1.4 Real-time aging protocols are not addressed in this guide; however, it is essential that real-time aging studies be performed to confirm the accelerated aging test results using the same methods … The values stated in each system are not exact equivalents; therefore, each system must be used independently of the other.

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