Transfer to a bowl and set aside to cool. You can buy zòngzi at Chinese supermarkets in the refrigerated section. The leaves should wrap over the glutinous rice snugly, but not overly tight. Shall make again next year! Learn how your comment data is processed. […] clean the salted eggs thoroughly.

Powered by WordPress, Site design by Oh My Word! You can roast them briefly before using it to wrap the rice dumpling. Stir-fry shallots and garlic in the wok.

Yes, I took pictures of the process – but I do that with most things I cook.

Unwrap them immediately or keep them for future enjoyment. All Rights Reserved. Mung beans before removing the skin.

She remarked that she also wanted to learn but we didn’t know anyone who could teach us.

I just sat down to enjoy this dumpling with a bottomless pot of Pu’er tea. I am glad to reply any questions and comments as soon as possible.

Qu Yuan served as a minister for the Chu but was ousted for opposing the alliance of a much larger kingdom called Qin.

Cantonese zongzi often includes the salted egg yolk for its unique flavor.

If you make a larger size zongzi, try to open just one to check the softness before removing the rest from the water. You need to remove the green outer skin of the mung beans by soaking them in water overnight. Use cold water. One of my new neighbours made bak changs and was cooking them in his driveway. Asian Dumplings among Top 100 Cookbooks of Past 25 Years! Be sure you have tied the bak chang tightly. Follow these steps, and watch the video demonstration embedded in this post. The smooth side of the leaves should be in contact with the filling. Stir-fry shallots and garlic in the wok. Top up with more rice.

Hook a bunch of string to an anchor point.

To do …

Thanks Emily!!! Use one hand to cup the bak chang, and the other bring the leaves forward. Hi! The fresh leaves are the best since it is aromatic and soft. As for the knots, nearly everyone will cut the twine when they want to eat. Vietnamese sticky rice cakes called banh trung. Choose a stock pot with the right size to nest all the zongzi.

It has the aromatic flavor complement to the pork and salted egg yolks. Mixing the glutinous rice with some oil before wrapping can reduce the stickiness to the leaves. I do not have a pressure cooker, so my answer is not directly from my experience.

There is no need to mince it. After six hours, remove the zongzi from the pot. (function() { var as = document.createElement('script'); as.type = 'text/javascript'; as.async = true; as.src = ""; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(as, s); })(); Good demo post! While plenty of Chinese cooking techniques rely on feel over empirical function, I try to make it simple with step-by-step instructions. Log in. Since the Zongzi Festival (also called Duanwu Festival, 端午节, Dragon Boat Festival) falls on the fifth month of the Chinese calendar, I decided to make my own rice dumplings, tapping into her expertise and experience of more than half a century!

The amazing aroma of the zongzi perfumes the kitchen and provokes a feeling of satisfaction that makes my belly rumbles. Yes, I looked at the pictures and I knew they captured a moment of time that means a great deal to me, seeing that it was my first attempt at making bak changs. (Much like making a […], Is this the same as dong? If I cook the Zongzi with a pressure cooker how long do I pressure cook it? To cook the zongzi.

There isn’t any fixed rule to follow. The leaves must be rehydrated fully before wrapping.

I am editing the embedded video right now.

If you use the zongzi twine, soak it in a bowl of water for half an hour before using it.

Please refer to the note above and watch the video. When the Qin eventually conquered the capital of Chu, Yingdu, the grief was so intense that he finally committed suicide by drowning himself in the Miluo River 汨羅江 on the 5th of May. [1] X Research source Glutinous rice goes by many names depending on country, culture or region: sticky rice, sweet rice, waxy rice, botan rice, mochi rice, biroin chal, and pearl rice. Place all the zongzi into the pot. Your technique will get better with each Zongzi, and by the end of the whole batch, you might even be able to do it with your eyes closed, as the experts do.

You will find that the leaves are fully rehydrated, with dark green color the next morning. Stir-fry until the seasonings are well-combined. Nothing beats homemade!

Therefore, you need to rehydrate the leaves before using them for wrapping. 350 g pork, belly of any pork with some fat, Cut the pork into 20 pieces. My mother-in-law is an accomplished Cantonese zongzi master with the experience of more than half a century! Thanks. Note: This post may contain affiliate links. The bamboo leaves had been soaked for  a couple of days so as to soften them. Hi Diana,I love eating bakchang, and never did like the ones sold with beans in the filling. You can see zòngzi being wrapped in traditional leaves in a January 2008. Transfer to a bowl and set aside to cool. The smell drove me mad and I told my cousin, Lynnette, that I wanted to learn how to wrap bak changs too.

Lay the leaves in opposite directions, with one over-lapping the other. Soak the mung beans for at least one hour.

You are lucky if you manage to buy the yolks alone (without the white). Close the sides of the leaves over the bak chang, and fold the ends down to seal. Your email address will not be published.

Secure the leaves with the twine is tricky.

Lightly toast the chestnuts. Pork belly is ideal for making zongzi as there is a little oil in other ingredients in the rice dumpling. Your method is exactly the steps my mother followed. Fold the extra leaves to one side of the zongzi. And I thought, well, this post would be a good way to document something that is close to my heart because my mom taught me how to make these dumplings, and hence, I decide to write this post after all.

Maybe you should too, just to keep in practice?

Yet, I was not going to publish the post. Just wait and add some water occasionally if necessary. Let the latent heat continue warming up the zongzi for another 5 minutes.

Therefore, it does not matter whether you can easily open the knot. Marinate the pork overnight or up to three two days in the refrigerator. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. You need some practice to get it perfect. Follow the step-by-step photos to wrap the zongzi. Tie the string firmly around the bak chang twice, then seal with 2 knots. Make sure the kitchen twine won’t break easily. My zongzi is of medium size, and it is OK after 6 hours.

I am expecting to get it uploaded three days from now. Please read my disclosure for more info.

Close the sides of the leaves over the bak chang, and fold the ends down to seal. As a result, you get a mess of broken rice dumpling on your plate instead of a beautiful golden pyramid.

Fill up the pot with cold water until it is sufficient to submerge the leaves. Hi Denise, I am happy to see you in this comment area, as you have read through my recipe. While I have included some of the common advice from her in writing this post, there are a number of ‘trade secrets’ that she revealed to me, which are rarely mentioned in books and other related food blogs. Fold down the leave to close the cone. Fry for 2 minutes.

Place the leaves in a stockpot and fill up with cold water enough to submerge the leaves.

Not because of the sense of accomplishment, but also because it is only in home-made bak changs where you find lots of liao (fillings)! It is OK as long as it can be folded without breaking. Note that it is important to tie them tightly since we want to cook them for a few hours. Soak the chestnuts. Fry for 2 minutes. KP Kwan, I tried your recipe. Naturally, it is a huge success under the guidance of the guru. It was fun to wrap bak changs with the womenfolk. A man willing to sacrifice his own life for the sake of his moral convictions, Qu was banished for treason when the king allied with a rival warlord. Hi Loges,

You need the following ingredients to wrap one pyramid shaped sticky rice dumpling. Variants of Duānwǔ Jié festival are celebrated in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, where the holiday is called Kodomo no hi, Dano, and Tết Đoan Ngọ, respectively. Well, I was concerned that bak chang making – a pretty complicated process – simply was not in keeping with the main aim of my blog – to simplify the complex so as to teach or encourage people how to cook. You can omit certain ingredients if you wish to, or increase the amount of those you like. All rights reserved.

Hope this information helps

On that day, a good billion plus people around the world will be celebrating Duānwǔ Jié (端午節), a Chinese holiday that’s also known as the Double Fifth Festival in China and … After they had failed to retrieve his body, they threw packets of sticky rice into the river, hoping the fishes would eat the rice instead of his body. This may require overnight soaking. Since the size of the zongzi will differ from person to person depending on the amount of fillings used, is there an easy way to determine if the zongzi is thoroughly cooked and the rice soft and sticky? There are a few types of beans and nuts for making rice dumpling.

episode of Gourmet magazine’s Diary of a Foodie. Making zongzi is relatively easy, except for the time commitment to prepare and cook it.

Stir-fry the glutinous rice, mung beans, dry shrimps and dry oysters until aromatic.

This Thursday, May 28 is the fifth day of the fifth moon according the Lunar Calendar.

Salted egg is a familiar delicacy in a variety of Asian dishes.

Though we know of Duānwǔ Jié in English as the Dragon Boat Festival, its literal translation is “Solar Maximus Festival,” which you could interpret as the spring solstice celebration. Now it comes to the most challenging and exciting part- wrapping the zongzi. When I first learnt to make zongzi, I took the easiest way.

So this year, when I saw bamboo leaves being sold at the dry goods stall at the market, I was determined that I would learn. | Privacy Policy

Hi Jenn, Mince pork? Brush a thin layer of oil on the leaves before wrapping.

Cooking zongzi is simple but lengthy. Lastly, secure the shape of the zongzi with a twine. There are two types of leaves commonly used to wrap zongzi.

Wipe the leaves with a clean towel to dry them. Thank you, wm, Hi Willliam, In China, an aloe-like leaf, is used to wrap huge forearm-size zòngzi. Choose a stock pot with the right size to nest all the zongzi. Last year, 2008, was the first time that Duānwǔ Jié was officially celebrated as a public holiday in the People’s Republic of China. Combine with the seasonings. 1. To wrap and tie the zongzi.

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