Los Angeles, CA 90067 Screen Media Films URL: http://www.omnishortfilms.com/ 65 Bleecker St., 2nd Floor e-mail: [email protected] e-mail: I want film distribution list spreadsheet, please! URL: http://www.movingimages.ca/ 76 Main Street Address: PO Box: Goodland, KS 67735 Maharani URL: http://www.africanfilm.com/ New York, NY 10017 phone: Distributes the films of its partner studios in the international marketplace outside of North America. e-mail: Mailing Address: Top Film Distribution Companies in the USA, Ten Creative T-Shirt Packaging Made of Cardboard, Vinyl Records: Neon and Glow in The Dark Records, Cute USB Flash Drives That the Boys Will Surely Love, 15 Weird But Awesome K-Pop Merch Items Ever Made, What Musicians Can (and Should) Do Right Now, Vinyl Mastering Guidelines & Tips to Get the Best Sound Quality, Coolest Cassette Tapes Released in The Last Few Years. e-mail:[email protected] e-mail: [email protected] Gained a reputation for its controversial catalog of daring documentaries and fiction films. phone: He first worked at Warner Reprise Records then later joined Interscope/ Geffen Records where he managed producers and songwriters and got his first platinum record for Keyshia Cole’s The Way It Is. We currently stock the world’s largest selection of music, movies, and games. Santa Monica CA 90405 phone:905-884-2323, North American entertainment company focusing on the acquisition, distribution and production of film and television media with head office in Toronto, Ontario.classic dramas, mystery, comedy, sports, documentaries and health and wellness, Canyon Cinema e-mail: e-mail:[email protected] Wearable USB Flash Drives For the Forgetful Lads and Gals, Get Sponsorship for Your Next Music Video (Step by Step Guide), 6 Reasons Why People are Buying Vinyl Records Again, Grammy Nominees for Best Record Package 2019. Primarily focuses on African and African American films, and other works from the global African Diaspora. We also lease these films and their DVD transfers. Address:Vancouver, British Columbia Revolver e-mail: Address:U.S. , United Kingdom, Canada and Australia 5901 HILLCROFT AVENUE 733 Ninth Ave. Super D phone: (212)308-1790. Have Troma distribute your film! URL: http://www.video-sound.com/ 247 Centre St New York, New York 10013 phone:(212)864-1760. 757 Third Ave- Third Floor [email protected] Address: We move inventory in a variety of product categories including home entertainment and media, consumer electronics,apparel, toys, general merchandise, and really, just about any type of consumer product in the United States. Address: e-mail: Distributor of VHS, DVD, video games, accessories and boutique items. The Acquisition Department at MAGNEPIX Distribution will consider film submissions from non-affiliated producers of completed feature films or feature film projects in development or pre-production that have already raised development money and in addition have an internationally recognizable cast. Address: Fine Media Group Sherman Oaks, California, USA 91423 New York, NY IFC Midnight is the company’s genre label featuring features horror, sci-fi, thrillers, erotic art-house,action and more. For those of you who are thinking of ways to distribute your film in a grander level, we hope you find this useful. IFC Films e-mail: _ He is now helping indie artists with branding and manufacturing through his company Unified Manufacturing, a CD/DVD/vinyl and merch company in LA. USA New York, NY IFC Midnight is the company’s genre label featuring features horror, sci-fi, thrillers, erotic art-house,action and more. 204 _ _ 2714 Georgia Ave. N.W. URL: http://www.shenandoahfilms.com/ URL: http://www.zeitgeistfilms.com/ Artmattan Productions 10025 e-mail:[email protected] Films depicting the human experience of people of color in a context different from the usual museums, cultural centers and universities to which these films are traditinonally relegated. URL: http://www.troma.com/ One Richdale Avenue, Unit #4 phone:270-926-0008. URL: http://www.uip.com/ Owensboro, KY 42303 New York, NY 10019 McCarty Drive, Ste. New York, NY e-mail:[email protected] URL: http://www.desertislandfilms.com/ phone:(818) 708-9995. First Run Features Global Kid Vid and Film Factory phone:1 415.626.2255. To create a portal for parents seeking quality material that educates, captivates, motivates and entertains their children as they utilize their discretionary time. phone: Archive of public domain, broadcast-quality, feature films. phone:1.908.720.5263, Distributors of Indian movies in the United States and Canada. URL: http://www.iamrogue.com/ Address: Address: phone: We specialize in films and web sites for entertainment,financial companies and law firms. Address: e-mail: phone:7-872-5111. Offers short films from online store and distributes titles worldwide. URL: http://www.zipporah.com/ Beverly Hills, CA 90212 e-mail: _ […], Now that you know how to make exceptionally good-looking shirts, it’s time to look for a way to package your tees. phone:212-757-4555. Indie film distributors look for one thing only when they evaluate paying for your Indie Films. New York, NY 10012 SUITE B4A Address: “It’s a foreign world to them,” Mansfield says. Pyramid Media Folsom, CA 95630 Wax Works Address: URL: http://www.revolvergroup.com/ We are pleased to distribute over 900 works that are inspiring and innovative in approach. Provides pre-recorded videocassetes and digtal video discs to the video retail industry. Revolver’s lineup is available through a multitude of platforms aside from traditional home entertainment media, with digital deals in place with Apple’s iTunes, Amazon Video On Demand,Cinema Now, NetFlix, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox and Vudu to name but a few. BFS Entertainment 3200 Airport Ave Ste 19 Address: phone:713-782-6553. Powersports – Powerdocs Address: Offers index, descriptions, and reviews of Frederick Wiseman’s educational documentaries as distributed by Zipporah Films. 21 Meridian Road, Suite 103, phone: Wholesale DVD, Blu-ray and Games to US resellers only. e-mail: e-mail:[email protected] We want to share our work to the most number of people at the same earn money (that’s what we want to do for a living, after all). Magnepix Address:Offers short films from online store and distributes titles worldwide. URL: The company produces original content, but it’s main forte and activity revolves around the international distribution & sub-licensing of a wide variety of programming on behalf of independent producers for all forms of media. phone:202-234-4755. MPI Home Videos URL: https://www.vpdinc.com/ Screen Media Films acquires rights to high quality, independent feature films, for all of the US and Canada. When it comes to selling your music, idea, or any product, you have to be unique and innovative not only with your content but also with how your product looks. phone: Providing quality animated feature films and educational instructional videos. Irvine CA, 92614 e-mail:http://www.magnepix.com/submissions.htm Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc.

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