Impatient to journey for London, the twins were scolded by the older Assassin, warning them that it was not Ethan's plans for them. In these prompts I will explore the prue fluff between Jacob and Tessa. Jack The Ripper, he targeted the "Ladies of the night." (based on this prompt although not following it 100%). Born four minutes after his twin Evie, Jacob and his sister were raised by their grandmother as their mother, Cecily, died during childbirth. The man introduced himself as Charles Darwin, who showed the Assassin a document that indicated batches of the Syrup were sent to the Lambeth Asylum. Afterwards, Jacob sent his sister a signal. He killed an employee of Attaway's rival company, Millner Company. The twins later encountered a disguised Sergeant Frederick Abberline, who gave them a list of Blighters, whom they could kidnap and bring to him for arrest, preferring living to dead.

After eliminating the Blighters guarding the place, Jacob broke the lock of the factory and entered with the man. It was the order's job to protect humanity from the meta-humans. Sometime after their father's natural death in 1868, Jacob and Evie traveled to the Ferris Ironworks with George Westhouse, a fellow Assassin, to eli… Finally, he headed to Waterloo station to assassinate Attaway, recovered the engines and escaped with the train. Read how his life gets hectic beyond anything when the infamous Frye twins step into his shop and Jacob discorvers some things about Oliver.

Suddenly, the infuriated Blighters arrived; they took this as an opportunity to test the bombs as Bell distracted them through talking. Jacob infiltrated the Ironworks and assassinated Ferris. Jacob was eventually located by his sister, barely alive and in a semi-conscious state.

He has his own shop, a bookshop, and has an 'ordinary' life. As Jacob escaped, Abberline arrested Twopenny's accomplices. With the Templar Grand Master eliminated, the twins continued their struggle to help London's underclass. After losing the Blighters tailing them, the twins joined Henry in his shop, where he explained his array of contacts within the city. Climbing aboard the moving Blighters train, the young man searched the cargo for the engines and detached its wagon for Ned's train to recover. Things become harder when the world begins to demand more of the Phoenix's time and with an increase in Templar activity, Nyx does what she must to protect her family and the world.

Crawford Starrick,Maxwell Roth,Philip Twopenny,Pearl Attaway,John Elliotson,Templars,Blighters,Jack the Ripper Enter Ned Wynert, asking Jacob for a huge favour. Escaping the enraged Blighters gang by train, Jacob narrowly survived the subsequent derailing and crash. In 1893, Jacob's granddaughter, Lydia Frye, was born.
It's 1869. Evie mentioned their father, a sore topic for Jacob, and the siblings argued. He offered the Assassin a partnership which Jacob accepted. He was a British Master Assassin and leader of the Rooks active in London during the Victorian era, and the younger twin brother of Evie Frye. The Assassin narrowly escaped the flaming theater. How will it affect Nyx herself? After chasing a merchant and locating the distributor to the factory, stealing his files in the process, Jacob managed to track down and kidnap the distribution boss in the Southwark Foundry, learning from him that Starrick's Soothing Syrup was produced in the distillation building. With the Templar threat gone, the rift between the siblings vanished. Hobby Clara Rosalie Heckman (born Frye), 1900 - 1921 Clara Rosalie Heckman (born Frye) was born on month day 1900, at birth place, Missouri, to Jacob Andrew Frye and Arizona Paralee Frye (born Sutton). Escaping the enraged Blighters gang by train, Jacob narrowly survived the subsequent derailing and crash.The twins later returned to Westhouse, having each completed their tasks. Henry calmed them down and told them about a ball to be held in Buckingham Palace where Starrick was planning to steal the Piece of Eden and eliminate the heads of church and government. After arriving in Whitechapel, the twins sought out the leader, and sole remaining Assassin in London, Henry Green.

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