Also, we call Whitney Cummings. We talk heckling Samuel L. Jackson, the Sam Tripoli car crash incident, vasectomy Olympics, and sky-jacking. Bobby and Whitney gang up with medical advice. We talk Nekrogoblikon JNCO sales, Bobby's comedy special, crustless pizza, and who is the biggest Karen? Bobby learns to flex. Your submission has been received! Bezos Sells More Than $3B Worth of Amazon Shares (ft. Anthony Lee), The Day Police Dropped a Bomb On Philadelphia | I Was There.

Khalyla sprinkles water. Go to and protect yourself! We talk death by refrigerator, missed Karen moments, stainless steel cockware, and we call Ian Edwards for an important question. Buzz. Visit and protect yourself!This week the gang talks about cults and uncomfortably sits through producer George's stand up set.Email your questions to:  or call and leave us a voice mail at: 201.972.5262Follow us!Robert Iler: Gharaibeh: Sigler : Sideways saves Khalyla.

Kassem Gharaibeh, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Robert Iler. Your vote will be counted in a few minutes. Check out and get 20% off your order with promo code PJPANTS! Sherry meets a Bumble guy. We talk missed connections at Hamburger Hamlet, failed Comedy Store auditions, Moncler money, the Mitzi time limit.

Bobby's is a Tesla with a Saturn engine. Khalyla is saved by Barry's Bootcamp. Christina Pazsitzky teaches Khalyla a video game secret. We are Robert Iler, and Kassem G. (along with special guest Jamie-Lynn Sigler) discussing a whole lot of nothing but everything at the same time... in pajama pants. Play poker with us on 11/11! *Take a shot every time you hear "Mendocino Farms" Extra Content: Thank you... Bobby wears the Sandler collection. Thank you! Rick brings a housewarming gift. Check out and get 20% off your order with promo code PJPANTS! Sponsors: 25 views JustKiddingNews - 1 week ago We talk Trader Vladimir, Tikki Tikki Tembo, the 2 year window, and The Silly Billies.

Related reading: Sponsors: code: SLEPT20 ... Bobby is a dragon without the breath. podcast is a Light Reading production. Don't miss a beat on the latest pandemic news. Visit More Ronhttp://berkcommunications.comEmail your questions to:  or call and leave us a voice mail at: 201.972.5262Follow us!Robert Iler: Gharaibeh: Sigler :, Thanks to our sponsors! Watch on YouTube: questions and business inquiries please write to:, Thanks to our sponsors! We chat calamari, Latina-x, boba filled manatees, and Lele Gaga. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. NOTICE: If you have a problem with gambling please seek help and call or text the National Helpline at 1.800.522.4700.Email your questions to:  or call and leave us a voice mail at: 201.972.5262Follow us!Robert Iler: Gharaibeh: Sigler :, Thanks to our sponsors!

Khalyla tells the Mendocino Farms story. You find all of Light Reading's editorial and custom audio programs on Apple Podcasts , Google , SoundCloud or Spotify . YouTuber Kicked Off Plane for Attempting Prank (ft. Sherry Cola & Anthony Lee), Off The Record: Two Hot Nikki’s on Set (ft. Nikki Blades & Hosted by Nikki Limo), Oregon Becomes the First State to Decriminalize Drugs (ft. Nikki Blades). This just doesn’t make any sense… and it’s scary that more people don’t see that. Brandon is Rushmore.

no thanks, Earwolf & Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. I love these three, even the Kassem guy I never heard of before this podcast. We talk alien pyramids, the H3 wiki-feet bump, bigger splats, and…

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