Palmerston did indeed leave office in November, but only temporarily and not by any of Metternich's attempts. Since Britain could not be coerced, he sent proposals to France and Russia only. The most pressing issue was Hungary, where Metternich remained reluctant to support the centrist (but still nationalist) Széchenyi. It is not clear how far he expected that the marriage would restrain Napoleon from further campaigns of conquest, but at least he achieved a relationship between France and Austria loose enough to preserve Austria’s freedom of action: Austria neither joined the Confederation of the Rhine, a league of German princes under Napoleon’s protection, nor became one of the client states of the Napoleonic system. Metternich largely enjoyed his time in London: the Duke of Wellington, now nearly eighty, tried to keep him entertained, and there were also visits from Palmerston, Guizot (now also in exile) and Benjamin Disraeli, who enjoyed his political conversation.

[81], At the Conference of State Metternich lost his principal ally Karl Clam-Martinic [de] in 1840, which furthered the growing paralysis at the heart of Austrian government. Large-scale war, however, had been avoided and the Quadruple Alliance was beginning to disintegrate. Napoleon said he wanted "a Kaunitz", and whether he literally meant someone from the, At this time, the Russians favoured a new monarchy under, Specifically, four chancellorships became three, one of which was never filled, and Italy did get a chancellery and permission to run its administration, education, and law in Italian; there was to be no new Ministry of Justice, though the Count of Wallis was made head of one new department responsible for legal reform and a new viceroy to Lombardy-Venetia was appointed (one of Francis' earlier concessions) (, Metternich succeeded in preventing proposals for a French-led invasion only by rendering Tsar Alexander fearful of a French conspiracy (, Britain and Austria both wished to avoid war, but the British Foreign Secretary Canning wanted an autonomous Greek state.

[64], He lingered in Verona until 18 December, then spending some days in Venice with the Tsar and then by himself in Munich. He was also concerned by liberal-minded Ioannis Kapodistrias' increasing influence over Tsar Alexander and the continual threat of Russia annexing large areas of the declining Ottoman Empire (the so-called Eastern Question). France had taken over some of the closest countries directly. [84] After sleeping in the Chancellery he was advised to either take back his resignation or leave the city. [78][79] Entertaining and maintaining his estates at Johannisberg, Königswart and Plasy (together with Mariánská Týnice) were consuming much of his resources at a time when he had four young children to support, causing him more stress. [3] At this time Metternich's father, described as "a boring babbler and chronic liar" by a contemporary, was the Austrian ambassador to the courts of the three Rhenish electors (Trier, Cologne and Mainz). Metternich tried two tacks: to intrigue for the removal of the British Foreign Secretary and to attempt (vainly) to build up cross-power bloc agreements. When Austria declared war on France, Metternich was indeed arrested in retaliation for the arrest of two French diplomats in Vienna, but the effects of this were minimal.

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