10/10 Masterpiece and defining game of 8th generation. In trying to subvert expectations, The Last of Us Part II discards the best aspects of its predecessor to provide a rote revenge tale that is ill-considered, ending on a note that makes everything — all the violence, all the loss, all the struggle — feel utterly, hopelessly pointless. based on The answer is yes - messily, but powerfully. I think it's a masterpiece. Critic Reviews. Naughty Dog’s bravest, darkest masterpiece to date and one of the greatest games of this generation. No one would play the game with leaked scenes in mind. You may opt-out by. It's supposed to be a dark and emotional story and I feel it's almost done perfectly. On the one hand, it has powerful moments that only the boldest studios can create, massive cliffhangers and it’s vicious towards the game’s main characters. It breaks my heart to write this, but I really did not expect such a poor story after all these years of waiting. Part 2 ends up feeling needlessly bleak, at a time when a nihilistic worldview has perhaps never been less attractive. You’ll understand 3 hours in give it a try! A beautiful story of revenge and anger. Great game, had to play it early because bol sent it 3 days early, I hate the SJW parts, but those are not often and don't feel as pushed as in the leaks, furthermore many people were mad because one thing happens, but I can tell there is a great build up to it. cruel but perfect story. This game was and still IS getting heavily review bombed. I have no words to describe this masterpiece seriously, a game so real, with so many nuances, it really is not for all kinds of people this game but for people who are already mature and who have a lot of empathy for people, a wonderful story with cruel reality, every detail they put into this game made it so unique and so majestic, without a doubt the best game of the year. masterpiece.. this game is much better than last time. Every facet of the original game has been expanded and enlarged in the sequel, but not actually improved. What’s left is a Bloater that’s forsaken enough of its soul to only just barely still be recognizable in its current form, shuffling around and proving that, unlike Ellie, it is not immune to devolving into a lesser form of itself. Excellent everything. 0. Not a shock because there are really not any noticeable controversies surrounding the game like there were heading into The Last of Us Part 2, so I was not expecting any bombing, and we’re not seeing any. Post Comment. My favorite game always and always :))), Naughty Dog PARABÉNS MERECE GOTY Masterpiece. well done ND you really knocked it out of the park. The gameplay and graphics really stand out 10/10 for that BUT, while some of the story choices can feel odd at times. It’s a visually beautiful game that feels distinct to play, and the story it tells and how it tells it, at the most basic level, certainly pushes the edges of what games have done before. Having refined its gameplay, now much more immersive, this part II stands out as a fabulous action / infiltration title but also and above all as a story, sometimes getting lost in some narrative stretches and other superfluous scenes but never deviating from its guideline dedicated to offering its characters a conclusion, whether happy or not. The story direction, voice acting, Incredible graphics, gameplay are all top notch. Immersive. There is practically nothing here we haven’t seen and done repeatedly throughout previous Naughty Dog games. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Some are asking for Metacritic to go a step further and actually verify that you’ve played the game if you’re submitting a review for it, through some sort of purchase confirmation via linking your Metacritic account to your PSN or Xbox or Steam profile or something. Another masterpiece by Naughty Dog, I have waited for this game for 7 years and it is a gem I love it so much the story is incredible, Simplesmente uma obra de arte, incrível. The banter that elevated the first game above mere dystopian fantasy is gone too, as Ellie often navigates this ultra-violent world on her own. So for real, about the game, just 4 hours in and there's no doubt that this is the game of the generation, great story, best animation of any game from any platform, graphic is top notch if not the best to data, Really is a huge leap from TLOU1, best $60 I ever spend. I never do. The narrative, the bread and butter of The Last of Us, is a mixed bag. This publication has not posted a final review score yet. You will witness a true masterpiece. The Last of Us Part II feels complacent, yet also preoccupied with its predecessor. Amazing .. lol, Amazing game , the best that naughty dog has ever made. Universal acclaim Сюжет цепляет , но я понимаю что всем на него похрен как и на геймплей , самое главное что там есть ЛГБТ повестка , именно из-за неё у игры такие маленькие пользовательсские балы . Players would concentrate on the whole story, without specifying certain moments. Naughty Dog, this is easily your guys’ best work since Uncharted 2 and there is a reason why you guys are the top underdogs in the gaming business on delivering the very best experience as possible and I hope you guys get royally compensated for creating this incredible follow-up masterpiece. It’s a masterpiece, plain and simple. The plot is controversial, but the game is the incredibly addictive adventure of Ellie, from which it is impossible to pull away from the opening and to the very end. No wonder why HBO’s The Last of Us is happening with Neil Druckmann and Chernobyl’s Craig Mazin on-board for the live adaptation.. Gráficamente hermoso, banda sonora espectacular, historia diferente, no convencional. The Last of Us 2 wird bei Metacritic demontiert: Die Wertung der User-Reviews stürzte zeitweise auf 3,4 von 10 Punkten ab. Masterpiece. But I agree with what was said by some developers that you need to go open-minded in this game. It's Very cool. [7.5 out of 10 "if I were doing review scores still..."]. This kind of cinematic experience is rivaled only by Rockstar's RDR2. A game worth buying. Like all creations bearing the mark of their authors, The Last of Us Part II will provoke debates, reactions, which, like its protagonists, remains terribly human. An amazing game, with emotions punching me left and right. Please sign in or create an account before writing a review. Storytelling in gaming hasn´t come very far. Потрясающая игра, пробивает на слезы в некоторые моменты. Nota 100 digno de Got. Story and narrative are inferior to the first game but overall it's not as bad as it seems. It was confirmed how long we have to wait to be able to rate a game. I dont leave reviews but i know people will HATE BUT YOUR NOT STOPPING THIS GAME!!!! Its characters are surviving, but they’re not learning, and they’re certainly not making anything better. A perfect continuation, a darker game that deals more deeply with the true nature of some people, and delves into what we can do for other people we love.

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