Support available in English / Español / Français / Deutsch / Nederlands. } If the Software has been installed on a personal computer or mobile device, you must uninstall the Software immediately. In a browser, go to theaddress “” This will open the login menu, The default username is“admin” and the default password is “password”. Belkin hereby grants you the right to use: (i) where your Product is not a “Small-Medium Business or SMB” branded Product, for your personal, non-commercial purposes; or (ii) where your Product is a “Small Medium Business or SMB Product, for your personal or commercial use; copies of the Software in object code form on devices that you own (or, in the case of firmware, one copy of the firmware in object code form solely on the Product relating to the firmware). To learn how to reconfigure the Linksys router for Cable Internet connection, cli, Access the router's web-based setup page. To learn how to reconfigure the Linksys router for Cable Internet connection, click here. Nur das Passwort für den Zugriff auf den Router funktioniert auch nicht mehr. Reset the router. In relation to consumers who are entitled to the benefit of the CGA, the media on which Software is provided comes with guarantees that cannot be excluded under New Zealand law, and this Limited Warranty is in addition to any statutory rights such consumers may have under New Zealand law. Belkin is not obligated to provide any maintenance or support for the Open Source Software or any Product Software that has been modified by you pursuant to an Open Source Software license. INDEMNITY. To create this article, 18 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Nothing in this Agreement limits your rights under, or grants you rights that supersede, any Open Source Software license. Linksys - EA6900. When the Linksys setup page loads, find the User name and Password fields. Avoid making embarrassing mistakes on Zoom! However, if the Power light still isn’t solid after a minute, powercycle the router. To do this, press and hold the, After resetting the router to its default settings, reconfigure it according to your Internet service. LICENSE GRANT. THIS AGREEMENT GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS WHICH VARY FROM JURISDICTION TO JURISDICTION. Thank you so much for sharing information with us.". Üblicherweise musst du dafür keinen Benutzernamen und kein Passwort eingeben. Step 3:Under the Management section, enter the new password in the Router Password and Re-Enter to Confirm fields. How can I change my router from WPA to WPA2? Once in, change the default router password from admin to something more secure. Scanningthat code with another device will give it the Wi-Fi password. If you want tofind your Wi-Fi password from an iPhone or iPad, your only option is to loginto your router and by finding its IP and using the router login combination. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT WITHOUT THIS PROVISION YOU WOULD HAVE HAD A RIGHT TO LITIGATE A DISPUTE THROUGH A COURT BEFORE A JURY OR JUDGE, AND THAT YOU HAVE EXPRESSLY AND KNOWINGLY WAIVED THOSE RIGHTS AND AGREE INSTEAD TO RESOLVE ANY DISPUTES THROUGH BINDING ARBITRATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF THIS SECTION. No provision of this Agreement may be waived, modified or superseded except by a written instrument accepted by Belkin and you. This Limited Warranty is void if failure of the media has resulted from accident, abuse, or misapplication. 7. More often than not, the router will have a label on it listing itslogin username and password. Resetting your router and changing the router admin password. EXPORT CONTROL LAWS: You agree that the use of the Software is subject to U.S. and local export control laws and regulations. If you have downloaded the Software from an App Store, you are also subject to any terms of use of that App Store. 14. YOU FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE SOFTWARE AND ANY RELATED PROGRAMS AND DOCUMENTATION ARE NOT CERTIFIED FOR EMERGENCY RESPONSE OR INTENDED OR SUITABLE FOR USE IN SITUATIONS OR ENVIRONMENTS WHERE FAILURE, DELAY OR ERRORS OR INACCURACIES IN THE DATA OR INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE SOFTWARE COULD LEAD TO DEATH, PERSONAL INJURY OR SEVERE PHYSICAL OR ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION IN CONNECTION WITH THE OPERATION OF NUCLEAR FACILITIES, AIRCRAFT NAVIGATION OR COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL, LIFE SUPPORT OR WEAPONS SYSTEMS. You’ll probably want to change this password, though. The warranties and remedies set out in this Agreement are exclusive, and, to the extent permitted by law, in lieu of all others oral or written, express or implied. This article will guide you on how to reset your router to factory defaults and change the router’s password. This includes everything from the wireless password and network name to any custom DNS servers that were configured, static IP addresses, and port forwarding rules. If the password on your Linksys WRT54G has been changed, the default password of admin won't work.If you don't know the password, reset the router to its factory default settings, which restores the configurations back to how it was when the router was first … The default IP address is Store the password in a free password manager. By “you,” we mean the purchaser, recipient or other end user of the Product containing the Software or the purchaser, recipient or other end user of the Software on a standalone basis. Your email address will not be published. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Der Router ist nun auf Werkseinstellungen und den Benutzernamen lässt du bei der Anmeldung frei und das Kennwort ist admin. Method 3 of 5: Setting the Admin Password with a Cable Modem 1. A router reset will restore the default IP address as well, but you don't have to do that just to find its IP address. Either that or connect the router through a cable to your PC. Login: admin. It is your responsibility to back up your system, including without limitation, any material, information or data that you may use or possess in connection with the Product or Software, and Belkin shall have no liability for your failure to back up your system or any material, information or data. Viele neuere Linksys-Router werden mit einer Installations-CD geliefert, die ein Konfigurationsprogramm installieren kann. NOTE:  The image may vary depending on the model number of the Linksys router. Then power-cycle the router. IF EITHER PARTY BRINGS A DISPUTE IN A COURT OR OTHER NON-ARBITRATION FORUM, THE ARBITRATOR OR JUDGE MAY AWARD THE OTHER PARTY ITS REASONABLE COSTS AND EXPENSES (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ATTORNEYS’ FEES) INCURRED IN ENFORCING COMPLIANCE WITH THIS BINDING ARBITRATION PROVISION, INCLUDING STAYING OR DISMISSING SUCH DISPUTE. We encourage you to read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of each third party website that you choose to visit. If you are located outside of the United States, or if Section 17 does not apply to you or is otherwise unenforceable as adjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction, then Section 18 applies to you: 18. Enter the default username and password. HOWEVER, WITH RESPECT TO SOFTWARE PROVIDED, IF YOU ARE A CONSUMER AND YOU LIVE IN A COUNTRY WHERE BELKIN MARKETS OR PROMOTES THE SOFTWARE, LOCAL LAW MAY REQUIRE THAT CERTAIN CONSUMER PROTECTION LAWS OF YOUR COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE APPLY TO SOME SECTIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. If you’re using a cable, this is usually Ethernet. If you’vereset your router, use the stock SSID and password to log into the Wi-Finetwork. For example, if you have a version 2.0 router, choose Hardware version 2.0 on the download page. Sie sollten in diesem Falle einen Hardwarereset durchführen. If you want to know how to check the security settings of your network, click here. Resetting a router is different than restarting or rebooting it. 16. The hardware version number is at the bottom of the router. NOTE:  The Power LED of the router will keep on blinking for a few seconds after resetting as it is still trying to stabilize. Such terms of use may prohibit you from doing some of the things you are permitted to do under this Agreement, or permit you to do some of the things you are prohibited from doing under this Agreement. The router’s administrator User name and Password are different from the wireless network name (SSID) and passphrase of your wireless network.

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