Love Revolution 2020 (Korean drama) Cast and Plot synopsis, Release date. Wang Ja Rim has earned a reputation for being cold and aloof – and, at first, seems totally unimpressed by Gong Ju Young’s garish displays of affection. The drama was all over the place, and it felt quite slow. Ryu Eui Hyun. Main Role. Choi siwon karakter in this drama is developed. He has good acting chops, quite natural. But after i watch eps 1 and 2, i ill feel to him. Seorang siswa berusia 17 tahun bernama Gong Ju Young memiliki karakter setia, ceria, serta berkepribadian baik. The reason why i watch this drama is becoz choi siwon. KSR’s role has no direction. Genius Netflix Hacks That Will Upgrade Your Viewing Experience, Netflix Users No Longer Have to Be Subjected to Autoplaying Previews — It's a 2020 Miracle, Netflix's 'Love Alarm' Is a Modern Day Love Story You Need to Binge-Watch Right Now, A post shared by Sora Kang (@reveramess_), Why This Scene Between [SPOILER] and Dean in 'Supernatural' Is Major BS, This Is Possibly the Reason Why We Never See Pics of Toni Braxton and Boyfriend Birdman, Safaree Shows off His Abs in Front of a Rolls Royce With Divorce Message. His character on Revolutionary Love is that of Kwon Jae-hoon, whose intelligence knows no bounds as an up-and-comer at Byun’s family’s company. !IT FULL OF COMEDY. Download Drama Korea Love Revolution Subtitle Indonesia. Kang So Ra as Baek Joon Ketekunan adalah kuncinya, pikirnya – dan, seiring waktu, Wang Ja Rim mulai terbuka dengan teman sekelasnya. I am grateful to have opened this discussion. And his past in this drama may be so sad. Revolutionary Love. Lee Ruby sebagai Wang Ja Rim This drama raises the Comedy, School, and Romance genres. Byun Hyuk accidentally meets Baek Joon in a cleaner uniform leading Joon to believe he is just an employee of Gangsu Group. Cheat on Me, If You Can (KBS2) location.href = ""+dropdown.options[dropdown.selectedIndex].value; Though she’s not as well-known as Choi just yet, Kang does boast a significant following of her own. The popular teen webtoon "Love Revolution" is adapted into a web drama of short form. TvN always has good drama to watch. He turn into charming character, he push his inside skill. Gong is best known as his stage name, but he’s actually Kim Dong Hyeon. present-time drama! Love Revolution (2020) Details; Episode Guide; Cast; Reviews; Recommendations; Photos; Edit this Page. Never liked CSW and KS but this drama changed it. Byun Hyuk's Love) is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Choi Si-won, Kang So-ra and Gong Myung about young people's challenges as they move forward in society. Graceful Friends (jTBC) After episode 3 and later eps… I start to paid attention to this drama. But Gong Ju Young won’t be deterred so easily. Jung Chan Bi as Byun Se Na (Byun Hyuk’s younger sister) Persistence is Usually in these dramas when the boy and girl are shown as children, as adults the romance will be between them. Gong has made headlines lately for reportedly getting ready to leave Fantiago after seven years. In fairness, Si Won has come a long way. I don’t like to use the term but the plot is really stupid, I can’t believe the “solution that nobody get hurt” is to send Byun Hyuk’s father to jail. This question is quite interesting to me. Do You Like Brahms? 'La Révolution': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's 'reimagined history' of the French Revolution. It is one more drama to be adapted from webtoon this year (check the dramas based on webtoon confirmed and announced for 2020). He is actually a clever guy and lacks of parents’ love to guide him along his difficulty . [CDATA[ */ I like the story line, good actor and actress but then the ending isn’t that great so I cannot say it is an excellent drama. Park JiHoon is the lead actor. Kim Ye Ryung as Byun Geum Hee (Byun Hyuk’s aunt), Kim Ye Won as Ha Yun Hee (Baek Joon’s Best friend) And I must say they have given GM a lot of exposure here… looking forward to a drama where he can be the lead. Due to some problem, he begins to live in an studio in a poor area and hides his background. Hope the ratings go up. This is going to be Amazing!!! I enjoyed this drama until the last two, three episodes. Kim Ki Chun as Cleaning Team Leader Genre: Romance, Comedy Start-Up (tvN) The acting-dol … It aired on tvN every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 KST from October 14 to December 3, 2017. A post shared by Sora Kang (@reveramess_) on Apr 14, 2019 at 5:11am PDT. Byun Woo-sung (Lee Jae-yoon), the elder son of Byun Kang-soo, is jealous of Hyuk and looks for opportunities to bring him down. – Trailer I He made many decision, he took responsibilty, and stopped doing stupid things. Baek Joon can be a good mentor towards Byun Hyuk . Broadcast period: 2017-Oct-14 to 2017-Dec-03 As the show makes its Netflix debut, let’s meet the cast members. Though the series has mixed reviews from critics, fans are super into it, and it has an 8.7/10 rating on Viki. Aired: Sep 1, 2020 – ? Kyun Mi Ri as Jeong Yeo Jin (Byun Hyuk’s mother) Gong Myung as Kwon Je Hoon Fly Dragon (SBS) It’s only first episode but this is surprisingly beautiful, Choi Siwon made me laugh the whole time, the strong personality of Kang Sora giving me a good vibes, and Gong Myung is totally different here from aggressive in bride of habaek to a firm and well behave here, i can sense a love triangle between the three of them, I’m excited to find out how their story goes. In Revolutionary Love, Choi plays Byun Hyuk — unemployed, third-generation member of a prominent chaebol (an industrial conglomerate run and controlled by South Korean owners or families).He starts a modest life in a studio apartment and his hiding his wealth is a large part of the series’ plot. This drama has so many motivation of life, about decision, how to life pricely, being resposibilty person, etc. He is confident around women and he is also naive, with a warm heart. Hush (jTBC) Wang Ja Rim telah mendapatkan reputasi sebagai orang yang dingin dan menyendiri – dan, pada awalnya, tampaknya sama sekali tidak terkesan dengan penampilan kasih sayang Gong Ju Young yang mencolok. Yes,this is a gem! Apart from Revolutionary Love, she’s best known for her roles in Sunny and Dream High in 2011, and Doctor Stranger in 2014. Title: 변혁의 사랑 / Revolutionary Love SF8 (MBC) I regret watching this drama…. He’s a mega-star who has been with the band since 2005. Hong Seok Cheon. An actor and singer in the K-pop group Super Junior, Choi is a huge deal in the world of Korean entertainment. Kim Eung Suk as Byun Gang Ho (Byun Hyuk’s uncle) Love Choi Siwon! Byun Hyuk's Love) is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Choi Si-won, Kang So-ra and Gong Myung about young people's challenges as they move forward in society. But overall he still provides credible acting, considering he is really an idol. } The drama is about a third generation chaebol who suddenly becomes jobless and does part-time work to earn his living. He has appeared in web series, films, and TV dramas like Splendid Politics and Beautiful You in 2015, and Entertainer in 2016. Tapi memenangkan hatinya tidak akan mudah. Baek Sang Hee as Young Lady My congratulations to all! That is the interesting point why this drama is become more exciting. Episodes: 30 But in this drama, the male lead is not that boy. (SBS) Secret Forest 2 (tvN) The popular teen webtoon “Love Revolution” is adapted into a web drama of short form. "Samhwa Networks signs contract worth 6.96 bln won", "Choi Si-won and Kang So-ra in tvN "Byeon Hyeok's Love, "Lee Jae-yoon-I to star in "Byeon Hyeok's Love, "Shin Se-kyung look-alike Seo I-an joins "Byeon Hyeok's Love, "Kim Ye-won-I to star in "Byeon Hyeok's Love, "Choi Joo-bong's son Choi Kyu-hwan to star in "Byeon Hyeok's Love, "AGB Daily Ratings: this links to current day-select the date from drop down menu",, 2017 South Korean television series debuts, 2017 South Korean television series endings, South Korean romantic comedy television series, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Articles with Korean-language sources (ko), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The series is produced by Samhwa Networks and created by.

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