She was born in America, but married someone from Costa Rica. (noun), The two cowboys turned back to back, and walked ten paces away from each other. Dual is an adjective that means having two parts. It describes one thing with two parts. This is often a way to settle a dispute between them. The man was very offended and challenged the man who insulted him to a duel. There are two ways to help you remember which word to use and when. Home » Dual vs. Duel: What’s The Difference? Kindergarten teachers serve a dual role of helping the children learn about the subjects and also how to behave properly in a classroom. In short, duel is a verb or noun about fighting or competition, and dual means two. English has many words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and mean different things. The new employee will have a dual role of managing a team of teachers and curriculum writing. Should I use duel or dual? What’s the Difference Between Duel and Dual? If you are stuck, remember that dual and sandal both end in -al. As an adjective, dual means that there are two of something, and usually two parts of the same thing. As a verb, a duel is the action of fighting between the two people in combat. Glamor or Glamour – What’s the Difference? We will duel in the town square at high noon. My idea of a fun night out is seeing a ____________ pianos show. a duel to the death: a duel in which the loser must die. Both duel and dual have the same pronunciation, yet they have completely different meanings and function as different parts of speech. Dual is an adjective that means having two parts. Both of these words sound the same, but their meanings are completely different. 3. When one man accused another of cheating during a poker game, they agreed to a ____________ with pistols. Duel is a verb or a noun, and refers to a conflict between two entities. Example sentences with the word duel. (noun), The two swordsmen agreed to duel to the death. Dual and duel are two such homophones. dueling pianos: two piano players who play against each other to see who is better, or who simply perform as a pair. Marie Curie’s life was rich with incident, including a sex scandal that led to a duel. There are also some common collocations with the word dual. What does dual mean? It writes and is a laser. –. Occasionally, duel is used colloquially to refer to a sports rivalry between two players up against each other, such as pitchers in baseball. Second, dual ends in the letters ual, just like the word usual. He’ll still be quick, he’ll still be shifty — but he’ll likely be a bit harder for defenders to bring down. King Joffrey was very fond of forcing his subjects to duel to the death. Both bilingual and dual have to do with the number two. The winner of the swordfight would keep his honor, and the loser would die. (verb). The adjective dual means (1) composed of two usually like or complementary parts, (2) double, or (3) having a double character or purpose. When to use dual: Dual is an adjective that you can use to describe anything that has two of something, or is in two parts. This car is very safe because of its _________ air bag system. 179+6 sentence examples: 1. Therefore, you can’t mix them up in writing. Dual is an adjective that means having two parts. –. The new phones will have a dual camera to entice consumers. Two swordsmen can duel, for example, but if three or more swordsmen are fighting, it is more accurate to choose a different word instead. enhancedwriting/ July 26, 2017/ Uncategorized. (verb). They then turned face to face and prepared to duel. The often-cited description of the pulmonary circulation (which occurs in the 1546 draft) begins p. 169; it has escaped even Sigmond that Servetus had an idea of the composition of water and of air; the hint for his researches was the dual form of the Hebrew words for blood, water, &c. Two treatises, Desiderius (ante 1542) and De tribus impostoribus (1598) have been wrongly ascribed to Servetus. How to use duel in a sentence. The two noblemen agreed to a duel at dawn. challenge someone to a duel: To propose combat. Some homophones are spelled nearly the same, too, which does nothing to add clarity to the situation. Dual bombings at the concert in one night made the police suspect a coordinated attack. –, There is a special admission charge to visit the dual Chihuly exhibits, but there are also two dramatic glass pieces on display in the museum, which is free: Colorful glass orbs float on a spring along the Art Trail, and the “Azure Icicle Chandelier” hangs in the light-filled gallery bridge. Here are some examples: As a verb, duel means to engage in a conflict between two entities. 4. –, And that’s key, of course, for the dual-threat quarterback and reigning Heisman Trophy winner who captivated the nation with his speed and affinity for scoring touchdowns. What does duel mean? The bar offers a dueling piano show every Thursday night. He has dual British and South African nationality. I would duel her in chess, but I would probably lose. use "dual" in a sentence She was born in Thailand, and raised in Manitoba, and now she has dual citizenship. When to use duel: As a noun, a duel is a prearranged combat between two people, often using swords or guns. There are several collocations and expressions that use duel. dual role: being responsible for two main areas. You can help yourself remember by using the phrase “dual sandals” as a reminder of the meaning of the adjective dual. There was no other way for this championship — which morphed into one of the most epic final-round duels the sport has ever seen — to end. Depictions of duels are common in cinema, especially sword fights in fantasies and pistol duels in Westerns. First, duel ends in the letters uel, just like the word cruel. This room has a dual purpose, serving as both a study and a dining room. Usually the weapons are swords or guns, and often the two people formally organize the fight beforehand. The candidates were wrapped up in their duel for the White House. A duel is (1) a prearranged combat between two people, or (2) a struggle for domination between two individuals, groups, or ideas.The word also works as a verb, meaning to have a duel. Alternatively, the word bilingual also ends in ual. Examples of how to use “dual citizenship” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs Therefore, she had dual citizenship in both countries. Aaron Burr challenged Alexander Hamilton to a duel. Duel can be a noun or a verb. duel example sentences. If you still need help remembering whether duel or dual is correct, you can refer back to this article to refresh your memory. The many homophones in the English language don’t make learning it or writing it very simple. Nowadays, finding something that comes in two parts is a lot more usual than finding a duel. Again, the conflict is not necessarily violent. These words are called homophones. The bridge has a dual role, carrying both road a Dual citizenship is not only about multiplying the benefits of citizenship; it is also about balancing responsibilities and loyalties to separate nations. This mnemonic might seem ridiculous, but that makes it more memorable. Both duel and dual have the same pronunciation, yet they have completely different meanings and function as different parts of speech. VS. Duel Definition: a prearranged fight with deadly weapons by two people (accompanied by seconds) in order to settle a quarrel over a point of honor What is the Difference Between Dual and Duel? Dual is an adjective which means two. Is it dual or duel? The training airplane has dual controls. I’ll also explain a helpful trick to remember when to use each word. Someone who is a citizen of two different countries is called a “dual citizen.”. Immigrants face the dual challenges of conveying something of their culture of origin to their children while they and their offspring learn to fit into the new society.

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