A few months after her birth, an powerful earthquake appeared and while her family attempted to escape from the chaos, both of her parents died as a result but Maka managed to survive. One Piece - Roronoa Zoro - PICO MAO CAT X ONE PIECE Ver. Afterwards, Maka and Shima started visit Dr. Bali more often and got along with very well. However, the Thriller Company team unveiled their secret weapon: Tararan, who broke out of the bottom of the shrine and carried it on top of his back. She was shown to run up walls, jump from tree to tree, and run at incredibly long distances. As she was drowning, a baby sea king notices her struggle and tried to drag her deeper into the ocean.

She will not hesitate to do anything to help her friends, although she also will also not hesitate to put them in line if they do something inappropriate.

However, he still offered to present them with the treasure, but when the group was led to the shrine the treasure was held in, they realized it was a pair of golden panties.

Luffy quickly saved her and knocked the zombies away, but she told them the bad news about Franky and took them to his Workshop. of the Marching Pirates. After six months, Dr. Bali decided to adopt Maka as her daughter. else it is good. As the team approached the starting line, Mao cheered them on. As Luffy went to help Franky up, Mao and Onami rushed to Mozu and Kiwi’s sides. In his first appearance, Momonosuke was seen in his full animal form, an Eastern dragonwith a long, pink, slender body.

Watch the video for Piece from Mao's オトノトビラ for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

The Pinwheel Eatery team was declared the winner, and Mao and the others celebrated.

Sanji commented on Robin’s beauty, and Mao blushed at the sight of her. Chairman Mao Tse-tung, associated with Maoism.

She is a really exnd temporarely joining the supreme pirates perienced doctor. [1] She is always happy to help others, as seen through her efforts to make the Pinwheel Eatery portable shrine team succeed in winning their race. Being part of the Hito Hito no Mi genus, Mao Mao also became an intelligent being with mental capabilities equal to that of humans. Waitress at the Pinwheel Eatery[1] Later, Mao was present with everyone else when Brook first arrived at the Pinwheel Eatery, and she was startled when he opened his head but intrigued about the flute he held inside of it. 2/5-3/5 water,plain,fast paced.. good for waste time…, more action (training or fight) and less conversation ( most self conversation, and not much with other character), not a good fanfiction but at least, it is better than one piece invincible.

Mao served Chopper, and when Brook asked why everyone was trying to fix the shrine in almost impossibly little time, Mao and the others unanimously responded with, “pride.” Former race competitors Lola and Duval then arrived with the materials from their destroyed shrines, offering to help, and Mao, Onami, and Sanji decided to make extra rice balls to feed everyone. Official English Name: With his acquired capabilities, Mao Mao wiped out the population of the six islands that composed the Horn Archipelago, originating the sea of fire known as Inferno. Status: Mao and Onami decided to run and follow on the sidelines, borrowing a Flying Fish from Duval's subordinates. When Luffy and the others found her, she was surrounded by zombies and paralyzed with fear. ... One Piece: Ship of fools Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Mao?oldid=1729299. The two watched overhead as the Thriller Company and Pinwheel Eatery teams enacted the wheels in their shrines, increasing the race’s pace. Good story but only for the one piece part the other world I feel that he mess with it too much which destroy the stroy. Absalom started shooting at the Eatery team with a cannon, so Franky drove their shrine into the adjacent river, shocking Mao and Onami. She is based on and voiced by Japanese actress Mao Kobayashi. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mao insisted that it was not his fault, and the others tried to reassure him as well. Alias: The zombie shot spider webs at the Eatery team, trapping them to Onami and Mao’s dismay. Island of Origin: Tora Island Occupation: Doctor Epithet: Dark Tigress Crew: Kaze Pirates Position: Doctor Family: ?

After Shima saw her in a dire situation, she jumped in the ocean to drag Maka from the baby sea king even though she is only a novice swimmer. When Usopp asked where Brook was, Nico Robin appeared and offered to tell them. Also I haven't even watched a 100 episodes so these OC's likely kinda suck. Horn Archipelago (former); Inferno (absent) Mao Mao is an article prescribed by GalaxiaWW, Mao Mao

Mao also has a tendency to blush when she is embarrassed, as she did when she met Nico Robin and later when Igaram revealed that the race's treasure prize was a pair of golden panties.

Maka decided to name her female tiger, Shima, because she loves her unique stripes pattern.

They flew alongside the floating shrine, giving the team instructions on the fastest route on water. Birthdate: 5th July Height: 169 Weight:? Type: With Signature. The Franky Workshop had been attacked by zombies, who kidnapped Mao. Statistics After Shima finally woke up, Maka hugged Shima and then Dr. Bali as a gesture of graditude. Typy. Mao Zedong. Elle a un bandeau dans les cheveux. Communist Memes Friends Comrades Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, Peep Show Chair Mark Mao Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, 80s Retro Vintage Chairman Mao Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, Chairman Mao Zedong design Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, CHAIRMAN MAO 2 Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, CHAIRMAN MAO 6 Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, Chairman Mao Vaporwave Pastel Goth Aesthetic Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, Chair Mark Mao Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, Communist symbol Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, Chairman Meow Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, MAO LOVES MUSIC Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, CHAIRMAN MAO 4 Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, Chairman Mao propaganda Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, Comrade Mao Zedong Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, MAO WAS RIGHT Political Mao Zedong Design Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, A great leader Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, Chairman Mao propaganda poster Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, Chairman Mao, Mousie Tung Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, Chairman Mao cultural revolution propaganda poster Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, Communist Comrades Friends Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, Chairman Mao pop art Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, MAOISM WILL WIN Short Sleeve Baby One-Piece, Chairman Mao. Igaram read the description next to the panties, explaining that they could grant any wishes for beautiful women only. Cristina Vee.

Mao Mao ate the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Devil King, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that turned him into the personification of supreme evil. The next morning, the Thriller Company approached with a massive shrine. https://shipoffools.fandom.com/wiki/Maka_Mao?oldid=164285. Affiliations: Her athleticism is noted amongst the females as she presents good speed and stamina.

Chairman Mao short sleeved baby one-pieces are expertly printed on ethically sourced apparel and are available in a range of colors and sizes. Maka is bright, cheerful, direct and confident but in stark contrast to Ryusen, she is also short-tempered, competitive and can sometimes let her emotions get the better of her. When Franky’s treatment was over, Mao and the others stood around him as he lamented his failure to protect the portable shrine. Login × Email: Password: Forgot Your Password? Maka recieved her tiger partner as part of a tradition at Tora Island that all 6-year-olds would select a 2-year-old tiger cub from the Sacred Amba Hobbes Den to be their partner for life. A few months after her birth, an powerful earthquake appeared and while her family attempted to escape from the chaos, both of her parents died as a result but Maka managed to survive. "Little Devil" Mao Mao is a Pirate and the "Red General" (朱元帥, Ake Gensui?) Right as Igaram was about to start the race, Mao called out for him to wait, as the Pinwheel Eatery’s team was on its way. Mao punches Brook in the face after he asked her to wear the golden panties. PICO MAO CAT X ONE PIECE Ver., Swing. Kategoria. Mao Residence: Romanized Name: It is unknown how long the world has been around and how it was created.

She took her surgery equipment from a portable toolbox that she always carried and operated on Shima's leg. Tis the season to bundle up.

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