Maternal grandfather (unknown)Helen Payne (mother,deceased)Jack Payne (father,deceased)Michelle Payne (wife, deceased)Rose Payne (infant daughter, deceased) A new reload animation was also introduced, which, when Max reloads while in Bullet Time, allows him to duck to avoid bullets, spin around to survey the combat situation, and briefly pause to give the player a moment to think of a strategy. The station is attacked by the Cleaners, who are looking for Mona. In Max Payne 3, the golden M10 parts can be located in Part I, Chapter III: Just Another Day at the Office. The morning after he was released by WCW, Peterson was contacted by wrestler Rick Rude, who convinced WWF owner Vince McMahon to hire him. Once he goes on the ledge, a cleaner van parks and try to kill the detective, but the latter kills all four men. Max and Tony begin to insult one another, and after Max makes some harsh comments about his family, Tony raises a handgun into the latter's face, threatening to kill him. Protecting Sax, in the heat of the moment, Payne shoots and kills his Homicide partner but gets shot in the torso himself and loses consciousness. ", because they're not very skillful throwing them, thus killing their own friendlies. Max jumps to the ground floor, while Giovanna finds no way down from the upper floor and stays there as Max kills the reinforcements. Red Faction • When Lem vaporizes Gognitti and leaves, the Address Unknown funhouse catches fire and Max Payne's motionless body is only saved by Mona Sax who was in the vicinity and braves fire and the dangerous crumbling installation to get to him. At some point after his exoneration, Max Payne transfers back to the NYPD and works under the now-demoted lieutenant Jim Bravura in Homicide. Max later oversees a trade between the UFE and the Crachá Preto, much to his shock as he finds out that the UFE, the group that was meant to protect people, has been selling them to the Crachá Preto. [12], The story, sometimes told through in-game dialogue, is pushed forward with comic panels that play during cut scenes. (DEA contact/Enemy, deceased)Angelo Punchinello (Enemy, deceased)Anthony DeMarco (Enemy)Wilson Da Silva (Friend/Ally)Raul Passos (Friend)Giovanna Taveres (Friend)Rodrigo Branco (Boss/Friend, deceased)Victor Branco (Boss/Enemy, deceased)Armando Becker (Enemy,deceased)Álvaro Neves (Enemy, deceased)Serrano (Enemy/Temporary Ally, unknown), DEA Agent (1998 - 2001)Fugitive (c. 2001)Brancos Bodyguard (c. 2012), Timothy Gibbs (Max Payne 2)James McCaffrey (Max Payne 3). Victor taunts Max, thinking he'll not be be found guilty by saying "You know I'll walk...' To which a pissed off Max replies with "You'll walk, with a limp!" Unreal • At Starrcade 1993 they defeated Tex Slazenger and Shanghai Pierce,[9] and at the January 27, 1994 Clash of the Champions XXVI, they defeated The Nasty Boys. The M10 is primarily seen in the two New Jersey flashback levels being used by the DeMarco Crime Family, with the Micro 9mm serving as the primary machine pistol used by the factions in Brazil. 300 There, the two agree to pursue a lead in Sax's contact and a member of the Inner Circle, Corcoran, who, according to Mona, would have the answers they need, as the secret society is involved in their predicament. Darryl Peterson (born October 3, 1961) is an American musician, actor and retired professional wrestler who wrestled in World Championship Wrestling as Maxx Payne and in the World Wrestling Federation as Man Mountain Rock. While he was undercover with the DEA, he had to keep up a good appearance and an obsessive drive. Max ordered by Da Silva to investigate an abandoned hotel which revealed that it is organ harvesting ring and destroyed in the process. Knowing this, Max and Bravura agreed that he would resign from the NYPD with a small pension. Tom McNamara of IGN enjoyed playing in the film noir setting and believed that it adds dramatic depth to Max and Mona's story, "somehow [making] what's going on more important and interesting. Alex Balder was also a dear friend and DEA handler who kept Max "relatively sane" for 3 years and he was murdered in front of him in 2001, no longer able to support Max. With depression, alcohol abuse, and ageing he is slightly overweight around 2005-2012. With his training complete, he debuted in June 1987 and soon after traveled to Japan to work for New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), where he trained in the New Japan Dojo alongside fellow gaijin Chris Benoit for five months.[2]. Soon, Max bursts through the door and orders the men to the drop the guns, but they refuse to and Annie dies in the process. Moments later, members from the Comando Sombra (CS) attack the party and attempt to kidnap Rodrigo and Fabiana. He had to protect him and his wife, Fabiana Branco from the Comando Sombra who are attempt kidnapping them. Doom • His right-hand man was Vinnie Gognitti. In firefights, Payne can launch himself into a shootdodge to minimise his exposure to an incoming hail of bullets and/or take enemies by surprise, especially around corners.

When an enemy is hidden behind a wall divider, the player can throw a grenade next to it to send the cover flying through the air, rendering the enemy unprotected. Then after Max rides down an elevator, his boss, Jim Bravura confronts him about the death of Max's partner, Valerie Winterson who is Vlad's secret lover. Behind the Scenes Ultimately, however, Poole described the game as "entertaining but not earth-shattering". Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon • and stomps on his leg, breaking it.

They are the character's clothes with which he appears in the first and second games. Payne and Sax at the Upper East Side apartment complex. Somewhere in between the late 80's and early 90's Max Payne grew up to be a police officer, he trained in the New York Police Academy and was the best and top young officer in his class, from taking down small fry crooks, to high end gangsters, he was quickly promoted from beat cop to detective for the New York City Police Department. [5], The Cleaners raid the hospital building looking for Max, but Max manages to fight his way out. He became a private bodyguard and fugitive in Sao Paulo. After playing a high school wrestler in the film Take Down with Lorenzo Lamas, Peterson married and had a child. You can choose to kill Becker or spare him, but he will die from his wounds anyway.

The following lists the films and video games in the Max Payne series: Video Games. Whenever they throw a grenade, always exclaim, "Crap! While Max and Raul fight in the yacht to find survivors, Marcelo drives off with the bag.

After meeting Mona at her house, they go to a hotel building to talk to an Inner Circle member named Corcoran. The two begin to drink and have some fun together along with the local bar girl. A few weeks following the Panama incident, the Brancos host a charity party, and invite many of their friends and associates, including Unidade de Forças Especiais (UFE) commander Armando Becker, detective Wilson Da Silva, and doctor Arthur Fischer. Max's first job is in the Caribbean. He was a former New York detective and undercover cop before quitting his police work. He also made an appearance under his real name as a jobber on a February 1989 episode of WWF Prime Time Wrestling, losing to Bret Hart. After waiting at the warzone, Max is encountered by Wilson Da Silva, and Max drives off with him from the scene. Once they meet up, Woden personally reveals to Max the existence of the Inner Circle and their wish for him to eliminate Horne without making any of her plans known to the public. Escaping the Castling Construction Site's exploding condemned building.

The trophies include Trick Shot, Four for the Price of One, Quickest on the Draw, Plenty to Go Around, The American Dream, A Cold Day in Hell, A Bit Closer to Heaven, Feel the Payne, Under Par, Weapons Training, and The Last Challenge. Two years after the events of the first game, Max has been reinstated in his old job as a police detective for the NYPD. He often claimed that he would release a documentary called The Thing that Should Not Be or The Real Maxx Payne based on the footage, but never did. Max and Raul later visits Michelle and Rose's tombstone once more, where Max sits, still thinking about how he hates himself for not being able to protect his family from the the valkyr junkies and how he also hates the world for not killing him too, but while Max is taking his last look at his family's grave, Passos and Max are soon attacked by DeMarco's goons. When the hitmen's forces are obliterated, the remaining Cleaners flee and Payne uses the opportunity to jump into one of their vans undetected, ready to track the criminals to their base of operations and take the fight to them.

All he is left to do is scream in anguish holding his wife's dead body. Payne chases after Gognitti and, after a dangerous rooftop pursuit, leaves him bleeding in an alley after he gets the location of Lupino from him. He visits Senator Alfred Woden, the leader of the Inner Circle, who reveals that the Cleaners work for Lem; Lem wants to secure control of the criminal underground and the Inner Circle by killing Gognitti and Woden. Here B.B. Praise focused on its action and story, while criticism targeted its length, which was considered short. The character had a neo-noir[citation needed] look and feel, as far as the live theater of professional wrestling would allow. He does not believe his doings are heroic and he believes he should be punished for his actions. Then a commando sneaks up and finds Max, but the detective shoots him dead. Max Payne remembers Jack suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, using violence against his mother and cheating on her. [3], Peterson worked for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in March 1986, and put together the steel cage used in the main event of WrestleMania 2.

Members of the Crachá Preto enter the bus graveyard, and find both Max and Giovanna. When Max Payne is in the hospital after a shooting, he wakes up and finds a gun beside its rightful owner, who's dead. Before Victor manages to kill Max, he blocks out his gun a gives a brutal headbutt to Victor head before Becker tases Max allowing both men to escape Max and his angry rage by locking the door behind them.

Despite let go of all the murders in the Valkyr Case thanks to Alfred Woden, Max became disgruntled and went back to work in the NYPD. Critical Strike • Both Da Silva and Max wait for the real cops to arrive with Victor screaming in pain about his broken leg. TimeSplitters • [2] No One Lives Forever • During most of his time there, he has a beard, and later is seen with a bald head, wearing a white undershirt with shoulder holster for his hand gun(s), tan colored cargo pants, and tan shoes. As he about to leave the building, he finds a injured Crachá Preto goon with a severed leg, Max pulls the goon out, who then tells him that Fabiana is held in Nova Esperança. Simmering with revenge and holding only the Russian mob boss' Desert Eagle to start with, Max Payne chases after his target, killing the last remnants of his men and avoiding more explosions along the way. Then after Max rides down an elevator, his boss, Jim Bravura confronts him about the death of Max's partner, Valerie Winterson who is Vlad's secret lover. Destiny • Sax confesses to the detective her orders are to clean up the whole "mess" which has been happening, including him, but she hesitates pulling the trigger on Payne and, eventually, throws away her pistol, overtaken by her feelings for the man. Splatoon • After the flashback, Max disarms the gangster that was meant to take care of him, and starts to look for Giovanna and Marcelo, fighting in the way large group of UFE soldiers, as well witnessing the group's brutality.

Video game critics gave Max Payne 2 highly positive reviews. Origin

The highest ranking member he is able to get acquainted with seems to have been Vincent Gognitti. After a short argument, the two fly off the hotel, which completely collapsed.

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