Meiji Organic Drinking Milk is certified organic under the Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS). Drinking it daily will help balancing your digestive flora and maintaining overall health. Afidopyropen is expected to be particularly safe for honeybees important pollinators in the habitat. Following the Meiji Group Procurement Policy and the Paper Procurement Guideline, we are working with our suppliers to procure paper raw materials for product and office use in ways that care for human rights and the environment.

Thanks to the help of the Meiji Feed Co., Ltd., our Group company who is building a close relationship with producers nationwide, this MDA initiative will be developed even more. Use 55.3%* of paper raw materials including paper with FSC® or other certifications and post-consumer paper.

Scope of initiatives (fiscal 2017) The main constituent of ZAXA is a type of amino acid commonly found in nature. Drinking Milk | Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. At the same time, dairy farming is hard work, and farms face a lack of successors. A good choice for everyone in your family. Meiji Bulgaria is delicately made from natural quality milk, with no preservatives and no artificial flavours or colours. Meiji Oishi Gyunyu combines only the finest raw milk with patented manufacturing methods and strict quality control to preserve fresh milk’s deliciously satisfying flavor. We improve the traceability of cocoa through Meiji Cocoa Support, which is intended to improve the operating environment of cocoa farmers. Our goal is to deliver safe and secure products. Afidopyropen / development code ME5343 (insecticide). A good and healthy choice for everyone. The effect is long-lasting and the product is highly degradable in the environment.

This system reduces work for the farmers and the burden of initial investment and maintenance costs for equipment, allowing farmers to concentrate on production with confidence. Dairy farmers in Japan are aging and their numbers are decreasing. BASF has submitted the regulatory dossier in Mexico and Argentina, with additional registration submissions planned in upcoming years for key markets worldwide. Our dairy managers work closely with local farmers and agricultural cooperatives to ensure stable access to high-quality raw milk. Copyright Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. We are expanding the range of eco-friendly papers (including paper with FSC®* or other certifications and post-consumer paper) that we use for product containers, packaging, printing, and copying.

Meiji Low Fat Yoghurt comes in a variety of flavours for your daily enjoyment. Agricultural Chemicals and Veterinary Drugs, Procure Raw Materials With Consideration Toward Human Rights and the Environment, A decrease in the usage by 10% year-on-year, RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), Sustainability Video (Meiji Cocoa Support), Meiji and Arysta Enter into Licensing Agreement Concerning new Insecticide Flupyrimin in India. Palm oil, taken from oil palm trees cultivated in the tropics, is widely used in food processing. For management, the goals are to raise the productivity of the farm overall and to attract and secure good workers. Raw milk, the raw material used to make drinking milk, is milked from healthy cows. The number of certified diary farms increased to eight in 2016.

These practices include legal and regulatory compliance in cocoa-producing countries and regions, securing a proper working environment respectful of human rights, maintaining ecosystems, partnering with the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), and running Meiji Cocoa Support, our own farmer support program. This chemical helps farmers throughout Japan by contributing to the stable production of rice and vegetables. Meiji Organic Drinking Milk is certified organic under the Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS).

We use eco-friendly FSC®-certified paper for products such as Meiji Oishii Gyunyu 900ml (a drinking milk product), chocolate snacks, Kinoko no Yama and Takenoko no Sato, Strawberry Chocolate and (SAVAS) MILK PROTEIN Fat 0. To address these issues, the Meiji Group is currently pouring resources into the Meiji Dairy Advisory (MDA), which is our own farm management support program designed to help improve farms’ productivity.The goals of the MDA are to increase work efficiency and to improve work satisfaction for the employees.

As a result, this herbicide has minimal effect on soil and is highly safe for livestock. To this end, we follow the Meiji Group Procurement Policy to ensure the quality and safety of raw materials and packaging.

The active ingredients in Meiji Eco Series pesticides and fungicides are also derived from natural sources. In addition, we work with suppliers to improve any problems. The quantity and quality of raw milk is greatly influenced by temperature, humidity and feed. This new public-private partnership – called the Cocoa & Forests Initiative (CFI) – has been organized by the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), IDH - the Sustainable Trade Initiative, and the Prince of Wales’s International Sustainability Unit (ISU). To be more specific, the Meiji Group has assigned specialized advisory staff and is creating a system that provides continuous and various support. Suppliers must meet rigorous planning standards set by each Meiji Group company. We implement procurement with consideration toward human rights, environment and animal welfare, cooperating with suppliers in accordance with the Meiji Group Procurement Policy and the Raw Milk Procurement Guideline. In 2006, we began our own Meiji Cocoa Support program and have been deepening partnerships with cocoa-producing nations. Meiji Bulgaria is delicately made from natural quality milk, with no preservatives and no artificial flavours or colours. To strengthen our response to sustainability issues in the supply chain, we survey and check supplier consideration and initiatives with respect to human rights and the environment, based on the Meiji Group Procurement Policy. Afidopyropen is highly effective against hard-to-control pests like aphids and whiteflies that attack soybeans and vegetables. Following a licensing agreement between Meiji and BASF in May 2010, BASF is exclusively developing the product around the world, except for some regions/countries in Asia.

Our research and development of agricultural chemicals and veterinary drugs produces ground-breaking products that are eco-friendly and very safe. We conduct seminars on cultivation technology and insect-pest control and supply seedlings to increase yield. Afidopyropen was discovered by Meiji in collaboration with a research laboratory at the Kitasato Institute, supervised by a 2015 Nobel Prize laureate, Prof. Satoshi Omura. Meiji Low Fat Yoghurt is both nutritious and delicious. Since 2006, the Meiji Group has supported the sustainable production of cocoa, working to improve the operating environment of cocoa farmers. We formulated the Paper Procurement Guideline in September 2018. The stable procurement of high quality cocoa beans is an important issue for us as the global demand for cocoa expands. ORYZEMATE prevents plant diseases by raising the disease resistance of rice and vegetables. In 1999, we began working with dairy farmers belonging to the Organic Dairy Research Council in … In domestic dairy farming, there are concerns about the raw milk production base weakening, and dairy farmers are having problems, such as a lack of labor force and/or training that labor force. We will keep up efforts to distribute this technology worldwide, continuing to deliver innovative environmentally friendly products. The governments of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana and the world’s leading cocoa and chocolate companies signed landmark agreements in November 2017 to end deforestation and promote forest restoration and protection in the cocoa supply chain. We implement an initial action plan from one part of Meiji Cocoa Support that spells out the specific actions it will take in 2018-2022 to deliver the commitments set out in the Framework. This authentic natural yoghurt is made from a selective strain of LB81, a live culture from Bulgaria. Additionally, we support community and infrastructure development by building wells, donating school supplies, and supporting environment-friendly farming practices. Thirty-three companies, accounting for about 85% of global cocoa usage, have joined CFI. We implement procurement in accordance with the Raw Milk Procurement Guideline.

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