We are going to have to wrap this up. This idea is no longer implausible. Reflections on a Methodology for Christian Philosophers. Oh, look, this is a really interesting one, as somebody who grew up watching Eddie Murphy Delirious and all those things. The lyrics include the line, “I hate the Anzacs.” It’s repeated. I think, you know, ultimately, the value that the journalism produced by companies like our own in New Zealand, or our former owners, Nine News Limited, adds enormously to the business models and the experience that Google gives its customers, its readers, anyone using its products, the same for Facebook, etc. ... And I decided I would tell my story to Annika Smethurst. I think, particularly at a time when, you know, parliament is not meeting as regularly as we usually do, we’ve also seen this government use really new tactics in order to avoid transparency in a number of ways. But, you know, it took a long time, but I managed to significantly turn my health, my life around and become much fitter. Alright. I think Kamala Harris is an outstanding candidate, and for so many reasons. A web question we’ve received tonight points to Google releasing an open letter today, warning Australians that the way they use Google is at risk as a result of the news media bargaining code that we’re talking about. Now, over the next fortnight, we’ll bring you two special programs exploring both the young and the old. But I would put to The Australian, and to the editor-of-chief, is that when they say, “Context is everything,” well, I say context within The Australian in the context of Black Lives Matter matters, because I feel that the publication did its best to try and link the Victorian cluster to Black Lives Matter, even when the health authorities and the facts said the opposite, clearly. And they want to see balance. I don’t believe he was using the same words, or using Biden’s words. Well, if I’m going to have a direct conversation and an honest conversation, but alternatively, I think it’s going to be read, I’m going to sanitise it, or more to the point, I’m going to pick up the phone and ring them. What you wear and what your colour is completely irrelevant. “Fake news.” And, you know, “Defund the media!” And, “Blah, blah, blah.” There’s so much hate and animosity towards the media, and that makes those...these disinformation networks that are really sophisticated a really dangerous but attractive alternative. Well, first of all, congratulations. SMETHURST, Modern Science and Christian Beliefs [Book Review]. Absolutely go after me. I don’t...I don’t agree with you, Niki. ‘Cause you look at even outside of Australia, how different countries have handled this. There’s been lots of tinkering around the edges, the odd program here and there. So, if their readership believes that they’re telling them things that they need to know, and telling them in a fair way and an accurate way, then of course they will respond to that. I mean, I don’t think it’s the most racist thing to come out of News Corp cartoons, but I think the doubling down of the editor-in-chief and sending a memo to all staff, rather than reflecting, this is where... And to your point, is this just about lack of diversity? Australian research has shown that Anti-Islam conspiracy theories portraying Muslims as a sub-human incompatible existential threat to society are now really common online and have been for many years and that it is a major gateway to right-wing extremism. But, you know, once upon a time, privacy was the right to be left alone. And the second thing is, you’ve got to balance it off with tanking your economy. Many people do, and I’ve done that, but I have certain rules about the extent to which I did. How does that work? I think he should have said...he should have said... ..he didn’t...he didn’t describe her that way. All of that. But, say, in the ACT, we have no community transmission. I’m not saying, “Bring down the cartoon.” I’m not saying, “Stifle satire and don’t push boundaries.” But I reckon there would be more reflection if it wasn’t four white blokes going, “Hey, John, what do you think?” “Oh, I don’t think it was racist.” “Peter, what do you think? I haven’t seen them return to television, especially not in the commercial world. I think when you’re emulating other cultures…. If she... On the Today show. What is to stop the big tech companies doing the same when the government brings in this new code? You don’t respect them? And, you know, context matters. Well, obviously, it has a trickle-down effect on which stories are told, how they’re framed, how they’re...which stories are selected, the voices that are put forward. Yeah, I’m just going to send it on Signal. I think...I think it’s a fair call. So, my song April 25th comes from an academic theory, which is the black armband view of history. They are articulate and they are driven. Bala Sugavanam asked: As a brown Australian and a Tamil born in Chennai, India where Kamala Harris' mother was from, I was mortified to see the racist cartoon on 'The Australian'. This is just one example of your Coalition government not being truthful nor transparent with the Australian people. Do we have a right to know what Barnaby did as the drought envoy? Michelle, are there things that should be cancelled, do you think, from the past? Exactly. If a person is in the public view that is paid for a job where they’re in the public.... You’re in the public, you’re paid for a job. Every week, we ask our panellists to keep their contributions to the debate respectful, and we do ask that of you at home as well. And I think the fact that Queensland and WA have seen what I understand to be a downward, or a flattened, at least, trend does demonstrate that the actions that they’ve taken – and in South Australia as well – the actions, you know, that have been taken by various states have in fact worked.

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