Go here to read more about the Snopes “plant watering” experiment and findings, and see the photos of the plants. that is bad. After heating, let the cup stand in the microwave for thirty seconds! Yeah - I've heard of this. Supercooling looks like more fun and less dangerous. He has produced more than 15 instructional DVDs and is a CEC provider for ACE and NASM. Boiled a cup of water in the microwave, and as soon as I put a spoon in the water, it erupted. Harvard Medical School, 1 Feb. 2006. But good to know the distilled water makes a difference. Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by randy69, Mar 19, 2009. Q: After a couple years of heating and cooking in a microwave, we finally question ourselves whether it’s safe to microwave water. Microwave energy also decreases dramatically as you move away from the source of radiation. But what if you decided to make tea or coffee fast and you need a cup of boiled water? As you’ve seen, all five of these much too common “big” claims about microwave dangers, which I addressed above, certainly don’t have “big” evidence to support them. Well I guess I know what I am doing tonight - playing with the microwave. Now you will learn a completely safe method of cooking macaroni products in the microwave. 3 plants (one from each set) were given microwave-boiled water, cooled to room temperature Powered by Invision Community, 901 Jefferson St STE 207 When the timer shut the oven off, he removed the cup from the oven. According to their website, they took nine healthy plants, three each of three different plant varieties — with one member of each set receiving a different water treatment all from the same water source and temperature. …When water is heated on a stove and reaches the boiling point, there are usually the characteristic bubbles that emerge from the bottom of the heated pan. I pre-make coffee in the coffee maker, keep it in a pitcher in the frig and heat me a cup in the morning. Choose the right cookware designed specifically for the microwave. Your email address will not be published. Now I have bought a water boiler/heater to keep water hot for coffee/tea rather than using the microwave. As the internet story goes, the pictures are from a science fair project (done in 2006) done by the granddaughter of an unknown man who wrote the letter sharing this story with the world. This is one "urban legend" which is true, and the scientific explanation in the OP is correct. “Some nutrients do break down when they’re exposed to heat, whether it is from a microwave or a regular oven. And guess what - both times I was using tap water. Advertise on BHW. JavaScript is disabled. Let’s see if it’s really so scary to heat or boil water in the microwave oven. BOTTOM LINE: If a plastic container is marked “microwave-safe” or carries a microwave icon on it, it’s been specially designed and tested to NOT leach toxins into your food and to withstand microwave heat without melting or warping. Mar 19, 2009 #22. dramtulla Junior Member. It's called superheating water Radiolysis, which is a real process and which the Militia believes creates these radiolytic compounds, is the process by which molecules are dissociated under ionizing radiation. (6), – There is no residual radiation remaining after microwave production has stopped. “This type of radiation is non-ionizing, which means that it isn’t the type of “radiation” you’d associate with Homer Simpson and Chernobyl — it’s in the form of waves.” Ryan Andrews, the Director of Education at Precision Nutrition, This type of claim likely stems from a 1975 study published Journal of Food Science, which stated that the shape and texture of both carrot and broccoli halves appeared to change while those cooked conventionally more nearly resembled the shape of the stalk or root. Invision Power Services, Inc. This has happened to me a few times, although the water's exploded inside the microwave as opposed to in my face, thankfully. Guest higrass, March 26, 2009 in General Chit Chat, Is this true? Radiolysis, which is a … General Electric's Response: ... "Microwaving Food in Plastic: Dangerous or Not?" I've seen this here in Boise: put a plastic water bottle onto the patio table over a freezing night. its called Super Heating - heating of a liquid to a temperature above its normal boiling point. In conclusion, no significant nutritional differences exist between foods prepared by conventional and microwave methods. The real dangers of … He has been a featured presenter at conferences held by such organizations as IDEA, NSCA, DCAC, and ECA, along with teaching staff trainings at fitness clubs throughout the United States. Is this true? I'd normally dismiss this as bullsh*t, but this happened to my mum years ago with milk. Can it explode from the cup scalding your face with 1st and 2nd degree burns? Their results indicated “No adverse effects of the diets cooked by microwave compared with those cooked conventionally.” (22), – Concerning the effects of Microwaves on Water: According to Louis A. Bloomfield Ph.D., a Professor of Physics at the University of Virginia and the author of the book How Everything Works: Making Physics Out of the Ordinary, “Microwaves don’t affect the molecular structure of the food, except through the thermal effects we associate with normal cooking (e.g., denaturing of proteins with heat and caramelizing of sugars). (2). It goes the other direction too. Water Heated a Microwave Can Violently Erupt and Cause Injury-Truth! I guess I have some teaching to do tonight. The rapid formation of bubbles is also why a carbonated beverage spews when opened after having been shaken.'. (7). But I would say it's not true in the sense that this does not generally happen. At the same time, microwaving water is dangerous. Looks like some strange special effect. In other words, molecules that are electric dipoles, of which water is the most efficient, rotate back and forth; the friction between them creates heat. Brian Dunning, in his “Are Microwave Ovens Safe?” episode of Skeptiod, does a great job of explaining this reality in order to highlight how demonstrably wrong this type of claim is: “Probably the most flagrant error that the Microwave Militia propagates is that microwaved food or water contains what they call “radiolytic compounds” — new chemicals created by the tearing apart of molecules in a microwave. If water is heated in this manner, something should be placed in the cup to diffuse the energy such as a wooden stir stick, tea bag, etc.., (nothing metal). Now, not only is this whole story pure internet rumor, the testing methodology used doesn’t nearly represent “good science,” therefore, making any conclusions drawn from it erroneous. The reason for this is that water molecules within the food vibrate at incredible speeds, creating molecular friction which is responsible for the heating of the food. Though using distilled water or really pure filtered water it has a high chance of exploding. Once water is superheated, any slight disturbance, such as picking up the cup, can cause the water to boil all at once, resulting in a violent eruption of scalding water. – The fact-checking website Snopes debunked the claims regarding the two pictured plants (below) that many of the Microwave Dangers websites love to talk about: one that was given microwaved water and a second plant that received purified water. Is this true? Water can be dissociated under ionizing alpha particle bombardment, which is a natural process. Microwaves..........work of the devil:yield: Yeah, pretty damned scary when you want to reheat your tea or whatever. A recycle symbol does not mean a container is safe to use or reuse in the microwave oven. Stir and check if the pasta is ready, Drain the water and add your favorite sauce, flavoring or cheese. I usually throw a toothpick in before heating. The microwave might seem to be faster than a regular kettle or pan. …So, here’s the scenario:  Some water is heated in the microwave and both the water and the container are clean enough that there are no nucleation sites. WARNING: Microwaving Water is DANGEROUS. I've found it happens more frequently with purified water than with non-purified tap water. Organizations such as the USFDA and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) have strict standards, and regular testing procedures in place to ensure their safety standards are upheld. What’s the right way to microwave pasta? Basically because it has happened to me twice - fortunately my face was not over the mug when it happened , but it certainly happened. (6), – “Based on the survey results, several studies and the fast decay of radiated power density with distance from the oven, the conclusion was that user exposure to RF radiation from microwave ovens is much less than the general public exposure limit set by most international standards… and that a detrimental effect on health is an unlikely result of exposure to radiation from microwave ovens.” (3), – The design of modern microwave ovens is such that the microwaves should be contained within the oven, but it is still possible for some leakage to occur around the doors of certain microwave ovens. And, over the course of 9 days, as you can see by the photos, the plant given microwaved-water shriveled and died, supposedly due to the adverse effects of “microwaved water.”. (6), – Surveys by organisations providing testing services have shown that microwave oven leakage levels in excess of the recommended limits are rare and an oven in good condition and used correctly is safe.(5). Needless to say the eggs blew up in my face when I took them out of the microwave i had some pretty bad burns. Also, microwave ovens have been out 30(?) Joined: Jun 9, 2008 Messages: 658 Likes Received: 347. That said, one would do best to follow the USFDA’s recommendation of taking “common sense precautions”like not standing directly next to the microwave while it’s on, since, as stated above, it’s been shown that standing just 20 inches away – that’s less than the average adults arm length – from a microwave oven would be approximately one one-hundredth of the RF radiation value measured at 2 inches. (8), –  Domestic microwaves do leak some radiation, which the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) allows for because they are far below the level known to harm people. I had heard of superheating, but thought it was extremely rare (also thought Alton was merely impressing everyone with his knowledge of arcane cooking theory). The difficult thing can get simple if you follow these steps: Now you can make tea or coffee or use the water for any other purposes. What then usually happens is that the liquid is bumped or jarred, which is just enough of a shock to cause the bubbles to rapidly form and expel the hot liquid. To prevent this from happening and causing injury, do not heat any liquid for more than two minutes per cup. Or when you are making tea, you may also place your glass mug with water in the microwave for a minute or so. “Absolutely no negative health effects of microwave heating have been shown conclusively in all these years since microwave heating was started in the 50s.” Ashim Datta, a professor of biological and environmental engineering at Cornell University and the author of The Handbook of Microwave Technology for Food Applications. Water is H2O, whether it’s ever been microwaved or not. I thought hey maybe you can boil eggs in the microwave like you can on the stove top. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If the water has impurities in it (like most tap water) it will not explode. The Mac Mini is just pining for the fjords, it's not dead yet! But there is so much controversial information on the Internet. If so, it would be immoral for you to do anything else but take that million dollars and use it to educate and save the world.” (25). Won’t the water boil out or heat unevenly so the pasta will be just disgusting? Spilling boiling water can be dangerous. Nick’s new book, Strength Training for Fat Loss, will be available March 25th 2014.

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