0000001630 00000 n Best oil palm yields are obtained in places where a maximum average temperature of 29-33 degrees and a minimum average temperature of 22-24 degrees are available. They are used in commercial To request a refund, after you are logged into Afrimash.com, go to My Account > Orders > Support ... for the order in question. Polybags are preferably black, UV resistant for durability and measuring 40 – 45 cm wide with 8 – 10 holes at bottom and sides are half-filled with soil and compost mixed at a 50:50 ratio. Here's a quick rundown of each. The mother palm of a hybrid is called dura. They were planted into the sterile sand medium in the form of sprouts and Al was treated with five different concentrations, 0, 75, 150, 225, and 300 ppm. Table 1: Oil production in plantations with three types of planting materials, 1) FFB price = 150 US$/tonne; 2) CPO price = 780 US$/tonne. Seedlings should be removed from the main nursery by lifting with a spade and the roots carefully cut.

Call: (+234) 809 409 1115 WhatsApp: (234) 808 280 8271 Email: [email protected]. In the table below, an example is given for a plantation with good quality hybrid planting materials (Plantation 1) and two plantations with non-hybrid materials (Plantations 2 and 3). When you cross a dura with a pisifera (like they do in the seed producing companies) you get a tenera: Below is the process for producing a tenera palm: If you cross only dura mothers with pisifera fathers, you can be certain that: If you plant the seeds that you took from a plantation, this is what happens: Here is what happens when you take seeds from the plantation (see Figure 6): Independent plantations with bad planting material usually have around 50 percent tenera palms, 25 percent dura palms and 25 percent pisifera palms. Example: Oil production from plantations with, Why we cannot plant seeds from a plantation, https://akvopedia.org/s_wiki/index.php?title=Sustainable_Oil_Palm_Farming_/_Tenera,_Dura,_and_Pisifera&oldid=36607, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Seeds taken and planted from the plantation. When there is no other alternative, a refund will be processed within 3-5 working days. 0000010903 00000 n

Make safe and reliable transaction with us. Smaller polybags of 250 guage and 23 x 13 cm size, preferably black are used for raising primary nurseries. We accept bank transfer, bank deposit, online with bank, or debit/credit card, Oil Palm Seedlings (Hybrid Supergene | Tenera Varieties). 0000004168 00000 n So make sure you only plant hybrid seeds! However, this is a special oil and normal palm oil factories are not interested in it. Refunds are approved only after the conditions required for refund are met. %%EOF ©2020 Afrimash Company Limited. Features of High-Yield Supergene Oil-Palm Seedlings Earlier harvest (22 – 24months), compared to 36 – 48 months of SIRM standard seedling. 0000018675 00000 n 0000002176 00000 n This specie (Supergene) is part of what makes Malaysia the number one Palm producer in the world due to its prolific production there.

belong to the Arecaceae, or 0000001790 00000 n Change of Price or Unavailability of a Product: In the case of a change in price or unavailability of a product, you could change your order or request that we send your money to your store credit with Afrimash (that is your Afrimash Wallet). All plantations require a similar amount of fertiliser and labour, so these costs remain the same across all plantations. Posted by. The shell of an oil palm fruit is the brown/black woody ring between the yellow flesh and the white kernel (see Figure 3). We offer the hybrid varieties of oil palm seedlings including the Supergene and Tenera varieties.

0000000016 00000 n A hybrid is a cross between two different types of parents. Good quality, certified seeds will produce good palms that give very large yields. As of this date, Scribd will manage your SlideShare account and any content you may have on SlideShare, and Scribd's General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply. 71 0 obj <>stream Leaves growing in an upward direction instead of to the side which makes the crown of the palm appear very ‘narrow’; The fruit consisting of only yellow mesocarp (flesh) and some white kernel. There is no oil in the shell. Transplanting to the main field has to be done during the onset of the rainy season. Yield of Oil palm In a well-maintained garden the yield of oil palm will be as furnished below : Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. 0000013107 00000 n

Al was applied at the same time in the plant from 4 to 12 weeks after planting.

Bank Transfer or Bank Deposit | Debit/Credit Card | Pay with Bank.

The oil palms (Elaeis) <<26CCC626D991F143AD32D20AB3E8E2F5>]>> Call: (+234) 809 409 1115 WhatsApp: (234) 808 280 8271 Email: [email protected]. Once your oil palm tree has started growing, water the tree frequently. give traits to their children in the form of genes. In cats, for example, there are genes for colour of the fur.

Look for a fertilizer that provides both the basic nutrients plus trace nutrients like boron, manganese, and magnesium. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Make safe and reliable transaction with us. The fathers and mothers of all living creatures (people, cats, oil palms, ants etc.) Oil can also be extracted from the white kernel, and this oil is called ‘palm kernel oil’ or ‘PKO’. Seedlings should never be lifted from the soil by pulling the leaves or stem. Brown/black fibres in the mesocarp around the shell (see, The fruit contains about 30 percent less oil than. The shell thickness gene has only two forms: ‘thick shell’ or ‘no shell’. 0000000996 00000 n 0000011695 00000 n

Varieties in oil palm. trailer If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Oil palms can produce good yields for 25—30 years. new varieties and will be praising their new qualities. If you wish to opt out, please close your SlideShare account. is being recommended. Sour-sop Seedlings (7 Months Old | For Transplanting), Potassium Nitrate Fertilizer (25kg Bag) 13-0-46, Royatrazine Selective and Systemic Herbicide Powder (80% WP Atrazine), Coconut Seedlings (Nifor | Malaysian | Malaysian MATAG), Premium Japanese Koi Carp (Ornamental Fish), 5 Best Management Practices in Poultry Farming During Cold Weather, Turkey Production: General Management Practices, What You Need to Know About Feed Formulation for Livestock, How to Participate in the Afrimash 100k Challenge, How To Manage Drop In Egg Production For Layers, Weighing Scales: A Secret Weapon in Poultry Production, Oil Palm Production In Nigeria: What You Should Know, Super Gene Hybrid Seedlings, Tenera Hybrid Seedlings. Varieties consisted of five oil palm progenies (OPP) i.e. Best oil palm yields are obtained in places where a maximum average temperature of 29-33 degrees and a minimum average temperature of 22-24 degrees are available. Moist, deep and well-drained medium-textured soils rich in humus content are considered ideal. More female flowers, the ratio is 2 times higher than the normal species. STUDY OF OIL DETERIORATION DURING CONTINUOUS AND INTERMITTENT FRYING, No public clipboards found for this slide. Pisifera: This is a shell less fruit bearing variety. Pisifera fruits have no shell at all (see Figure 2). Refunds are approved only after the conditions required for refund are met. We accept bank transfer, bank deposit, online with bank, or debit/credit card, Hybrid Oil Palm Seedlings (Super Gene | Tenera Varieties). You will not be able to login unless you accept the cookie policy. 0000001369 00000 n 0000007612 00000 n Higher oil-to-bunch ratio, more than 25% bigger seed, thinner shell, and smaller kernel. 0000008421 00000 n Pisifera fruits can be recognised by: If there is a mixture of dura and pisifera palms in a plantation then usually their numbers will be more or less constant, for example 30 dura palms, 30 pisifera palms, and 60 tenera palms.

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