Narail and Chuadanga districts, Bangladesh. Various parts of many members of Cuscuta have been found efficacious against a variety of diseases. Results Gaurnadi Upazila in Barisal district, Bangladesh. Environmental sustainability, 1. endobj My study, thus, focuses on the processes of marginalisation of Oraons in Bangladesh and their resistance to such marginalisation. The Oraons are an ethnic community who live in the North-West region of Bangladesh.

having a daily income of less than US$ 1 per day).

Journal of, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 3: 961, folk medicinal practitioners of three villages in, in folk medicinal formulations: a case study of a. Ishwardi Upazilla, Pabna district, Bangladesh. It was of interest to find out whether differences exist among the Kavirajes of the same as well as adjoining villages in the type of ailments treated and the species of medicinal plants used for treatment of any specific ailment. Copyrights for articles published in International Journal of Innovative Knowledge Concepts are retained by the authors, with first publication rights granted to the journal. Maharashtra Medical, Netrakona district of Bangladesh. The tr, Khaichara, and Deorachara, all villages being at, tea estates. Of the various plants used by the healers in our two surveys, only six plants were found to be in common. Plant database Creation %���� Besides whole plants, various plant parts including leaves, roots, stems, barks, flowers, fruits, seeds, rhizomes and sap were used in the formulations. Plants have always formed a rich source of modern drugs. Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences, 4: plants used by folk medicinal practitioners in, practitioners of three villages in Sreepur, medicinal practitioners of Station Purbo Par, Village of Jamalpur Sadar Upazila in Jamalpur, medicinal plants used to treat gastrointesti, Traditional medicinal practices of a Sardar, healer of the Sardar (Dhangor) community of, Santal tribe in Rajshahi district, Banglades, medicinal plants used by the Pahan and Teli. The Khumis are a small tribe mostly inhabiting the Thanchi sub-district of Bandarban district in Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Majority of the tribes continue to live in a poor economic state, lack of proper health care facilities, have very low literacy rate and are Therefore, it is very important to explore the socio economic status of Oraon tribe in Garal Bari gram panchayat with respect to their occupation, lifestyle, income, education, sex structure, food habits etc. letter dated 4 August, 2006 along with Performae I, II & III sent to State Govt. Parasitic infections are among those infections that traditional healers confidently treat and against which an enormous variety of remedies exist.

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