Human Resources Office approval: Once the leave is approved by the department, the parent must send a form to the Disabilities Services and Medical Leaves Office of campus Human Resources (DSO) or to the Human Resources Office at Lincoln Laboratory (Lincoln HR). Our employees apply diverse science and expertise to help customers advance their best ideas and deliver essential innovations in key markets including electronics, transportation, building and construction, health and wellness, food and worker safety. NCECF, a nonprofit in Raleigh, has four employees. Eligible employees are entitled to paid parental leave following the birth, adoption or foster care placement of a child. As with any leave, employees should communicate as soon as practicable with their units regarding the timing of the proposed leave, and arrangements for the leave are to be coordinated within the unit. When a parent takes Paid Parental Leave, that leave time will count toward the parent’s available leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (Sec. DuPont™, the DuPont Oval Logo, and all trademarks and service marks denoted with ™, ℠ or ® are owned by affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. unless otherwise noted. “Great companies care about their employees. On July 1, 1997, the University implemented parental leave for Civil Service staff, entitling them to up to two weeks of paid parental leave immediately following the birth of their child, or upon either the initial placement or the legal adoption of a child under 18 years of age. Leave to Care for Employee's Newly-Adopted or Newly-Placed Foster Child, 4.5.4 Leave to Care for a Family Member with a Serious Health Condition, 4.5.6 Notice of FMLA Rights by Supervisors, 4.5.7 Continuation of Benefits During FMLA Leave, 4.5.8 Returning to Work Following FMLA Leave, 4.7 Paid Leave for Medical Examination and Care, 4.8 Industrial Accident and Workers' Compensation, 4.12 Military Leave; Participation in Veterans’ Day or Memorial Day Exercises, 4.12.1 Job Protection for Extended Duty in the Armed Services, 4.12.2 Participation in Veterans’ Day or Memorial Day Exercises, 4.13 National Guard and Civil Defense Call-Out, 4.16.1 Approval of Voluntary Leave Without Pay, 4.16.2 Request for Voluntary Leave Without Pay, 4.16.4 Continuation of Benefits During Leave Without Pay, 4.16.5 Vacation Accrual While On Leave Without Pay, 4.16.6 Adjustment of Sick Leave Following Leave Without Pay, 4.17 Leaves of Absence for Victims of Domestic Violence, 5.1 Responsibilities of Supervisors and Individual Employees in Payroll Matters, 5.2 Implementing Changes in Employment Status, 5.4.4 Determining Hours for Premium Overtime Pay, 5.6 Compensatory Time Off for Support Staff, 5.6.2 Institute Requirements Regarding Compensatory Time Off, 5.6.3 Compensatory Time Off for Time Worked on a Holiday, 5.7.2 Excused Lateness by Institute Notice, 5.8.1 Authorization to Close the Institute, 5.8.4 Payment During Emergency Closing or Early Release, 5.8.5 Computation of Pay for Time Worked During an Emergency Closing or Early Release, 5.8.6 Employees on Leave During an Emergency Closing or Early Release, 5.8.7 Reporting for Work During an Emergency Closing or Early Release, 5.8.10 Payment of Employees on Fixed or Variable Schedules During an Emergency Closing or Early Release, 5.10 Temporary Work Assignment for MIT Employees, 6.5.3 Unemployment Compensation Insurance, 7.1.2 Sponsored Research Staff Appointment Structure, 7.1.3 Payment of Administrative and Sponsored Research Staffs on a Salary Basis, 7.1.5 Establishing or Changing a Position Classification, 7.1.6 Determination of Individual Salaries, 7.1.7 Unionized Service Staff Compensation Administration, 7.2.1 Annual Review Eligibility and Effective Dates, 7.2.2 General Review Schedule and Process, 7.2.3 Review Procedures for New Employees, 7.2.4 Review Procedures for Union Service Staff, 7.2.5 Salary Equity Review Process for Women and Minority Group Members, 8.1 Unions Representing Service Staff at the Institute, 8.2.1 The Institute's Role in Contract Agreements, 8.2.2 Interpretation of Contract Language, 8.2.3 Policy Against Discrimination Because of Union Activity, 8.3.3 Conduct Expected of Union Officials, Paid Parental Leave of up to 20 working days (, Unpaid leave of up to 12 weeks under the Family and Medical Leave Act (, Unpaid leave of up to 8 weeks under the Massachusetts Parental Leave Act (. © 2020 DuPont. 5.9.2  regarding special holidays and Sec. The policy applies new global minimum leave benefits, ensuring all employees receive at least these levels. An employee who resigns employment before or at the expiration of the parental leave normally shall be required to reimburse the University for the cost of salary paid during the leave. “Great companies care about their employees. The policy also applies for each new child — not just the first. Details. 8. Holidays that fall within a Paid Parental Leave period are treated as holidays (Sec. As with the Massachusetts parental leave in Section 4.6.2, eligible new parents may take this Paid Parental Leave for the birth of a child, adoption of a child under the age of eighteen (or a child under the age of twenty-three if the child is mentally or physically disabled), or the placement of a child pursuant to a court order. Birth mothers may take Paid Parental Leave after their period of disability leave (maternity leave). Employer Paternity Leave Policy. WILMINGTON, Del., May 14, 2019 – DuPont today announced a new, comprehensive parental leave policy that offers four weeks of paid leave for new parents, including adoptive and same-sex parents. Any leave time not approved or adequately documented within 30 days of the time it is taken will not be treated as Paid Parental Leave. More information can be found at, Military, Law Enforcement & Emergency Response. 4.5) and the Massachusetts Parental Leave Act (Sec. “We are proud of our employees and when they become a new parent, we are excited to help them thrive at work and at home,” said Marc Doyle, Chief Executive Officer-Elect for DuPont and Chief Operating Officer, DowDuPont Specialty Products Division. On October 9, 1997, the Board of Trustees approved parental leave for academic staff members, which is effective immediately. 5.8.6 regarding emergency closings. Questions regarding this policy for Civil Service employees should be directed to Staff Human Resources, (217) 333-2143. Other Institute closings that fall during a Paid Parental Leave period are treated under the usual policies for those closings. The time may be unpaid or may be paid from the parent’s accrued vacation balance. The new policy takes effect on June 1 in the United States and across all global locations no later than the end of 2020. The parent must also supply the birth certificate or other evidence of the child’s birth, adoption, or placement, and any other documentation that may be requested. Academic and Graduate Hourly Appointment and Pay, Academic Professional Position and Title Approval, Academic Professional Position Cyclic Review Procedure, Academic Professional Salary Equity Review Process, Academic Retroactive Salary Increases and Salary Minima for Certain Academic Employees, Affirmative Action Guidelines and Procedures for Academic Appointments, Affirmative Action Program Funding Procedures for Learner and Trainee Positions, Annual Reappointment of Certain Administrative Personnel, Attachments and Forms Required for New Faculty, Academic Professional, and Graduate Assistantship Appointments, Background Investigation for Employees Required to Have Unescorted Access to Radioactive Materials, Conflicts of Interest in Supervisory Relationships, Determining Eligibility for Participation in the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) or Social Security System and State Insurance "A" Payroll, Effort and Compensation on Sponsored Projects, Electronic Information Technology Accessibility, Employment of International Faculty and Staff, Exemption From Tuition and Fees for Graduate Student Assistants, Human Resources Guidelines During Periods of Pre-Critical and Critical Incidents, Illinois Healthcare Worker Criminal Background Check Act, Institutional Benefits for Retired Faculty and Staff, Jury Duty and Military Leave for Academic Staff Members, Lump Sum Payments for Civil Service Employees, Modified Teaching Duties for Faculty Members with a New Child, New Letters of Reference for Former University Employees, Non-Academic Background Investigation Program, Obtaining Permanent Residence for Foreign Staff Members, Oral Proficiency in English and the Employment of Non-Native Speaking Faculty and Teaching Assistants, Participation in International Activities, Percentage and Length of Assistantship Appointments, Performance Review for Academic Professional Employees, Performance Review for Civil Service Employees, Permanent Layoff Policy for Staff Employees, Pre-Employment Complaints for Faculty and Academic Professional Positions, Procedures for Implementing the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Protection of Minors Policy, Rank/Class Codes for Academic Appointments, Reasonable Accommodations Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Recruitment Advertising for Non Academic Positions, Reemployment of Retired Academic and Staff Employees, Release of Employment Information About Non-Academic Employees, Relocation of Academic Professional Employees, Response to Suicide Threats and Attempts Among Faculty, Academic Professionals and Staff, Security Sensitive Academic Staff Positions, Service in Excess of 100 Percent for Academic Employees, Severe Sanctions Other Than Dismissal for Cause for Members of the Faculty, Shared Benefits (Sick Leave) for Academic Staff, Summer Academic Appointments for Other than Summer Session Teaching, Transfer of Sick Leave and Vacation Credit, Trial Lateral Reassignment for Staff Employees. Consult the Campus Administrative Manual Family and Medical Leave, for more information about the FMLA leave policy. Details. The leave may be taken consecutively or intermittently. See Sec. Employees who hold only an hourly appointment (i.e., Academic Hourly or Extra Help) are not eligible for this benefit. Detail on the procedural requirements can be found on the MIT Paid Leave for New Parents website. The 20 days are tracked in hours, and are pro-rated for part-time eligible staff; part-time status is determined as of the initial date of eligibility for Paid Parental Leave. Under Massachusetts law, eligible new parents may take up to eight weeks of unpaid leave for the birth of a child, adoption of a child under the age of eighteen (or a child under the age of twenty-three if the child is mentally or physically disabled), or the placement of a child pursuant to a court order. Supervisors should accommodate the parent’s preferences on the timing of the leave consistent with local operational needs. For support staff, the leave may be taken in one hour increments and for exempt (salaried) staff, the leave may be taken in full-day increments.

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