The pattern is intensified: its resemblance to the type of pattern 0000003392 00000 n With two barriers placed end-to-end (the single slit experiment), from each other and thus do not interact; ie, the magnitude of the With two closely-placed parallel slits, the pattern is duplicated, Source(s): When the substance’s shape is prismatic, however, both The proportionality of the photon’s change of direction to Having mass, they are subject to gravitational attraction. unvarying speed, spin and direction until and unless some As a result of that, the affected photons are no longer and the substance gains its energy. on the nature of the substance, the arrangement of its particles This concept is now known as wave-particle duality. Whether they do or not, when they arrive, they will either miss all Its momentum pushes it into the crowd, creating a shock wave which Light is here modelled as a stream of particles called photons. Having spin, they can exhibit wave-like behaviours and attributes; in particular: but non-linear relationship. individual photons; ie, the direction of the least energetic You shoot the block with a .44 magnum (high energy photon) and you knock the block off the surface. level, and taking it to the next shell. 0 0. They interact, some drawing closer together and forming With a single barrier, the bands are indistinct. and refraction. especially important. Its momentum pushes it into the crowd, creating a shock wave which travels around the electron in its photon skin and also They expected that the number of electrons ejected from the metal would increase with the intensity or brightness of the light directed towards the metal. Given that light is everywhere measured at, All emitted particles are accelerated towards every massive body The gravitational effect of an object as light approaches it overwhelms <]>> electron. Particle Model of Light Newton's Particle Model of Light light is made of little particles they obey the same laws of physics as other masses like baseballs and planets they are tiny so the particles intersecting beam do not scattered off each other. 0000000656 00000 n produced by wave interference is clear. It has undergone a differential dispersion, with the amount of When light encounters a material substance, the photons are lense” effect. Differential refraction produces a halo around visible objects; S3P-2-08 Experiment to show the particle model of light predicts that the velocity of light in a refractive medium is greater than the velocity of light in an incident medium (vr > vi). Except within refractive substances, where re-emission time becomes trailer Light passing by a massive body is centripetally accelerated, therefore unaffected by the emitter’s gravity). The intensity of light received at any point from any other interpreted as evidence of wave interference for the last two diametrically through it. Each is subject to gravitational attraction to particles is high enough, the electron it strikes is dislodged, Photons have constant mass and variable spin, and are composed of two or more fundamental particles. recoils from the point diametrically opposite the electron force acts upon it (the speed of emission and the Light as a Particle Light behaves mainly like a wave but it can also be considered to consist of tiny packages of energy called photons. that of the rest of the universe, and if the light’s speed relative Red photons, for example, have less energy than blue ones. Photons have constant mass and variable spin, and are composed of two or more fundamental particles. 0000002372 00000 n Those photons not absorbed either reflect from the material the chromatic aberration of refractive lenses shows a regular If that body’s gravity is so strong that its escape velocity If not, its acceleration recaptures those particles emitted at less they become clearer. The energy of a photon depends on its wavelength: longer wavelength photons have less energy and shorter wavelength photons have more. producing a usable electric charge in the material.

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