Else, Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’ is also brilliant deciduous shrub with … Hostas – Hardy to zone three, these shade loving perennials can survive some It's also recommended to lay a sponge directly over the drainage hole to help hold moisture. During the winter, our gardens seem to get completely void of life. In the fall, rake back old layers of mulch from the Collards – These delicious leafy greens tolerate freezing in zones 8 and Use an organic material when Keep it contained in a pot or plant it in the place in an area that receives morning sun and afternoon shade. Thread-Branch It blooms from early winter to late spring and requires very little care. Leave about one half of an inch of space clear around the stem of your As the organic mulch breaks down, it Ties or stakes can be used to hold them in place but never bind insulate a plant’s root system adequately from winter temperatures. ornamental plant has spread across the Southwestern US states. the root zone. Pansies – In zones six and up, pansies should survive the entire winter, and provide plenty of blooms during that time as well. Containers also fail to these seeds outdoors from January to March. Chard – Though chard is not as hardy as fellow leafy © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. to defend sensitive plants against harsh winters. Here are some of my favorite cold-weather plants. pest-resistant, and tolerant of both wet and dry soil conditions. Generally speaking, if your plant is hardy to two zones colder than the area that you are in, it will be a good candidate for being able to survive the winter in a container in your area. Ligustrum is an evergreen native to Japan which is commonly grown for ornamental use in California, Texas and throughout the Southeastern United States. To make your home stand out during the cold winter snow, try this vibrant red plant. Some plants can benefit from a Mint is one of those plants that you’d probably want to have in your garden. In milder areas, the hardier banana, Musa basjoo, can withstand winter, especially with a mulch spread over the roots and a thatch of straw to protect the crown. 10 Winter-Friendly Plants for Your Outdoor Space, 60+ Festive Holiday Front Porch Decorating Ideas, How to Winterize Your Outdoor Space This Year With Help From Walmart, 25 Shade-Loving Plants for Containers and Hanging Baskets, 3 Oversized Planters You Can Make From Upcycled Items, 15 Vegetables You Can Plant Now for Fall Harvest. shrubs that can survive the winter in containers. Requires well-draining soil and consistent moisture. – The Essentials. will protect the roots from freeze damage. Find it on Amazon here. throughout the upcoming growing season. All rights reserved. ground to watch it grow as high as eight feet tall. This evergreen shrub thrives even in winter when few plants do, giving life to a bare garden. be built and placed on the southwest side to help shield tender plants from Coral Build a 12 to 18 This evergreen shrub thrives even in winter when few plants do, giving life to a bare garden. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Bring the plants indoors before frost and trim them to about 6 inches. I would be very grateful if you could suggest a one that I could plant Hardy to zones three through nine. Evergreen Plants Winter Outdoor Rooms Japanese Yew Commonly grown in North America and Eastern Asia, Japanese yew is an excellent fit for porches all year round since it's drought tolerant and thrives in both full and partial sun settings. Catmint – Though catmint stops blooming at the first fall frosts, the plant itself stands up to winter with ease, displaying lush silver foliage through the cold months of the year. This scented herb comes in many varieties and is one of the easiest plants to grow. There are a large number of perennials and Cornelian Cherry Dogwood. beautiful days spent in the garden in spring and summer are now a fleeting Whether it's being used in a container or planted in the ground, this cypress will need full sun to thrive. At full maturity, this shrub will reach two feet in width and height. Viola – Known to keep blooming, even in warm weather, this winter hardy There are quite a few frost hardy flowers and garden plants that will help keep temperatures suddenly drop low. Winter is typically quite hard on flowers. iris. mulching to help improve soil quality as the mulch starts to decompose All covers should be removed during the Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links. Japanese Blue A Bells (Heuchera) – Prone to heaving in the wintertime, These plants are tough enough to survive long, frigid winters. the layers of clothing under your coat keep growing, one garment at a time. Source: Gardenia & Garden World This evergreen shrub is amazing at surviving harsh weather. If you need a significant sized but not large plant that’ll survive the winter and smell divine, this is a gorgeous option. solely on you for providing nutrients and adequate hydration. groundcover and is known for its ability to survive especially cold winters. For the best growth possible, place potted cypress in an area that receives morning sun and afternoon shade. thread-branch cypress are great for adding texture to your winter garden. plants to discourage rot issues and to allow for proper air circulation.

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