Common drying agents include Na2 SO4 and MgSO4. Weygand/Hilgetag, Preparative Org. After two hours, the autoclave was cooled to 80° C., vented and the product removed. within a short reaction time in very good yield. Selective oxidation of diols and direct conversion of aldehydes to esters, Intermediates for the synthesis of bicyclo (2,2,1) heptanes and bicyclo (2,2,1) hept-2z-enes, A stereoselective synthesis of (+-)-11-hydroxy-trans-8-dodecenoic acid lactone, a naturally occurring macrolide from Cephalosporium recifei, (Trifluoromethyl) ketene silyl acetal as an equivalent to the trifluoropropionic ester enolate: preparation and aldol-type reactions with acetals, Process for the oxidation of organic halides to organic aldehydes, Lithium bis (ethylenedioxyboryl) methide and its reactions with carbonyl compounds and with the chlorotriphenyl derivatives of germanium, tin and lead, Process for preparing 2-phenylethanol derivatives, Process for producing disubstituted 4-hydroxycyclopentenones; monosubstituted cyclopentendiones and 4-hydroxycyclopentenones, Allylic oxidation of bicyclic hydrocarbons to alcohols and ketones, Manufacture of gamma-crotonolactone by carbonylation of glycidol, Reaction of Phosphorus Compounds. The MnO2 reaction is conducted at a temperature high enough to allow the oxidation to proceed at a reasonable rate, yet not so high as to cause decomposition of reactants or products. contained in this article in third party publications A process of claim 4 wherein the halide on the geminal dihalide and monohalide molecule is selected from the group consisting of chlorine, bromine and iodine. ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST;ASSIGNOR:ETHYL CORPORATION;REEL/FRAME:007109/0340. Intramolecular halooxygenation and halothionation of N-allylcarboxamides/N-allylcarbothioamides A process of claim 2 wherein said halide is chlorine. A highly efficient α alkylation of ketones with primary alcohols by the use of a recyclable palladium catalyst has been demonstrated. Harfenist et al, The Jour. The monohalide impurity present in the reaction mixture has a structure identical to the structure of the geminal dihalide, except a hydrogen is substituted for one of the geminal halides. α,β-Unsaturated carbonyl compounds are key building blocks in organic chemistry. Preparation of carbonyl compounds Download PDF Info Publication number US4317934A. The pressure increased from atmosphere pressure to between 200 and 400 psig. The autoclave was then vented to atmospheric pressure and heated. Since the monohalo and dihalo species can be difficult to separate, hydrolysis to the aldehyde and alcohol from the crude geminal dihalide is normally done followed by a separation procedure to remove the alcohol. The monohalo derivatives can be exemplified by haloalkanes containing from 1 to about 20 carbon atoms, haloalkenes containing from 2 to about 20 carbon atoms and α-halotoluenes containing from 7 to about 20 carbon atoms. A preferred embodiment for this invention is an improvement in a process for selectively producing an aldehyde or ketone by a process which comprises hydrolyzing a geminal dihalide containing a monohalide impurity to form a mixture of an aldehyde and an alcohol, the improvement comprising further reacting said mixture with manganese dioxide to convert said alcohol to additional aldehyde, thereby eliminating the need for a separation procedure to remove said alcohol.

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