Media pundits have speculated that these comments presage a Republican higher education agenda, with a focus on further reductions in state appropriations for public universities; an emphasis on vocational training; and tying state funding to the job placement rate for graduates and to the size of their starting salaries (Inside Higher Ed, Jan. 30, 2013). The public flagship universities followed suit, and their missions were expanded (generally by statute or charter) to include undergraduate and graduate education; research; and service to the interests of the state. Historically, the earliest colleges in this country were liberal arts institutions, including the earliest public universities (the first of these date to 1790). Higher education prepares students for a successful future. In addition, UNESCO partners with higher education institutions through its 25-year old UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme to foster international inter-university cooperation and networking with a view to enhancing institutional capacities through knowledge-sharing and collaborative work. And what happens if the higher education institutions don’t listen? Self-awareness is the ability to perceive your own personality, feelings, character, strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, motivations etc. Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive. In addition to calling for a $300 million, two-year cut in state appropriations to the University of Wisconsin system (a 13 percent reduction from its current appropriation), Gov. Perhaps they are taking advantage of the deep schisms that exist in our country today, on almost every issue imaginable. Do these criticisms of higher education represent political cover for politicians who feel obliged to cut state appropriations because of poor tax returns and a pressing sense of urgency from other areas of the state budget? These three purposes are some of the most important because they do not only affect you in the classroom, but they also benefit you at home, work, or while collaborating with others. Self-awareness is beneficial, and the words of Brett Blumenthal, a former college student and a bestselling author who has been featured in The New York Times, “It makes us better people. Without that preparation, students lack the knowledge of knowing what steps to take next in their life. ©2020 Higher Ed in Crisis – A President’s Take. Critically thinking enables broad thinking and avoids sticking to obvious explanations or reasoning. For more information, please see our Comments FAQ. It’s certainly the case that there are very few examples of governors who have cut state appropriations to higher education, or who have criticized management of the campuses, subsequently being voted out of office by irate taxpayers. Self-awareness is more often than not taught through higher education. It’s to impart knowledge, create a sense of inquiry and scholarship.

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