Among the most vocal supporters of the genocide is god Shiva and Aphrodite. One of them catches his attention. Should we forgive them? "Do not act as if you care about demigods, Hades." Hades went up to Brahma, "No one challenges the Gods and goes unpunished. We are the mangastream who are very interested in manga with the desire to bring manga stories to everyone in the world. You're reading Record of Ragnarok Vol.1 Chapter 1: Gods vs Mankind's Final Struggle. 2. Thirteen combatants from each side, the first to achieve seven wins is victorious. » Record of Ragnarok He was skinny and had serpent-like features across his body, he had white hair and wore a feathered necklace. We should have 11 humans that possess the ability to kill a God, right?" I can take care of myself. Before Brunhilde could answer, lust demon Incubus appeared. "I lived with humans my whole life. He then spoke with confidence, "Before this meeting, I told you that there would be votes cast to protect humanity, I applaud you for respecting our decision, I doubt your brother would have taken it as well as you did if he was in your position.". They should know their potential and spare them. record of ragnarok Chapter 38; record of ragnarok Chapter 37 – The Top Of India; Chapter 36 – Destruction and Storm; record of ragnarok Chapter 34 – Conflict of Interest (LQ) record of ragnarok Chapter 35; Record Of Ragnarok, Chapter 33; Record Of Ragnarok, Chapter 32; Record Of Ragnarok, Chapter 31 Yasashii Sankaku Kankei Nyuumon. If the majority chooses to spare them, they will live for another 1,000 years until the next council. It happens when a God sees a human as a person worthy enough to serve as not only their retainer but also to serve as a symbol of their power. 3. Work Search: N/A, it has 1.5K monthly views Alternative . The council was about to begin. They headed towards the Hindu Pantheon and each sat on one side of one of the Hindu Gods. "Grab the block.". Record of Ragnarok Vol.1 Chapter 2: The Strongest God Vs The Strongest Human. Mofumofu to Isekai Slow Life o Mezashimasu! Was the cause a nuclear war? Please consider turning it on! Vol.1 Chapter 1: Gods vs Mankind's Final Struggle, Vol.1 Chapter 1: Gods vs Mankind's Final Struggle. Gods vs Mankind, Final Struggle is the 1st chapter of the Shuumatsu no Valkyrie manga series. A brief description of the SHUUMATSU NO VALKYRIE manga: The meeting of the gods has determined the … 4.7. Vol.1 Chapter 1: Gods vs Mankind's Final Struggle, You’re reading manga Record of Ragnarok Vol.1 Chapter 1: Gods vs Mankind's Final Struggle online at Record of Ragnarok Chapter A list of manga collections Readkomik is in the Manga List menu. 1: May 19, 2018 ISBN 978-4199804953: Chapters: Chapter 1: Gods vs Mankind, Final Struggle; Chapter 2: The Srongest God vs the Strongest Human; Chapter 3: Rivals; Chapter 4: 13 Gods, 13 Mortals; Cover character(s): Lu Bu Thor

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