Rosalina throws her body up in a backward-arcing headbutt. Using Gravitational Pull to against Mario's F.L.U.D.D. You simply need to wait a minute for her companion to return. The most prominent example is Meta Knight, who is considered their most challenging matchup because of his overall fast frame data, small size, disjointed range courtesy of Galaxia, and his ability to KO her at very low percents via guaranteed combos. Their zoning ability is among the strongest in the game, thanks to the combination of Rosalina's ability to re-position Luma with Luma Shot, and Luma's immense KO power, … Supe… On the other hand, Rosalina & Luma also received critical nerfs to their potent movesets. At the beginning of the move, it can. Although Rosalina's buffs are not as drastic in comparison to Luma's, they are nevertheless worthwhile. For extra Rosalina and Luma information, check Dr. Love's Google Sheet. It comes out on frame 8, which ties it with Meta Knight's up smash for the second fastest up smash in the game. Rosalina but with Ganondorf instead of Luma. In more recent times, however, Dabuz has started using them more as a co-main to his Olimar, and both Homika and Kirihara have placed high with the duo at tournaments at their regions. Rosalina waves her wand around herself to use the. Ultimate. Finally, the biggest nerf involves Luma, who now is frailer than ever, as it has not only has less HP, but also takes more knockback from attacks, making it much easier to KO; in addition, Luma does not benefit from its additional damage multiplier if tethered to Rosalina, making it less effective when paired with her. It also renders her head intangible on frames 4-11, and can hit through platforms. Rather than retaining Laura Faye Smith, who voiced her in Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8, Kerri Kane-her predecessor-reprises her role as the voice of Rosalina, using a combination of new voice clips and ones recycled from Mario Kart 7 and Mario Golf: World Tour. From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki, Single Game Championships: Umebura X Single-Chu,, R: Swings her wand twice followed by emitting a sparkle-shaped energy blast between her hands. A fairly fast pummel. Luma has a lasting hitbox, and can strike the same target twice. This is further compounded by Luma's inability to act out of a tumble until landing on the ground, as attacks that knock Luma off-stage will result in it being inevitably KO'd, regardless of how much HP it has. Joined 4y ago. They are the only fighters with this distinction. This allows Rosalina numerous possibilities to attack opponents, as she can essentially create combos by "pinballing" opponents back and forth between herself and Luma. Performing their side taunt on the Umbra Clock Tower. Unlike Nana and the Pikmin, Luma is controlled by the player, even when separated from Rosalina,and has a set respawn time upon being KO'd. By extension, their respective movesets are both quick and useful, such as Rosalina's up aerial having impressive juggling potential, and Luma's aerials boasting approach and combo potentials thanks to their Lunar Landing technique. R: A dropkick that emits a spiral galaxy-shaped energy blast. It combos reliably into Rosalina's forward aerial, Luma's neutral aerial, and Luma's up aerial. Yuya Takezawa’s portrayal of Luma from Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Tennis Open, and Mario Tennis Aces that was used in Smash 4 was also repurposed for Ultimate in all regions. When unlocked, they are fought at Mario Galaxy. There are channels for things like discussing Rosalina & Luma … Rosalina & Luma have been nerfed via game updates, with the most notable occurrence being in update 1.0.4. The "(character) win!" Overview. Their up aerial is one of their most effective attacks, as it possesses outstanding range, can be chained into itself and can KO off the top of some stages when used properly. Their neutral aerial, when timed correctly, can be a useful punishing option. A portion of her hair behind her back is colored the same as her dress. The Cosmos Queen Universe Super Mario Bros. Other Super Smash Bros. In the final smash of the duo, a Grand Star shoots out stars while also pulling enemies who are hit. R: A double palm thrust that emits a spiral galaxy-shaped energy blast. Rosalina & Luma fly onto the stage while accompanied by a trail of stardust. Thanks to strong results from top players, however, they have since then rised to 5th in the fourth and current tier list, maintaining their status as top-tier characters, and are still considered to be very viable, if hard to master, picks for tournament play with some smashers like MKLeo claiming that she should be as high as 2nd on the tier list as well as ANTi, and ZeRo claiming that she should be among the top 3 with ESAM putting her 4th on his tier list. 1 Luma Shot Rosalina fires Luma sideways. This character is in the Light Weight Class and has a Average Run Speed, Average Air … Spins the opponent around herself once with anti-gravity, and then tosses them behind herself. Can't wait to see her in the next Mario Party game. Launch Star Plus covers more vertical distance than Launch Star, but cannot be angled horizontally. R: 8% (clean), 7% (mid), 6% (mid-late), 2% (late), Reaches out with her free hand. Similarly, when Rosalina & Luma are spawned as a, Oddly, Rosalina does not vanish when performing a directional. Their zoning ability is among the strongest in the game, thanks to the combination of Rosalina's ability to re-position Luma with Luma Shot, and Luma's immense KO power, ability to tank hits, and immunity to status effects. Gravitational Pull now auto-equips items, which makes it easier for Rosalina to retaliate with throwable objects (such as Metal Blades, Gyros, Remote Bombs, and Vegetables). Luma also can not experience status effects, such as stun or sleep, which can allow it to attack and fend off opponents if Rosalina happens to find herself put under a status effect that renders her unable to move or attack. As such, Rosalina's attack is more effective at KOing at lower percentages, thanks to it launching at 92°. Leans forward and looks into the distance. It has low landing lag and both hitboxes are disjointed semi-spikes, all of which make it useful for gimping and edge-guarding, especially when SHFF'd. Luma and Mega Man are the only characters in the game to have unique. If spaced and timed correctly, it can deal up to 30%. However, Luma managed to retain its ability to attack opponents during grabs. However, Japan, being 14 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, would have received the update on November 1st. Using their forward aerial on Donkey Kong. While it does not deal damage, it causes Rosalina to completely nullify any projectile near her. Everything you need to know about Rosalina & Luma in Super Smash Bros. They have many attacks with disjointed hitboxes, most notably each of Rosalina's aerials, which are also very useful for racking up damage. Facebook Youtube Pin Interest Instagram Toggle navigation 3% (stars), 8% (Power Star loop), 12% (Power Star last). Ideal for edge-guarding and gimping, but has slow start-up lag. While away from her, he can be seen with a flashing rainbow ring. Super Smash Bros Ultimate Rosalina & Luma is from the Mario Series and ranks as a B Tier Pick (Good). Super Smash Bros. In our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Rosalina and Luma Guide, we talk about what changes have been brought on board for the character including the animations, moves and counter picks. Rosalina slams the opponent onto the ground with anti-gravity. Any number following the Smasher name indicates placement on the Fall 2019 PGRU, which recognizes the official top 50 players in the world in Super Smash Bros. Rosalina & Luma are also gifted with a good set of smash attacks. In her white-and-red dress with Pichu in The Great Cave Offensive. Her disadvantage state is extremely poor, as she cannot deal with juggling very well thanks to her slow falling speed and average air speed, alongside no safe b-reverse options to provide a horizational mixup to her landing. This is courtesy of their success in competitive play, such as Dabuz advancing to the Grand Finals of GENESIS 3 and winning both Apex 2016 and WTFox 2 while using them. Rosalina flips the opponent in front of herself with anti-gravity, and then flings them away. The changes to game mechanics also seem to have nerfed Rosalina: due to the reduced power in her attacks, hitlag will possibly not work significantly unlike if Luma attacked alongside her, which makes it harder for her to punish out of shield. Rosalina flings the opponent into the air with anti-gravity. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS: Launch Date: 10/3/2014 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: Launch Date: 11/21/2014 Use Parental Controls to restrict 3D mode for children 6 … Rosalina dropkicks behind her, emitting a galaxy-shaped energy blast. This has led to most professionals who once believed the duo to be a low or even bottom tier characters to re-evaluate their opinions, with most of them now considering Rosalina & Luma to be firmly in the mid-tier. Unlike Olimar, Rosalina cannot immediately summon Luma once it is KO'd, which forces her to wait 10 seconds (7 seconds if three players are present, and 5 seconds if four or more players are present) until another Luma appears. Luma has 40 Hit Points and respawns after 10 seconds in 1v1 (7 seconds in 3 player games, 5 seconds in 4 player games). Interestingly, despite being a newcomer, internal voice file for Launch Star is organized by three-number codes instead of having a descriptor on them (e.g. Perhaps the biggest positive trait Rosalina has is that, when used properly, she is practically immune to projectiles via Gravitational Pull. A rainbow colored trail follows. Rosalina's fighter spirit can be obtained by completing Classic Mode. Rosalina & Luma have been recognized for their strengths ever since SSB4 was released, despite their nerfs from game updates. The possible real life explanation for Rosalina's tremendous improvement is that during the time period between ENDGAME and TIMESKIP, patch 3.0 for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate released, updating and improving many of the CPUs' AI, but especially improving Rosalina's utilization of Luma. Overall, Rosalina & Luma's strengths noticeably outweigh their weaknesses, and they are considered among the best characters in the game with strong tournament results and representation to supplement their reputation. SUPER SMASH BLOG. A handful of, When Rosalina is under the effect of either, In King Dedede's case, this does not apply to voice clip for. Best Match. Luma mechanically functions like a blend of Pikmin and Nana of the Ice Climbers: it uses a hit points (HP) mechanic like the former, in which it will be KO'd if it is dealt 50%, and it responds to player inputs like the latter. As a fighter spirit, it cannot be used in Spirit Battles and is purely aesthetic. Just playing her in 3d world, and now is going to appear in both smash and Mario Kart? 2y 8 12.8k 26. Appearances SSB/SSBM/SSBB/SSB4 Recent Game 'Wii U Mario Party 10 Availability Starter Final Smash Power Star/Starbit Starstorm Rosalina and Luma makes their second return to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Their neutral aerial has fewer active frames and Luma's increased startup, which makes it a less useful option for approaching which greatly hinders their ability to "wall out" certain characters. Continuing a trend often set in the Mario series, Rosalina & Luma are now unlockable characters. Aside from these changes, Rosalina also received minor buffs in the forms of slight lag decreases for her grabs and forward aerial, shortened edge lockout times for her neutral and forward aerials, and a larger shield.

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