His bestseller, the Sanjo, takes its name from a small Japanese town in the Niigata region, rich in cutler crafts. By Hiroshi Takeuchi. Kitchen cutlery has become an important product as farm tools have waned after the introduction of larger factory tools to process rice and wheat and other crops. Some blades are the sole responsibility of one lone artisan and it takes them 30 to 45 days to make one knife. Sanjo / Tsubame | Knifewear - Handcrafted Japanese Kitchen ... ... Placeholder His service is second to none.

The lustre continues to develop as it’s used over generations. Rate… He listens to Bach as he works. I recommend this site to all of my fellow culinary professionals!

Quick delivery, and they are great about returning emails. To date, they have kept going in the traditional way with such focus and dedication that can only be found in this part of the world. Dine Like a Nobel Laureate Super fast shipping. Yoshikane Hamono has been making knives by hand for generations in this tiny Japanese town well known for its metalware. Available lessons include nail making for 500 yen, paper knife making for 1,000 yen and knife sharpening … Longer and taller. The product of the collaboration between Guy Poggetti and Editions G, the Bullet Knife will be a limited run of 300 pieces. In a rustic, 100-year-old house-cum-workshop, we watched a handful of artisans rhythmically beat sheets of copper into shape. To We settled in for the night at a delightfully secluded – and we mean secluded – ryokan perched next to the Sumon River, called Rankeiso. Mark is great at answering questions for knife nuts of all levels.

Guy declines a range of fixed and folding knives, liner, piedmontese or frame locks, with titanium plates, blades in carbon or stainless steel. Knife: Sanjo. Wakui was originally a farming tool manufacturer but later transformed into a top quality Japanese knife maker.

More importantly, these knives are extremely affordable (just like all of the K&S best-sellers).

All rights reserved. It also offers metalworking lessons to laymen. Thick spine at the heel, aggressive taper to the tip, compound with a very thin grind behind the edge, giving the knife excellent cutting performance with great food release. The sharpness is mind blowing and the geometry ensures extreme cutting abilities. Never had a problem and questions about all products are answered quickly. Today Sanjo blacksmiths continue to forge cutting implements and many small shops still exist to this day with fathers passing on their businesses to their sons. He have learned everything from his father and have been blacksmith for 52 years He is specialized in white steel and making primarily Axes, Nata and heavy duty blades Thats why i have approached him for my Butcher knife, That was my house brand itinomonn They turned out outstandingly strong and very robust knives. Blade : 80mm – Handle : 92mm – Overall : 190mm, Your email address will not be published. I'm actually waiting on my second knife from them. Return unused within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked (terms apply). Shop early to ensure your items arrive on time. Kohetsu Shinano Blue #2 Gyuto 210mm Custom. Takanawa Area Guide: Tokyo’s Future Global Business Hub is A Tranquil Neighborhood, The 6 Best Kichijoji Coffee Shops As Recommended by Locals, The Fight to Make Japan Accessible to All Travelers, The Hate Crime Against Jazz Pianist Tadataka Unno Concerns Us All, Tokyo’s Best Winter Illuminations For 2020-2021, 17 Things To Do in Tokyo This Weekend: November 13-15, Akira Online Japanese School Tokyo: Japan’s Only Online Language School that Uses Scientific Approach to Help You Study Japanese, Enhance Your Tokyo Experience and Achieve Personal Ambitions at Temple University, Japan Campus, Summerhill International School Provides Enriching Environment Where Creativity Blossoms and Children Shine, TW Social: What We Got Up To in September 2020, TW Social: What We Got Up To In August 2020, TW Social: What We Got Up To in July 2020. We arrived just in time to catch a glimpse of the sweat, blood, and tears that go into making the high quality products Japan is known for worldwide.

I just feel compelled to tell you that yours is the most ridiculously informative site of this nature I have ever come across.

I tried to enjoy that situation. Starting Story. Kashima Sanjo is a fantastic knife, hand forged in Sanjo by one of the best in the business. Wakui was originally a farming tool manufacturer but later transformed into a top quality Japanese knife maker. Yoshikane Hamono has been making knives by hand for generations in this tiny Japanese town well known for its metalware. (Located inside the Tsubamesanjo Regional Promotional Center, see above.). I looked forward to meeting him and to see how he made his knifes.

These days many knife enthusiasts swear by the Sanjo knives, yet because most of the Sanjo products are made by small scale, family run workshops that the craftsmen ofteh have do everything from froging to grinding, their production is severely limited. The Sentan Kaigann (灰岩, Gray Rock), is a line developed by K&S solely focused on brining you Sanjo knives from makers that I personally like them a lot.

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